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An Explanation of How to Qualify for the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus

Amazon boasts about 6.3 million sellers worldwide, making it one of the most prosperous online marketplaces.   In light of the escalat...

Amazon Brand Referral Bonus

Amazon boasts about 6.3 million sellers worldwide, making it one of the most prosperous online marketplaces.


In light of the escalating competition both on and off the Amazon platform, it's critical to find strategies to differentiate your brand.


Amazon provides sellers with distinctive and creative choices to help them stand out.


Amazon's Brand Referral Bonus Program is one such method.


 It is intended to assist brands in expanding their consumer base and boosting revenue.


We'll examine the Amazon Brand Referral Program in more detail in this post, along with participation options and revenue-boosting strategies.



The Amazon Brand Referral Bonus: What Is It?

Who is eligible to apply for the Brand Referral Bonus Program?

How can I become eligible for the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus?

What are the advantages for brands of the new Amazon Brand Referral Program?

Is it necessary to increase outside visitors to your listings?

The Brand Referral Bonus can be earned in three steps.

How do you monitor your bonus for brand referrals?

Four pointers to optimize your Bonus for Brand Referrals



The Amazon Brand Referral Bonus: What Is It?

Through its Brand Referral Bonus program, Amazon pays you a bonus for bringing customers from non-Amazon marketing sources to Amazon. 10% of the sales of the marketed product as well as any other products the consumer purchases from the brand during the next two weeks are bonused to them. The bonus is given to the Amazon seller as a credit toward their referral payments.


The program increases the effectiveness of non-Amazon marketing initiatives that drive referral traffic to Amazon by extending the benefit to customers who purchase additional products from the Brand up to 14 days after clicking on the advertisement.


Who is eligible to apply for the Brand Referral Bonus Program?

Brands that sell in the United States and have registered with Amazon are eligible to participate in the Brand Referral Bonus Program. Non-brand owners are not allowed to take part in this program, but they can still earn rewards through the Amazon Associates program for directing traffic to Amazon listings.


In order to take part in the Brand Referral Bonus Program on Amazon, you must first register for both Amazon Attribution and the Brand Referral Bonus program. To track your performance and bonus after these are set up, you need to establish tags using Amazon Attribution. To be eligible for the bonus, all traffic pertaining to advertised products must have an Amazon Attribution tag. Once your ads are running, you can check the amount of your bonus on your seller account's Transaction Details page. Please be aware that the bonus will not be paid to your account until after two months of waiting.


How can I become eligible for the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus?

The product must contain an Amazon Attribution tag and have been purchased within 14 days of the advertisement being clicked in order to be eligible for the bonus.


What are the advantages for brands of the new Amazon Brand Referral Program?


The Amazon Brand Referral Bonus is a cost-effective method for qualifying businesses to lower the often high referral fees of 15%. As a result, these companies may spend their non-Amazon advertising budget more cheaply and effectively.


Brands can also assist new product launches on Amazon by using non-Amazon publicity and avoiding cannibalizing their direct sales. Additionally, you may use Amazon's more to attract mid-funnel consideration shoppers or revive dormant shoppers who disappeared from your conversion funnel.


Is it necessary to increase outside visitors to your listings?

The purchasing process for customers has become more complicated today. Numerous touchpoints exist, such as social media, where consumers can actively or passively look for things. Therefore, you can boost sales and elevate the value of your brand by interacting with relevant customers through channels other than Amazon.


However, if your business has a direct-to-consumer (DTC) website, you can also reroute outside traffic to it.


Brands can obtain important information into how their non-Amazon customers find and evaluate their products in the Amazon store by utilizing the Amazon Attribution service. Brands can use this information to customize their digital strategy and increase their visibility and influence in the Amazon shop. In this manner, brands can make sure the touchpoints they use work and support their business expansion.


The Brand Referral Bonus can be earned in three steps.

Now that you understand the benefits of selecting the Brand Referral Bonus, let's look at how to do it.


1.  Become a Member of the Program


You have to register for the program as the initial step. Go to Amazon Seller Central and select the Brands tab, then the Brand Referral Bonus page, to accomplish this.


There is only one click required for enrollment if your brand qualifies. To get your bonus after enrolling, you will then have to complete a tax form.


2. Using Your Amazon Advertising Account, Start a Campaign

After enrolling in the Brand Referral Bonus program, go to the Brand Referral Bonus landing page and select Amazon Attribution.


After that, you can begin tagging your campaigns. For a campaign to be eligible for the incentive, Amazon Attribution must be present. 


