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The Whole Amazon Ad Server Guide: What Is It and How Does It Operate?

The advertising industry saw a dramatic change in March 2023 when Sizmek Ad Suite became the Amazon Ad Server after being acquired by Amaz...

Amazon Ad Server Guide

The advertising industry saw a dramatic change in March 2023 when Sizmek Ad Suite became the Amazon Ad Server after being acquired by Amazon.


Following Google, Sizmek Ad Server and Sizmek Dynamic Creative Optimization were acquired by Amazon, making it the second-largest ad server globally.


Advertisers can benefit from a centralized hub and full cross-channel insights for holistic campaign optimization by using Amazon Ad Server.


Everything you need to know about Amazon ad servers and how they can enhance the performance of your ads will be covered in this article.


Now let's get started!

Table of Content

How Does an Ad Server Operate and What Is It?

How Do First-Party and Third-Party Ad Servers Differ From One Another?

The Amazon Ad Server: What Is It?

The advantages of Amazon Ad Serving

Qualifications for Amazon Ad Server

How Can I Sign Up to Use Amazon Ad Server?

How Can Amazon Ad Server and AMC Be Used to Optimize Ads?

Final Thoughts

How Does an Ad Server Operate and What Is It?

A centralized hub called an ad server selects and determines in real time which ads are best to display on a certain platform.


It makes it possible for publishers and advertisers to effectively manage and deliver ads across a range of paid channels.


It determines the best advertisements to display to particular audiences across various devices and media channels by taking into account variables like audience segments, budget, and timeframe.


Additionally, it monitors and summarizes the advertising' performance, including impressions, clicks, conversions, and so on.


The browser instantly makes calls to the ad server and publisher's web server when users browse the web or consume content, allowing the ad server to dynamically display the most relevant advertising to the audience.


Publishers (first-party) and advertisers (third-party) can manage and enhance their online advertising campaigns with the help of an ad server.


How Do First-Party and Third-Party Ad Servers Differ From One Another?

Publishers who provide ad space for direct or programmatic campaigns on their websites operate first-party ad servers. In order to reach an audience, they accept a variety of creative materials to fill ad inventory with configurable specifications.


Clicks, impressions, and viewability are used to gauge the effectiveness of an advertisement.


Conversely, advertisers use third-party ad servers, which are owned by other companies, to target particular populations and campaign objectives.


They communicate with several publishers simultaneously and offer more precise control over creatives. As advertisements appear across numerous publisher sites, these ad servers help marketers by centralizing campaign management and reporting.


One illustration of a third-party ad server is Amazon DSP.


After learning what an ad server is, let's examine what the Amazon ad server is.


The Amazon Ad Server: What Is It?

Across a variety of platforms, including Demand Side Platform and other publishers globally, brands and agencies can easily create, distribute, and track advertising campaigns with the help of Amazon Ad Server, a potent global ad-serving solution.


This multichannel ad server, formerly known as Sizmek Ad Suite, makes it easier to create, manage, and optimize advertising campaigns globally.


The advantages of Amazon Ad Serving


Because of its many advantages, advertisers and sellers use Amazon Ad Server as their preferred platform for planning, organizing, and refining advertising campaigns across many media. Below are a handful of them:


Easily Creates Ad Creative

Regardless of your level of expertise, Amazon Ad Server gives you the creative freedom and flexibility to produce and distribute effective advertisements to your target audience.


Furthermore, it provides Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), which lets you scale and optimize advertising creatives according to different signals from platforms that offer shopping and streaming. It optimizes ad performance and increases relevancy.


Effective Campaign Administration

Campaign administration is made easier with Amazon Ad Server by using rules-based automation to automate routine, repetitive processes. This enables you to concentrate on essential business tactics and accelerate the growth of your company.


Utilize Centralized Reporting to Assess Performance

You may access on-demand reporting and a consolidated reporting dashboard with Amazon Ad Server.


By breaking down specific data by ad, version, or asset and classifying them according to audience and site metrics, you can obtain important insights into creative performances.


Future creative strategies benefit from this information's refinement and improvement.


In order to give you a comprehensive understanding of cross-media performance, the tool also offers cross-media analytics, which allow you to combine performance indicators from several sources.


Qualifications for Amazon Ad Server

Amazon has not provided explicit eligibility requirements for Amazon Ad Servers; however, suppliers and sellers worldwide can access it. Brands can also avail themselves of self-service choices and managed services from Amazon.



The following marketplaces can use the Amazon Ad Server:


·       North America: United States, Canada, Mexico

·       South America: Brazil

·       Europe: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, and Turkey

·       Middle East: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt

·       Asia Pacific: Australia, India, Japan, Singapore



How Can I Sign Up to Use Amazon Ad Server?

It's simple to get started with Amazon Ad Server.


Amazon Ad Server Guide

·       To view the registration form, click "Get Started."

·       Fill out the form with "Amazon Ad Server" selected as the desired product.

·       An expert will be in contact with you after you submit the form, usually within a few days.

Complete your Amazon Ad Server onboarding process by working with the professionals.


How Can Amazon Ad Server and AMC Be Used to Optimize Ads?

You can easily distribute your adverts across a variety of platforms with Amazon Ad Server. Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) takes over to gather and compile performance data when your ads go live. You can gain a deeper understanding of your target audience with this integrated strategy.


Let's say, for example, that you see a decline in your sales funnel. You can pinpoint the exact location of this decline with AMC. By addressing the weak spots in a planned manner, you can improve the campaign performance.


Additionally, your advertising campaigns can benefit from cost savings thanks to the convergence of AAS and AMC. You can use AMC to determine which ad types and platforms work best for your items in terms of conversion. With this knowledge, you may reallocate your advertising budget to enhance your return on advertising spend by concentrating on the most productive channels.


Additionally, Amazon Ad Server allows you to automate your ad campaigns in order to maximize budget use. Automating campaigns improves targeting accuracy while also saving time. By reaching the right people at the right moment, you'll maximize the effectiveness of your resources.


Final Thoughts

Any seller wishing to reach customers across several platforms and establish omnichannel advertising campaigns will benefit greatly from using Amazon Ad Server.


The advantages are obvious: you gain an unfair advantage over competitors thanks to consolidated reporting, simplified campaign management, and creative control via Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO).


Take advantage of the chance that Amazon Ad Server offers to prosper in this changing advertising environment. Create, refine, and evaluate campaigns with an emphasis on effectiveness and performance. You have the resources at your disposal; now is the time to put them to use for your achievement.

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