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Ways to Make Your Amazon Side Hustle a Full-Time Business

Consider making the switch to full-time Amazon selling if you've been successful with it as a part-time seller. However, you must appr...


Consider making the switch to full-time Amazon selling if you've been successful with it as a part-time seller. However, you must approach the change with consideration. Going full-time, after all, entails trading in an established and presumably more stable source of income for a riskier but potentially very lucrative one.


Here are 5 strategies to grow your e-commerce side business into a lucrative full-time venture so you can maximize the high-risk/high-reward trade-off of selling on Amazon.


1. Learn the Seller Code of Conduct and Amazon's Selling Policies by heart.

You should never put your account at danger of suspension if you're serious about making a living off of Amazon sales. This entails abstaining from all of their forbidden seller behaviors and strictly adhering to their code of conduct and selling policies.


*Pro Tip:Avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket. Instead of focusing only on Amazon full-time, think about making a career out of selling online. In this manner, you will have another online marketplace (i.e., a source of money) in case you are suspended from Amazon.


2. Choose Which Product or Products to Sell

If you are not strategic about what you sell, you will not succeed as an Amazon seller. Therefore, be sure that the products you invest in are both in-demand and have a solid track record on Amazon. When looking to increase the amount of inventory you have, use an Amazon scanner app or other third-party product research tool to learn more about an item's past sales performance. Then, determine whether it is a worthwhile investment to make and sell.


*Pro Tip: Try to steer clear of products that have a lot of competition and instead search for gaps in the market, or those that Amazon does not now sell.


3. Have a Trustworthy Inventory Source

A strong inventory management plan that dictates how much goods to keep on hand at all times as well as how much and when to replenish is essential for full-time Amazon sellers. In this manner, you may both prevent the dreaded Amazon stock out and, conversely, avoid having all of your money invested in merchandise that is merely taking up space on your shelves.


Pro Tip: To ensure that your stock levels are optimal, use the Seller Central inventory reports or an outside inventory management tool for Amazon. Along with many other useful inventory statistics, they will assist you in figuring out your sales velocity and, at the very least, how much merchandise you should have on hand at any one time.


After obtaining this information, get in touch with your suppliers to let them know when you anticipate receiving orders and how much they will cost. This will ensure that there are no unforeseen circumstances or delays and that you always have the ideal quantity of inventory on hand.


4. Receive Pay Every Day

The secret to success as a business owner, and particularly as an Amazon seller, is having money in the bank. It's also among the most difficult goals to accomplish. Purchasing inventory, growing your product line, funding purchase orders, paying for returns and/or chargebacks, investing in third-party growth tools, hiring staff, and other expenses all require cash if you want to sell on Amazon.


However, you must wait for payment for a minimum of two weeks, which causes irregular sales, pauses in cash flow, and startling growth.


Thankfully, selling on Amazon can earn you money every day. You can receive your Amazon money one business day after making a transaction if you use Payability, a finance company designed for high-growth Amazon merchants. Growth is consistent when there is a steady cash flow. Thus, this straightforward but revolutionary funding option may be the difference between a part-time Amazon business and a full-time one. Check out the reviews left by actual customers on Trustpilot, Web Retailer, and the BBB Amazon Payability Review.


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