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Everything You Should Know About Selling on Amazon B2B

Because Amazon Business caters to the unique requirements of B2B buyers and sellers, it has altered the way businesses function in the mar...

Amazon B2B

Because Amazon Business caters to the unique requirements of B2B buyers and sellers, it has altered the way businesses function in the marketplace. Thus far, the purchasing and selling procedures are both effective. The ability for merchants to offer products to both retail customers and business buyers is the heart of selling on Amazon B2B.


Sources predict that by 2023, Amazon Business's gross revenues will exceed $52 billion. In addition, according to Amazon's financial records, it is the business segment that is expanding the fastest.


With over a million users, Amazon Business has emerged as a competitive choice for distributors, merchants, and manufacturers.


In order to grow your brand or business on Amazon, you should investigate this possibility as a seller and develop a business-to-business (B2B) plan.

I'll go over the benefits of selling on Amazon Business in this post.


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What is the Amazon Business platform?

Do You Think About B2B Opportunities with Amazon?

I already own a B2B company. Is Amazon Business necessary for me?

How to Get Started with Amazon Business Sales

Benefits of B2B Sales on Amazon

How Can Amazon Business Sales Be Increased?

Final thoughts


What is the Amazon Business platform?

A B2B version of the retail behemoth's e-commerce platform is called Amazon Business. It primarily serves business clients who require numerous user accounts, extra payment and credit alternatives, as well as the low costs, extensive product selection, and faster delivery choices offered by Amazon.


The goal of Amazon Business is to develop a more business-oriented version of its main marketplace. Amazon wants its merchants to use its platform to sell to companies as well as consumers. Additionally, vendors can take advantage of the freedom to present various goods and prices to corporate purchasers.


Do You Think About B2B Opportunities with Amazon?

Entrepreneurs find Amazon Business attractive because of its large consumer base and high volume of online traffic. In addition, Amazon provides quick shipping and an excellent user experience, all of which are excellent complements to your own B2B e-commerce site.


Upon closer inspection, it might not be so easy. For certain sellers, Amazon Business can be an excellent option, but for others, it can be a bad one. It depends on your company strategy, the Amazon niche you are selling in, industry rivalry, and your ability to adapt to Amazon's seller constraints.


I already own a B2B company. Is Amazon Business necessary for me?

For most Amazon sellers, increasing sales is the key to success. It's possible that you're now selling to companies and customers with success. Your company will, however, have a wider audience thanks to Amazon Business.


Generally speaking, some organizations might just use Amazon Business for their items, while others might be forced to follow their employers' recommendations and make purchases on Amazon B2B. Therefore, you shouldn't lose out on sales if you are selling on a B2C marketplace and business owners find your products appealing.


For most customers, the Amazon Marketplace is their first choice. Similarly, Fortune 100 firms as well as small- to medium-sized businesses can benefit from their B2B platform. Therefore, thoroughly consider the benefits and drawbacks of selling B2B products on Amazon Business before jumping on the bandwagon. I will elucidate that in a moment.


How to Get Started with Amazon Business Sales

It is simple to get started with Amazon Business, regardless of whether you are a novice or seasoned marketplace vendor.


·       Create a Professional Seller account on Seller Central on Amazon. Use the seller central platform to add business features if you already sell on Amazon.

·       Account fees, FBA fees, referral fees, and so on must be paid.

·       Make a profile for your business. Add certifications, credentials, and other pertinent information that is pertinent to your business's clients, along with a description of your enterprise.

·       Include a portfolio of your products. You can include information with Amazon Business, including technical documentation, brochures, instructions, and other safety certifications.

·       You may now promote your goods via sponsored advertisements, personalized discounts, and enable extra services like installation if necessary.


You have to commit to maintaining performance levels above and beyond those required by Amazon at the time of registration. In addition, you must process the relevant Amazon tax exemptions, give each order a shipment tracking number, and enclose a packing slip with the customer's purchase order number in every delivery.


Benefits of B2B Sales on Amazon

As I previously mentioned, getting more sales from businesses is the primary advantage of joining Amazon's B2B marketplace. You also have many advantages in addition to that.


Enormous market prospects

The clientele of Amazon Business is noteworthy. Among them were Fortune 100 firms in 2019. According to a source, it is also projected to generate $31 billion in revenue and $52 billion in gross merchandise volume by 2023. As soon as small and mid-sized B2Bs join Amazon Business, they will get nearly instant exposure and an increase in visibility.


Companies would rather purchase a wide range of goods from one supplier. It ranges from toys and stationery to electronics and furnishings, among other things.


Orders that repeat

Business purchasers typically make a series of recurring purchases over time. The corporation facilitates this activity with Amazon Business through its Business Prime service. As a result, it motivates customers to place repeat orders. For example, Amazon Business will continue to place orders for you if you offer replacement parts for tools, personal protective equipment, or things that are bought on a regular basis.


Utilization ease

By creating a seller account on Amazon Business, you may start your B2B company in a matter of hours. It is not necessary for you to possess any infrastructure or website that demands substantial initial financial and temporal outlays.


Amazon Commercial Services

B2B buyers can find the support they need from Amazon Business. It has features including account administration, payment choices for business accounts, and support for multiple users. Additionally, Amazon Business offers fulfillment services to merchants, including handling returns, customer assistance, shipping and warehousing goods, handling complaints, and more. In addition, Amazon provides assistance with technical setup problems.Any B2B e-commerce provider would provide the same services, but Amazon has some excellent material, and its sizable seller network can help with problems that other sellers are having.


Additionally, you can benefit from Amazon's advertising efforts, which is excellent if you're just getting started.


The Amazon name

The best thing about selling on Amazon is that consumers, whether they are B2B or B2C, trust the company. Business customers, in particular, are usually wary of working with new vendors because of the size of the orders and the degree of uncertainty involved. Customers are nevertheless eager to make purchases using the platform because of Amazon's reputation. Thus, you would profit from Amazon's reputation.


How Can Amazon Business Sales Be Increased?

Increasing B2B sales is typically comparable to increasing B2C sales. However, there are a few things to remember when interacting with business buyers.


Business purchasers probably follow a clearly defined approval and purchase procedure. Additionally, companies could have requirements that suppliers must fulfill or they might prioritize working with suppliers who hold particular qualifications.


Business buyers are often fact-driven and critical; before entrusting providers with big purchases, they want pertinent facts up front to support their selections. Customers, on the other hand, are more motivated by feelings and their own needs and desires.


You must provide Amazon B2B purchasers with all relevant business details, including product selection and quality. Present them with pertinent product materials. These can include brochures, films, product specifications, and more, particularly for high-end, technical, and safety products. Additionally, you want to think about providing consumers with both single and bulk options.


Final thoughts

For Amazon sellers of all sizes, selling B2B is quite advantageous, particularly if the firms exclusively purchase from Amazon. It's simple to join up for Amazon Business if you're a current B2B vendor and meet Amazon's standards.

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