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Is it Worth Trying on the Wardrobe from Amazon Prime?

Fitting rooms are a standard feature in physical stores. Additionally, window shopping has been a crucial step in the clothes purchasing p...

Wardrobe from Amazon Prime

Fitting rooms are a standard feature in physical stores. Additionally, window shopping has been a crucial step in the clothes purchasing process. Few believed that online showrooms could compete with that experience until recently.


Then, though, comes Amazon Prime Wardrobe.

We'll go over Prime Wardrobe's ins and outs today and determine whether it's a worthwhile investment for sellers.


Let's begin straight away.


Prime Wardrobe: What is it?

Customers are hesitant to purchase clothing online. Several justifications for this include:


·       They worry that they won't fit inside the item of clothes.

·       They don't want to take the chance of getting a piece that isn't exactly like the photos.

·       They would prefer not to bother with the return procedure.


Amazon decided to find a solution by using these issues as a starting point. Prime Wardrobe was founded in this manner.


The program is Amazon's take on dressing in a changing room. The distinction is that consumers can now complete this task at home.


Customers of Prime Wardrobe can order up to 6 pieces of clothing, have them delivered, and try them on at home. Customers have seven days to try on every item.


Once the final item of the order is delivered to the customer, the trial period officially begins. Users can view "Your Orders" on their Amazon accounts during the procedure.


They can list the objects they plan to keep here.


After that, they can return the unwanted clothing to Amazon.


Shopper Personal by Prime Wardrobe

The Amazon Prime Wardrobe option known as Personal Shopper is an added bonus. Customers who use the service receive customized styling assistance.


The clothes chosen by the style advisor will suit the buyer's preferences and price range. After that, Personal Shopper and Prime Wardrobe proceed similarly, with the following significant exceptions:


·       Customers are required to register and complete a short survey. This gives stylists knowledge about the customer's measurements and fashion sense.

·       The stylists can receive particular requests from the users. What kind of clothing, for instance, should be included in a new lineup.

·       Before delivery, customers can see their bespoke selections and make any necessary changes.


The Prime Wardrobe is back

Within the 7-day try-on period, Prime Wardrobe offers free returns. Keep in mind that this time period begins when the consumer receives the final item of their order.


Customers should first repack the unwanted clothing before starting the return. To seal the package, they must use the return label that Amazon has provided. They can then deliver the things to the nearby UPS after doing so.


Items being returned must be placed in their original packaging. The apparel must also be undamaged, unwashed, unworn, and with all tags still attached. This is done in an effort to stop clients from wearing the clothing outside of their houses before returning it for a refund. 


Keep in mind that you can still return products after the 7-day window if you do so within 30 days.


Customers will be notified by Prime Wardrobe when all returns reach the warehouse.


What is the price of Prime Wardrobe?

It is only available to Amazon Prime members. Thus, there is no additional charge for Prime members.


The standout feature of the retail behemoth is Amazon Prime. Users of Amazon can receive additional advantages and privileges through a membership program. 


Amazon charges a yearly membership fee to Prime subscribers in return for free, quick deliveries as well as exclusive product offers.


There are no fees associated with delivery or returns when customers use Prime Wardrobe. They just pay for the goods that they actually use. At the conclusion of the seven-day trial period, Amazon will charge the chosen items.


Now, Personal Shopper IS an additional Prime Wardrobe service. A $4.99 monthly fee is additionally required for this particular program on top of the yearly Prime membership cost. Customers who purchase this additional subscription will receive one styling session each month.


 Does Prime Wardrobe Make Sense?

There are several issues with Prime Wardrobe. In 2018, when Amazon first introduced the program, there were issues with the returns procedure.


For instance, after a return, merchants questioned the condition of the clothing on Amazon. That's because Amazon would classify a product as "used" if it were to be opened and then returned.



Since they could no longer market that goods as brand-new, brands were concerned about this.


The following benefits were made available during Prime Wardrobe's beta phase to allay this worry.


·       A 10% order discount was given to customers who kept three or four items.

·       A 10% discount on the entire purchase was offered to clients who kept every item.

However, these rewards are no longer valid. Amazon, however, established a stringent return policy on Prime Wardrobe in order to safeguard the interests of the Merchants.


In accordance with the Prime Wardrobe Terms and Conditions:


"When we receive a return, we will choose, at our sole discretion, whether the items are in an acceptable condition as outlined in the Amazon Fashion returns policy. We reserve the right to charge you the full purchase price and ship the returned goods back to you for storage if we decide that the returned goods are not in an acceptable condition.


Customers should also be aware of Prime Wardrobe's "Free Returns" policy.


Only those items are eligible for free returns that specifically state this on the product description page.


"All product packaging, including any authenticity, grading, or appraisal certificates, must be returned with the merchandise. Returning any item(s) without the original paperwork will result in rejection. Returned items won't be accepted if they have been altered, damaged, or resized after delivery.


Prime Wardrobe accomplishes two goals at once with Amazon's support in terms of policy. The satisfaction of the customer is catered for, and sellers are shielded from losing out on money.


Wardrobe benefits of Amazon Prime

Hundreds of apparel brands are available with Prime Wardrobe. Levi's, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, and Nike are just a handful of the well-known brands that have signed on for the initiative.


But only major fashion labels are included in Prime Wardrobe. Regional labels and everything in between are also available on the service. Customers may therefore always find a variety of relatively affordable apparel selections.


Additionally, the program might be a fantastic complement to your sales funnel or seasonal sales. You may, for instance, promote particular clothing based on the season.


To know which products to market as "Try Before You Buy" choices, it's also a good idea to keep up with current fashion trends. You'll encourage clients to shop for new outfits in this approach.


Of course, the goal of this tactic is to attract clients. With the right approach, Prime Wardrobe may assist you in increasing visits to your product listings. As a result, you can boost your search engine rankings, enhance visibility, and increase revenue.


Final Reflections

Known for its "Try Before You Buy" motto, Prime Wardrobe. This term is currently being used as a new online selling tactic.


Try Now is a good illustration. This startup assists internet merchants in implementing a "Try Before You Buy" strategy for sales.


The Prime Wardrobe strategy might increase income.  However, that won't happen unless you entice more vendors to your business. You must enhance your Amazon brand in order to do this.


You will gain from being an Amazon seller if you create a comprehensive marketing plan. This includes taking advantage of Amazon Prime's features like its wardrobe program.


Naturally, achieving client happiness is the key. You'll be well on your way to impress customers and increase conversions with solutions like Prime Wardrobe.

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