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Updates on Amazon Advertising for August 2020

Amazon is still a major force for companies wanting to grow their customer base and increase sales in the fast-paced world of e-commerce. ...

Amazon Advertising

Amazon is still a major force for companies wanting to grow their customer base and increase sales in the fast-paced world of e-commerce. As experienced sellers on the site are aware, success depends on staying ahead of the curve. Keeping a close eye on the most recent Pay-Per-Click (PPC) trends and updates inside Amazon Advertising is an essential component of this. This post will explore Amazon Advertising's changing environment and show you how to take advantage of these developments to grow your company.


What recently has Amazon advertised?


Along with everyone else, Amazon has had a busy year. Amazon made significant modifications to many parts of the marketplace, from logistics to merchant storefronts. In order to increase user interaction, Amazon has added additional options to the advertising platform. 


Let's examine each of the most recent changes to Amazon advertising in depth.

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Store for Amazon-sponsored brands

You may now showcase store pages among the sponsored brands. Customers will find new product categories in your business with this assistance. As a seller, you can edit the page image, title, and label as well as exhibit up to three store pages in sponsored brand advertisements.


It's encouraging to see that Amazon is expanding Sponsored brands with a ton of fascinating new features and formats. Sponsored brand advertisements are a fantastic method to stand out from the competition and exhibit your brand personality on Amazon. There will be numerous platform updates, as expected.

What's new about the display sponsored by Amazon?

Sellers can now employ sponsored display advertisements to target their products. As a result, your campaign and reporting metrics will be within your greater control. Additionally, it will assist you in more effectively planning your advertising campaign.


For those of you who are unaware, sponsored display product targeted advertisements might be displayed alongside user reviews, search results, product descriptions, etc.


Note that sellers and vendors in the US and Amazon Canada can currently access this functionality.


P.S. Have you seen Amazon Q4 Mastery, our most eagerly awaited event of the fourth quadrant?


At this Q4 event, Amazon specialists from around the world spoke about what it takes to succeed on Amazon.


Interface for billing on the advertising console


The advertising console's billing dashboard was upgraded by Amazon. On the payments tab, agencies and marketers can view a unified view of billing operations. Within the management account, this is visible for all linked accounts. You can use this to view billing metrics including payment history, outstanding invoices, and other information. On the other side, you may also obtain all unpaid invoice information in a CSV file, including account name, amount owed, and invoice due date.


Pages in Kindle Edition, Normalized View Metric


The Kindle Edition Normalised Pages (KENP) Read metric has been added by Amazon to the advertising performance dashboard. This update is intended for Amazon book merchants. The authors had been waiting for it for quite some time. The only writers who can use this new addition are those whose ebooks are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited.


Why is this metric useful?


This indicator aids in your comprehension of the number of pages a buyer reads after clicking your advertisement.


Up to 14 days after a customer clicks on an advertisement, the campaign's anticipated number of pages read is monitored. This measure is activated when a customer clicks on a sponsored product ad that includes a Kindle ebook and then borrows the book from the Kindle Owner's Lending Library (KOLL) or Kindle Unlimited (KU). The KENP Read metric for a particular date will be updated by Amazon if a customer reads when the reading device is offline. As a result, on some dates, the updates may differ slightly.


How can I utilize Amazon's marketing offerings to their fullest?

On Amazon, where millions of people purchase and sell, it's simple to get lost. You don't want to spend time and money selling on Amazon while your items are ignored by customers. Therefore, having a competitive advantage that optimizes your ROI is crucial. As a result, playing on the Amazon Marketplace frequently requires payment.


Do you require an expert for the next steps?

The easiest method to expand your business, in my opinion, is to hire an Amazon marketing agency unless you are a master in Amazon PPC optimization. Of course, you can decide to master each tactic separately and use it on your own. It costs a lot of money and time. Wouldn't you prefer to leave it in the hands of the professionals?


How do I pick a marketing provider for Amazon?

You may already be aware by this point that Amazon PPC campaigns are dynamic. Having a strong foundation in Amazon PPC management is beneficial, but you need to ramp up the pace and keep up with the competition because the possibilities are constantly changing. Your ad campaigns will be able to adjust to the changes and continue to be effective if you have a full staff of PPC specialists. Your Amazon PPC firm should be able to provide your Amazon ad accounts some guidance, regardless of the bundle you select.


All you need is an open marketing plan.

 You are constantly informed of the PPC tactics we employ to increase your sales. Through our AMS team's weekly, bimonthly, and monthly reports, you learn about every facet of the AMS account. You will be aware of how our efforts enhance your Amazon revenue thanks to our up-front strategy.


How do we start with the revenue scaling steps?


For instance, before we begin the real PPC optimization, we assess the following stages if you are a new brand or an established company looking to break into a new market or attract a potential audience.


1.Audit of a product or brand

2.Analysis of discoverability and desirability

3.Improve your Amazon SEO.

4.Promotional tactics (depending on the objectives of the client)

5.Marketing strategy


Following our analysis of these metrics, we provide a specific approach for each individual account depending on the goals they have in mind.


As I said, we adjust the procedure and approach in light of your ultimate objectives.



For sellers who want to be successful on the marketplace, staying current with Amazon Advertising's newest features and improvements is crucial.  In order to take full advantage of these capabilities, sellers must frequently research Amazon's advertising options, keep up with market developments, and adjust their tactics as necessary.


Sellers should keep a look out for upcoming upgrades and chances to improve their platform advertising efforts as Amazon Advertising continues to change.


To maximize your performance on Amazon, keep in mind that the advertising landscape is continuously shifting, so it's crucial to keep up with the most recent information and advancements.


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