Your chosen products' total brand impact is measured by Amazon Attribution, and the Brand Referral Bonus program will provide you credit based on these sales.

3.Get the Bonus

To do this, you'll need to launch marketing initiatives outside of Amazon to increase product sales. You will begin receiving bonuses as soon as sales are generated by your campaigns.

As we previously mentioned, you will receive the bonus as a credit toward your seller referral fees. Typically, the bonus amounts to approximately 10% of the sales you generate.


Let's take an example where you sell office supplies on Amazon and you use off-Amazon marketing initiatives to increase sales. Consequently, you would have generated $2000 in revenue for your office supplies. As the bonus typically represents 10% of the sales you generate, you will receive a $100 bonus.


This additional money will therefore be applied to your seller referral fees as a credit.


How do you monitor your bonus for brand referrals?

You must first wait for the bonus to be applied to your account for two months in order to track your Brand Referral Bonus. This time allows for order cancellations and customer returns.


You can obtain your Brand Referral incentive report from Amazon Seller Central after you've received the incentive.


This report, which is updated every Friday, will list the approximate bonus you have received for qualified sales during the previous ninety days. Referral fees on subsequent transactions will be subtracted from your earned bonus until it is fully utilized.


To track your Brand Referral Bonus, we recommend downloading Date Range Reports starting on the 10th of the month and continuing for the next 10 days.


Furthermore, you can keep an eye on bonus payouts by looking over specific transaction information.


The bonus payments will show up under the "Discount on referral fee" line if the incentive pays the referral fee in full or in part and there is a tax associated with the fee.


The referral fee part of the transaction will not be seen when the incentive fully reimburses the referral charge and there is no tax associated with the fee. The bonus will be applied automatically in the background.


Four pointers to optimize your Bonus for Brand Referrals

As an Amazon vendor, you ought to take advantage of each chance to raise revenue and earnings. Using the Brand Referral Bonus is one method for doing this. Here are four suggestions to help sellers boost profitability and make the most of their bonuses.


1.Start with sales of new products.

Starting with new product sales is the greatest strategy to optimize your Brand Referral Bonus. Try employing off-Amazon marketing to boost your items' visibility and conversion when you introduce a new one or if sales are slow. You can use your social media following to market your new product. This can help you get your first sales and receive a bonus all at once.

You might also want to think about advertising or improving your product detail page as other strategies to raise product visibility.


2. Make your Amazon product listing more effective.

To increase the position of your product listings in searches, use search engine optimization (SEO).


A product listing can be optimized for seven main components: keywords, back-end search keywords, features (bullet points), photos, title, description, and pricing. Your product's visibility can be increased by using pertinent keywords, a thorough description, and eye-catching photographs. This will increase sales and your referral incentive.


3. Reconnect with clients using Sponsored Display

You can utilize Amazon advertisements to increase your products' visibility. For instance, you can advertise both on and off Amazon using Sponsored Display ads, which will help you reach customers who have seen your product but haven't purchased it.


These advertisements aim to increase conversions by serving as a reminder to buyers about your goods when they browse Amazon and other websites. This will increase your return on ad spend (ROAS), which will assist offset your ad cost and optimize your brand referral incentive.


Returning to the subject at hand, use these procedures to make Display adverts that will advertise your non-Amazon marketing endeavors.


·       To make it easier for you to find in the future, create a Sponsored Display campaign and name it something like Brand Referral Bonus.


·       Use non-Amazon marketing to promote the products you are endorsing.


·       Choose "Audiences" targeting in the campaign creation process, followed by "Views remarketing; Advertised products" to interact with audiences that have visited your particular product detail page in the lookback window.


·       Because Brand Referral Bonus operates on a 14-day attribution window, be sure to match your Sponsored Display campaign's look back duration of 14 days.


4. Add a Bonus for Brand Referrals with Deals

Including the Brand Referral incentive with promotions is a smart approach to optimize your brand's referral incentive. You may entice customers to take advantage of your bargains and earn a referral incentive on any sales by referencing your deal in your non-Amazon marketing efforts with a call to action (CTA).


To generate a sense of urgency and encourage customers to make a purchase from your company, you could, for instance, run an advertisement that says, "Save 25% now" or "Shop our Deal of the Day on May 15."



Earning a substantial incentive on sales resulting from non-Amazon marketing initiatives is possible with the help of the Amazon Brand Referral Program. Sellers can use this fantastic chance to boost their earnings with Amazon Brand Registry. You may take full advantage of this program's potential and generate a substantial revenue from it by using the appropriate marketing approach.

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