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How to Sell on Amazon India – A Comprehensive Guide

The availability of a wide range of products and the increasing penetration of e-commerce are to blame for the recent explosive rise in e-...

Amazon India

The availability of a wide range of products and the increasing penetration of e-commerce are to blame for the recent explosive rise in e-commerce in India. This is the ideal location for you to launch an e-commerce company if you wish to do so on the Amazon India marketplace. I'll explain in this post why you should sell on Amazon India, how to create an account, and some awesome tricks to help you boost your sales there.


Now let's get going!

 Table of Content

The Significance of Selling on Amazon India

How to Sell on Amazon India

Selling on Requirements

How to Increase Your Earnings on Amazon

Managing Inventory Effectively

New strategies for selling in India Were you aware of ONDC?

The Significance of Selling on Amazon India

You should sell on Amazon India for a number of reasons. These are a handful:


Growing Need

The IBEF projects that India's e-commerce market would develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27% from 2019 to 2024, when it is expected to reach US$ 99 billion. Grocery and clothing are two categories that are probably going to develop incrementally.


India's need for e-commerce is increased by rising internet penetration and the expansion of organized industries within retail markets. Furthermore, the government's FDI laws will hasten the expansion of India's e-commerce industry.


The e-commerce business is seeing increasing demand due to a number of causes.


Organizational logistics

Amazon is the most reliable and user-friendly e-commerce platform in India, aside from Flipkart. Customers can get expedited shipping with Amazon Prime. Thanks to its lightning-fast logistics, Amazon has a competitive advantage. Thus, vendors ought to take full advantage of it.


 Product Sourcing

An increasing number of foreign retailers source their goods from producers in India. After China, it is one of the biggest manufacturing hubs in the world. Therefore, sourcing products from India will undoubtedly increase your earnings. Additionally, if you're an Indian vendor, keeping up with networks and commercial relationships becomes simple.

In summary, if you haven't already, now is the ideal moment to begin selling on Amazon India.


How to Sell on Amazon India

Not all companies are made equal. Thus, you should choose a company plan that suits your needs and adhere to the straightforward instructions listed below.


Find an Unique Product

Selecting a fantastic product that you would love to offer is the first step towards becoming an Amazon seller. One thing to keep in mind when you begin your product research is that a product that is a hot seller on Amazon US need not also be a top seller on Amazon India. In comparison to other marketplaces, one has a distinct need for certain products.

At first, you might only sell one product. But in order to truly turn a profit, you'll need to diversify your product offerings and sell a wide selection of goods on Amazon. Examine the market carefully to determine what functions well and what doesn't. After that, join the trend by conducting thorough product research.


Selling on Requirements.

In order to sell on, you must first have access to Amazon Seller Central.

To sign up, please:


·       A current bank account is a requirement.

·       Maintain close proximity to your company's GST/PAN data.

The procedures you'll find below are for registering on the Amazon Seller Central platform.


·       Click "Start Selling" after visiting

·       If you already have a buyer account, you may click "Create your Amazon account" or use the same login information.

·       During the account creation procedure, you must provide the necessary information.

·       On your GST, provide the name of your firm or the registered name. Assent to the terms and conditions

·       To finish the verification procedure, provide your mobile number.


It will take some time for Amazon to verify your information. After that, you need to activate the two-step verification method so that you can better secure your seller account. You then need to input your tax information.


Note: GST registration is not necessary for some products that are not subject to GST. Therefore, be sure to review the necessary information before creating an seller account. This is the FAQ list provided by Amazon to address questions from merchants regarding GST registration.

You have to list your products in the marketplace after creating the account. You have the option to add an item from Amazon's inventory or make a new listing for your own goods.


How to Increase Your Earnings on Amazon

Make sure your firm maintains a profit when you begin selling on Here are some tips to help you continue making money on Amazon.

Promotions & Product Bundles

Product bundles and promotions present less risk and greater benefits in terms of profit. Customers enjoy finding sales and discounts on pricey items. The large sales volume you receive with the reductions makes this approach advantageous for you. Additionally, there would be less rivalry in terms of product bundling.


Remember that most of the time you have to make a new listing when you bundle things on Amazon.


Take Advantage of The Competition

It could occasionally be challenging to rank higher than products from well-known brands in your sector. Based on my personal experience, a product that appears on the first page of search results typically generates 70-80% of sales, but a product that appears on the fourth page may only generate 0–10% of sales. It's a significant amount!


To increase your market share on Amazon, you must rank on the top page. Here are some strategies you can use to outrank your rivals.


·       Choose the appropriate rivals

·       Monitor the keywords of your competitors.

·       Use PPC advertising to target them.

·       Establish prices and Buy Box notifications for your rivals.

·       Make the most of ratings and reviews.


Managing Inventory Effectively

It's challenging to maintain profitability in your Amazon business if you don't have a firm grasp on inventory management. For a seller, witnessing a product run out of stock can be upsetting. That is also not what Amazon wants.


When necessary, slow down.

Although a strong sales plan won't increase sales, it won't decrease either. Your sales may soar to the point of inventory depletion if your pricing or advertising techniques are outstanding. This may result in out-of-stock situations or delivery delays if you are unable to sustain the demand-supply cycle. Additionally, your product rankings and BSR suffer, which has a domino impact on your future sales.

When you anticipate running out of stock, there are a few strategies to slow down sales, such raising pricing or lengthening the shipment period, etc. These techniques aren't perfect, though. Therefore, anticipating your sales and monitoring your inventory in advance is the greatest method to manage your inventory properly.


Repricing Techniques

You should keep a close eye on your product's price if you want to boost your earnings on Amazon. Prices for goods fluctuate a lot in any online marketplace, including Amazon, due to shifting demand. You have to stay ahead of them at all times. Your work is made lot easier if you have a repricing tool or have put up a price alert on your competitors.

Amazon Promotions

An excellent complement to your marketing funnel are Amazon PPC advertising. You may increase sales and improve your search engine ranking with an effective PPC campaign. In order to build your Amazon business, PPC campaigns are unquestionably necessary due to the increasing popularity of sponsored ads and the increasing quantity of sellers.

Holiday Deals

Take full advantage of holiday bargains and unique occasions. For Amazon vendors, occasions like Cyber Monday, the Great Indian Festival sale, Amazon Prime Day, and other holidays are essential. Make sure everything is ready to manage a surge in orders. Additionally, get started with managing your PPC advertisements early on to remain ahead of the competition and maximize sales.


Amazon India is a young market that offers e-commerce entrepreneurs and brands enormous development potential. Thus, in order to gain the most benefits, make sure you get the most out of it. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel in order to stay up to date with industry trends.


New strategies for selling in India Were you aware of ONDC?

ONDC is a network that allows any network-enabled application to find and interact with location-aware, local digital commerce establishments across sectors. It is not a hosting platform, nor is it a mega aggregator app. Any platform or app that is currently in use for digital commerce has the option to voluntarily join the ONDC network. Furthermore, the network-enabled applications will still be in charge of managing the entire order lifecycle and onboarding suppliers and buyers.

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