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How to Get the Best Amazon A10 Ranking for Your Products

With the greatest market share in the North American eCommerce sector, Amazon is a fiercely competitive marketplace. It's challenging ...

Amazon A10 Ranking

With the greatest market share in the North American eCommerce sector, Amazon is a fiercely competitive marketplace. It's challenging to succeed in the ever-increasing competition on Amazon, where more than 2 million vendors are expanding their businesses. Amazon constantly seeks to foster competition and expand the number of new merchants to spur innovation.

One of the most important tactics for dominating Amazon is advertising, but another is keeping up with changes to the Amazon A9 algorithm. It is quite similar to the A9 algorithm, despite the fact that some people started dubbing it the A10 algorithm. The importance given to particular factors, however, is what makes a significant difference.


Amazon began delivering greater relevance to customer searches after a recent update. Amazon acknowledged that customers often go beyond what retailers are trying to advertise. In order to make the search results more relevant to the buyer, Amazon is changing its A10 algorithm. 


This blog post is for you if you want to learn how to improve your product ranking and keep up with the most recent adjustments to the Amazon SEO algorithm.


Let's start now.


The Amazon A10 Algorithm: What is it?

When a user searches for a product on Amazon, the order in which products are presented is decided by a complicated system of rules and calculations called the Amazon A10 algorithm. Its main objective is to match customers with the most pertinent and high-quality products while ensuring that their buying is as easy as possible.


A Short Summary of the Amazon A9 Algorithm

Let's quickly review Amazon SEO, or if you want to learn more about Amazon SEO from scratch, check out this page.


Product ranking is a key component of your business plan if you sell on Amazon. because higher rankings in search results lead to greater sales. 


The SEO strategy used by Amazon and Google are both similar. In addition, the majority of your clients won't scroll past the second or third page of search results. Do you know that? Amazon is where more than 65% of consumers begin their product research. Therefore, your marketing and product optimization efforts would be in naught if your products were not ranking well.


Factors Influencing Amazon A10 algorithm

1. Amazon PPC stays relevant

In the Amazon A9 algorithm, PPC campaigns were one of the driving factors influencing Amazon SEO. That has changed in the latest update. Though PPC campaigns are still relevant, the focus has shifted significantly. Now, PPC sales may create the initial spike in your sales, but it is not one of the driving forces influencing your product visibility on Amazon.


Pro Tip: To adjust to this most recent adjustment, continue running your PPC ads as usual, but diversify your ad budget and focus on other areas like off-Amazon advertising, which can drive high-quality traffic to your product listings.


Consider your PPC advertising as a component of your long-term growth strategy, though.


2. Sales Data

When determining where to place your goods in the organic results, Amazon considers the entirety of your sales history. Products with a steady sales history appear higher in search results on Amazon.


The most recent algorithm update is impacted by your past sales of products, just like the Amazon A9 algorithm.


3. Natural sales

One of the key elements affecting the Amazon SEO algorithm is the amount of sales coming from the Amazon website's organic results. An organic sale occurs when a user searches for a product and buys your product from the search page results.

Additionally, you need to keep enough of your products in stock to guarantee high product rankings.


4. Seller Credibility

Listings and the Buy Box are two seller KPIs that fall within Amazon's purview. Seller authority on Amazon is influenced by things like a seller's feedback rating, how long they've been selling on Amazon, how successfully they handled returns, and other crucial seller data.


Pro Tip: You tend to provide more products to a diverse customer base if your product catalog is extensive. As a result, assuming you are managing products well and receiving excellent evaluations, considerably enhances your seller authority.


Good reviews and a large inventory both have an impact on the Amazon algorithm. It implies that you are providing clients with a decent value, increasing your seller authority significantly.

5. Reactions

Increase your impressions as a priority. It might be available on Amazon, partner websites, or affiliate networks. Your organic ranking improves as your product receives more views.


Pro Tip: To maximize your impressions, make sure your product is relevant and categorized appropriately. To increase your impressions effectively, concentrate on converting keywords and the most effective consumer search terms.


6. The Click Through rate

The click-through rate, as you may already be aware, is the proportion of customers who visit your product to all the impressions that were created. In order to enhance your CTR, engaging product images and titles are crucial.


7.Internal Sales

Sales made on the Amazon platform without factoring in search results. This measure includes purchases made from the "frequently bought together" category. Such sales have a significant impact on your search rankings.


Rate of Conversion -


the proportion of customers who view your product page to those who actually buy it. The ranking improves as the conversion rate rises.


External Sales


Off-site sales are the newest addition to the Amazon A10 algorithm. More external traffic can be directed to your Amazon listings than you can with PPC. This boosts your keyword ranking and increases the number of Amazon reviews you receive. Therefore, be sure to choose non-Amazon advertising methods like Facebook Ads.


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How can I improve my Amazon A10 ranking?

We provide you with a list of insights to keep you abreast of the most recent adjustments to the Amazon algorithm.


·       You must have a captivating product listing that is tailored to your target market in order to improve your ranking. Choose excellent photography and use lifestyle pictures to describe the qualities or purposes of your product.


·       Discounts and promotions are now a more difficult way to go up the rankings. Amazon has started to remove these listings, which have numerous sales and discounts.


·       "Off-site traffic has grown in importance to boost your product reviews and rankings. Hire an e-commerce PR agency to assist you in increasing your external presence.


·       In your listings, be as detailed as you can. Use every field in the 'Keywords and Description' section that is accessible.

·       Reviews now more than ever are crucial. Outside of Amazon, user-generated traffic is very important (for Google searches).

·       Ranking naturally on Google is crucial. Create high-quality traffic and take advantage of domains with high domain authority.


·       Get well-known bloggers or micro-influencers to review your products. Link to your Amazon product from there.


·       Post your ideas in seller forums and be proactive. The secret to expanding your business is to stay current with trends and to learn new things constantly via hard effort.



In summary, Amazon's A10 algorithm seeks to make listings with legitimate purchases and reviews more visible. In an effort to combat the serious issue of counterfeit goods and phony reviews, it seeks to identify fake profiles. Additionally, listings that are tailored to the needs of the customer are becoming more and more important.

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