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If your Amazon Seller Central account is suspended, what are your options?

The most common worry among sellers is having their Amazon Seller Central account suspended or terminated. This is typically the result of...

Amazon Seller Central account

The most common worry among sellers is having their Amazon Seller Central account suspended or terminated. This is typically the result of Amazon's strict standards, which are designed to safeguard both buyers and merchants. Why does this occur? Is it reversible? How long does it take for everything to return to normal on your account?


This essay will answer all of your questions, since it is likely that you have many. We'll help you determine the best course of action and walk you through the process of getting your account restored. To keep everyone informed, let's examine every facet of Amazon account suspension.


Table of Content

What does Amazon Seller Central account suspension mean?

Reasons for suspending an Amazon Seller account

The steps to getting your Amazon Seller Central account back

How can I keep my Amazon account from being suspended?


What does a suspended account on Amazon Seller Central mean?

To put it briefly, having your account suspended will mean that you are unable to sell anything. This happens when a seller conducts business in a way that contravenes any of Amazon's rules, regulations, or terms.

Customers won't be able to view any of your Amazon product listings during this time. You essentially lose all visibility on Amazon, but don't worry—you have the option to challenge the suspension and have your account restored. When an account is suspended, Amazon always lets vendors know. You can schedule your appeal based on the kind of account suspension that was applied.


There are different levels or kinds of account suspension on Amazon


1. Suspended Account

Your Amazon Seller account is not usable if it is suspended. After that, you should contact Amazon to find out why it happened. It's possible that you made a mistake unintentionally, or there could not even be a good explanation. To fix the issue and get your account restored, you must present Amazon with a plan of action after you ascertain the causes.


2. Deactivation of account

It will not be possible for you to resume selling if your Amazon Seller account is canceled. Regardless of whether you believe there has been a policy violation or an error on Amazon's part, you still need to get in touch with them and make sure you submit an appeal to them within ninety days. This typically happens when two accounts are linked together, one of which has previously had its ability to use Amazon restricted.


3. Denying an account

The Denial kind is a difficult situation to be in since it occurs after you have already appealed to Amazon for reinstatement and it has been turned down. You still have time to make changes and submit your Plan of Action again.


4. Account ban

There is no appeal process for this kind of suspension. Amazon will no longer allow you to sell products there, and they won't even read any appeal emails you send them.


Reasons for suspending an Amazon Seller account

There are several factors that can lead to an Amazon account suspension, so you should develop a strategy that works for you.


1. The performance of the seller

Whether you're a novice seller or a seasoned, well-known one, your performance as an Amazon seller needs to be continually up to par. Since Amazon places a high value on customer satisfaction, you must maintain the performance target score that it has set. Maintaining an extremely low order failure rate of less than 1% is part of this.


By examining fundamental parameters linked to sales, unfavorable customer reviews and comments, delayed shipments, and order cancellations, Amazon is able to identify vendors that are performing poorly. Your account will undoubtedly be suspended if it is determined that your performance is of low quality.


2. Standards and product quality

You must abide by the rules when selling on Amazon and refrain from offering to sell things that are restricted, unlawful, counterfeit, or used. It's crucial to keep abreast of Amazon's policies about products that are forbidden in various nations. Products that are prohibited include explosives, cigarettes, cash and coinage, alcohol, and more. Amazon will suspend your account if it discovers that you are engaging in the selling of any of these goods.


3. Several accounts

Having several seller accounts while selling the same kind of things is prohibited for sellers since it is considered a policy violation. However, you can write to Amazon to request prior clearance; otherwise, your account will be suspended.


It's also crucial to remember not to open a new Seller account immediately after your account has been suspended. It makes sense that you want to resume selling on Amazon as a seller, but creating a new account will hinder the restoration of your previous primary account.

It is advised to avoid this technique as your new account will also be suspended as soon as Amazon becomes aware of it.


 4. Violations of policies and infringements

Trademarks and copyrights are crucial when selling products on Amazon. If it is found that you are using fraudulent trademarks, selling phony goods, or violating the copyrights of other vendors, your account will be suspended. There should be no infringement of another seller's intellectual property in your advertising content.


It all boils down to abiding by Amazon's guidelines, conditions, and standards. It is your responsibility as a merchant to keep up with the policies. It addresses everything, including ratings, dropshipping, and the ban on paid favorable product evaluations. Make sure you follow all the guidelines to prevent having your Amazon account suspended.


The steps to getting your Amazon Seller Central account back

You can navigate more easily now that you are aware of all the causes for suspension. So, how do you get your suspended Amazon account back?

Upon discovering that your account has been suspended, you must initiate communication with Amazon. There are crucial considerations to make during this process. Recall that it is beneficial to act with professionalism and patience.


Look over your suspension notice carefully and make sure you know the main reason you are suspended. If Amazon claims that you broke a policy, be aware of which one and how.This is crucial because you have to show Amazon that you've realized what went wrong. To earn Amazon's confidence that you will take the appropriate actions to make amends for your errors, you must also clearly outline your Plan of Action. Finally, you must demonstrate to them that you will exercise enough caution to avoid making the same mistakes or breaking the same rules in the future.


To submit an appeal to Amazon, simply follow the instructions provided below.


·       After drafting your POA, visit Seller Central and select "Performance notifications" from the drop-down menu labeled "Performance."

·       Click on Appeal when you open the suspension notice that you received from Amazon. After then, a few alternatives for appealing decisions will appear. Select the one that you want.


·       In order for the relevant authorities to reach you with any questions or information they require from you, you will now need to spell up your Plan of Action and include your contact details.

·       Press the "Submit" button. After then, Amazon Seller Performance will consider your appeal.


You just need to relax and wait now that you have formally informed Amazon of your course of action. Yes, waiting to hear back from Amazon may sometimes be agonizing, as it can take several weeks or even months. However, in this case, patience is crucial. As long as everything you've said has been stated clearly, you have to have faith that Amazon will consider your appeal and promptly restore your account.


How can I keep my Amazon account from being suspended?

Here are some things to remember if you're wondering how to make sure your Amazon account doesn't get suspended once more.


·       You should already be aware that abiding by all of Amazon's regulations is essential to avoiding suspension and deactivation.

·       Check all of your notifications frequently so that you can respond quickly to any infractions that are brought to your attention. If you wish to continue selling, Amazon asks you to submit your POA 72 hours before it suspends your account. Maintaining effective notification monitoring is the best way to stay current.

·       Observe Amazon's guidelines while creating product listings. Your listings need to be properly optimized and should clearly outline the characteristics and conditions of your product.

·       Until your previous account is restored, avoid using multiple accounts and refrain from creating new ones.

·       In order to maintain your good ratings and demonstrate to Amazon that you are a top-tier seller, strive to improve the customer experience by paying attention to all of the comments you receive from customers and making the necessary improvements to your products.



Knowing everything there is to know about Amazon Seller account suspension will help you handle the situation professionally should it arise. Always maintain a professional demeanor when crafting your arguments and avoid making accusations. To maintain your status as a profitable Amazon seller, keep an eye on the health of your account and review your business reports and audits on a regular basis. 


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