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The Influence of Branding on Amazon

Many Amazon merchants find it difficult to build their brands, but it shouldn't be.   I enjoy examining industry leaders like Nike, Wa...

Branding on Amazon

Many Amazon merchants find it difficult to build their brands, but it shouldn't be.  I enjoy examining industry leaders like Nike, Wayfair, and Coach.  What features do all of these share?  Amazingly memorable branding that is highly graphic.  For Nike, the swoosh is what motivates you to crush a workout.


For Wayfair, it’s to know you are outfitting your home beautifully on a budget.  And for Coach, stunning, luxurious purses elevate your fashion game.  Between their respective imagery, how they write on their product listings, and their advertising strategies, their brands are powerful and hard to forget.


Amazon sellers should take their cues from these powerhouse companies and apply the same principles to their own companies. Today, I’ll break down the power of branding on Amazon and how sellers can take simple steps to deliver a specific, focused brand to their customers. 


What is the mission statement for your company?

This activity is quite challenging. Every brand owner needs to have a statement of purpose that directs them. Although this mission statement can be seen by the general public, it is often an internal document.  It should direct all of your brand-related decisions, from the items you choose to launch to the visuals and audio you incorporate into your video productions.


If you were in the outdoor industry, for instance, your mission statement might be "Creating products that reignite the love for the great outdoors."  Your photography and video production would be intensely focused on utilizing outdoor photos if you had this mission statement.


With this, a capable Amazon consultant can be useful. When picturing your product in the vast outdoors, every element of your branding would inspire excitement. The brand's goal statement would also stop you from introducing any new products that don't align with it. Focusing on branding and making sure that potential clients are purchasing from a business that shares their passion are what really matter in this situation. 


Building a Faithful Following

The true value of having a loyal following is seeing repeat business and seeing viral traffic through social media shares. You need a lot more than just a random product performing well on Amazon to do this. You must have A+ material prepared, a clean and optimized Amazon store, stunning photos, and engaging video content. A "tribe" should be developed around your brand, in a sense. Once you've built a tribe, these clients will unavoidably rave about your company on social media and tell their friends and relatives about your goods.


This is effective because it is free advertising.  The best "business proof" is a sizable following that is raving about your goods and their excellence.  When it comes to holiday sale campaigns and obtaining a significant number of evaluations in advance for new product launches, a devoted following is also highly beneficial. 


Out-branding your rivals

You are well-positioned to defeat your rivals and maintain your position as the leader with a strong brand presence and a sizable repertoire. The top five sellers in any category on Amazon will feature stunning imagery, engaging videos, and compelling branding messaging.  By building your brand, you have the advantage over competitors on Amazon and will go up to the top five positions rather quickly.  Many vendors post uninteresting images with no genuine value.  Instead, concentrate on incorporating branding call-outs into your images and describing how your product improves the lives of the buyer more joyful.  Text typefaces and color schemes must be consistent for this.  This level of branding is something that Amazon customers want.  It's up to you to deliver it and watch your revenues soar.  


Getting Ready for an Exit

One of the top five characteristics prospective buyers are searching for when considering a business purchase is branding, according to the top e-commerce brokers in the industry.  A strong brand suggests a devoted consumer base and brand awareness across all platforms, including Amazon.  A potential buyer prefers to see this brand established so they may grow it with their team over time.  Potential buyers don't want to put in the time and effort necessary to launch and develop a brand.  They purchase Amazon firms for this reason.  They seek out turnkey brands that they can quickly extend. 


Searches for brands by consumers

The snowball effect of people choosing to search using your brand name rather than the term is one of the most remarkable things that happens over the life of a brand.  For instance, users can search "Airways Radios" rather than "radios" to locate your products more quickly.  The buyer no longer wants to bother purchasing from a new brand due to brand loyalty.  They have faith in you, your offerings, and your stated goals.  Only if you have a strong brand and reputation to support it can this occur.  Another benefit is that since these sales are organic, no additional PPC expenses are required to reach the customers.  The brand and its sales have greatly benefited. 


Purchases of Related Products

Once your brand is well-known, people will invariably want to purchase further items from you that are associated with other items from the same brand.  Consider a mouse for a computer.  Imagine you sold both high-end, intriguing-looking mouse pads and cutting-edge, futuristic computer mice.  Customers will be more likely to purchase both of these products from you because these two products are a part of a unified brand.  This is really effective since you are snatching up the customer for the sale of multiple products rather than allowing them to purchase from other brands. 


Since numerous products are being delivered out in one Amazon box, you will save money on pick-up and packing fees.  In addition to being very effective at increasing income for your company, branding may help lower costs.


Higher selling prices are a result of strong branding.

Because Coach is a premium brand, they are noted for having premium prices.  They have persuaded the customer that their pricing really represent their upscale reputation. The same applies to building your brand.  It is futile to try to outbid the cheapest sellers.  Instead, you can demand higher pricing and thus better margins by concentrating on excellent branding and emphasizing the message of premium quality.


A higher brand value also means that you will need to make sales much less frequently.  Any high-end brand you look at will have one thing in common: they don't constantly bombard their clients with deals or coupon codes.  The objective is to convince many buyers to purchase things at full price.  Branding is crucial to achieving this. 


Little Steps


What should you do now that you are aware of the influence of branding on Amazon?  Choosing the mission statement for your brand is the first baby step.  Don't lose patience if it takes several weeks.  That is entirely typical.


After you've finalized your mission statement, carefully examine your product lines to see if everything aligns with it.  After then, make sure to also filter through any fresh ideas.  Do my photos and videos support the mission of my brand? is another important question to ask yourself.  If not, you should redesign your media assets.  Even though it may seem like a lot of work now, it will pay off later on and help you build your brand's reputation as an authority in your industry.  You won't be sorry. 

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