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What are Amazon UPC Codes and Why Should you Purchase them?

Unique Product Codes, or UPCs, are an essential component of conducting business on Amazon.   It will be nearly impossible for you to ...

UPC Codes

Unique Product Codes, or UPCs, are an essential component of conducting business on Amazon.


It will be nearly impossible for you to sell on the market without them.

Do not be alarmed if you are unfamiliar with this idea, my dear reader!

We'll examine what these UPCs actually are, why they're so significant, and—most importantly—where to get them in this post.


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UPC codes: what are they?

Why Are UPC Codes Required for Amazon?

How Can You Create Your Product's Amazon UPC Code?

Where Can I Get UPC Codes?

Common Questions about Amazon UPC Codes

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UPC codes: what are they?

All that an Amazon product has in common is its unique code, or Amazon UPC. This is done in order to set the product in question out from the millions of others that are currently on the internet market. UPCs make it simple to identify specific products that are offered worldwide on Consider it as the mechanism used by Amazon to categorize each product in its database.

These codes function in the same manner as the barcodes found on every item in your neighborhood grocery store. They are distinct, and you can quickly determine the nature of the goods and other pertinent details by scanning them.


Not to mention, UPCs offer a number of advantages, including:


·       They facilitate speedy product identification and appropriate cataloging for both buyers and sellers.

·       UPC codes make inventory tracking and management easier.

·       When goods are on route during shipment, tracking them becomes simple.

·       Product searches on the internet and in warehouses are made easier by the codes.


Why Are UPC Codes Required for Amazon?

It takes UPCs to conduct commerce on Clearly. UPC codes provide Amazon with a unique product identifier, which is what it requires. It is necessary so that when you are making a new listing to sell, you can easily fill in the "Product ID" box. Although there are other codes as well, such as ASIN, GTIN, EAN, and so on, UPC is the most generally used and approved identification standard in the industry.

Your goods won't be allowed on Amazon's marketplace if it doesn't contain a UPC code.

Additionally, Amazon has modified its UPC code policy, announcing that it will now compare each product's UPC to the database supplied by GS1, the exclusive source of UPC codes. This is done to verify that the code is real; if there is any mismatch or misuse, the listing will not be approved and will be deleted. The vendor may potentially be subject to additional legal proceedings.


For this reason, it's crucial to be sure the UPC you use for your goods is current and legitimate.


How Can You Create Your Product's Amazon UPC Code?

Let's look at the process of generating UPC codes before moving on to the section where we can purchase them.

To start with, you are not able to write your own code. It must be purchased from GS1, a nonprofit organization entrusted with establishing guidelines for business correspondence and identifying retail goods worldwide. More than 100 GS1 organizations serve diverse geographic areas. You should be concerned about GS1 US for the United States.

The first step in generating a UPC number for your goods is obtaining the GTIN, or Global Trade Item Number. If you're unsure about the difference between GTIN and UPC, consider this:


If the UPC code is a distinctive black and white striped pattern designed to identify a product, the GTIN is the corresponding number. It is included in the UPC code by default.


The UPC code can be generated as follows:


·       Obtaining the GS1 Company Prefix for your product is the first step. It is nothing more than a special number that helps businesses all around the world recognize your company. Usually, it consists of six numbers.

·       As long as your company is headquartered in the US, you can receive the GS1 Company Prefix after joining GS1 US.


·       A five-digit number that uniquely identifies your product is added to this Company Prefix.

·       This 11-digit number is then supplemented with a check digit to ensure that the GTIN is generated accurately.

·       Your product's unique GTIN is represented by the 12-digit number you now possess. This number can now be used to generate a scannable UPC code.

·       UPC codes and European Article Numbers, or EANs, are fairly similar. They are primarily utilized in European countries and consist of 12–13 digits combined with barcodes.


Where Can I Get UPC Codes?

Let's look at how to purchase them now that we understand how to generate the UPC numbers.

·       This is done in order to obtain your Company Prefix, which is the special six-digit code we discussed in the previous section. Of course, there are other ways to get this number, but there's a good probability it has nothing to do with your company.

·       The mistake that a lot of business owners frequently commit is purchasing this prefix from unaffiliated vendors who then purchased it in bulk for resale. If Amazon finds that your UPC does not match the one listed in the GS1 database, it disrupts the chain of authority and affects the credibility of your brand.


·       It is highly advised that you get the GS1 code straight from their website because of this.

·       The remaining steps are essentially the same as the ones that were previously mentioned after this. Assign your company prefix a special product number. As long as the numbering scheme you choose is distinct for each product you plan to sell on Amazon, you are free to choose.

·       Create the UPC code for the 12-digit GTIN after you get it.

·       Determining how you want the barcodes on your goods to be displayed is another task. If you haven't yet created the product's label or packaging, you can obtain a digital barcode and print it right into the label or packaging. Alternatively, you can acquire barcode label stickers to adhere to your goods if you have already decided on the design and packaging.

·       The GS1 offers UPC code rentals, which come with renewal fees and potentially costly beginning prices. Alternatively, you can get it at, our supplier of choice.


·       Place your Amazon UPC code order as the final step. Even though there are lots of third-party websites like UPCS (formerly Snap UPC), contacting a solutions partner listed on GS1's website is usually preferable. These suppliers are fully conversant with their requirements, having obtained their GS1 certification themselves. You may quickly locate the whole list of solution providers and select the partner you believe would work best for your company.


Common Questions about Amazon UPC Codes

What is the price of the UPC codes?

The price of Amazon UPC codes varies based on your needs. For small business owners, GS1 US provides an affordable solution. A single GS1 US GTIN or UPC code is available for $30 and does not require a renewal charge.

However, you will clearly need more codes if you have a large number of distinct things to offer, which will raise the price.

Remember that these fees only cover the cost of creating the barcodes. For ordering them or having them sent to your products, there will be an additional cost. The solutions provider you select will determine this cost.


I sell the same product in several versions. Are UPCs required for all products?

You do, indeed. The variations of the same product require a unique identity because they are unique items because they differ intrinsically in terms of size, color, design, or any other parameter you have selected.


For instance, you would require seven distinct UPCs if you were selling a pair of socks in seven different colors.


My product is already listed on Amazon and is being sold there. Does my UPC code still matter?


Sure, without a doubt! You still have an exclusive identification number for your product, even if it is being offered by another vendor. Such codes include EAN, GTIN, Amazon UPC, and so on.


I purchase an item from a distributor and subsequently resale it on The brand is not my own. Are UPC codes still subject to a fee?

A UPC number (or any other unique identification, for that matter) still costs money, even if, like the majority of sellers on Amazon, you are reselling a product. Simply said, Amazon must in one way or another distinguish between each of the millions of products in the database. Amazon is able to accomplish this with the aid of codes such as GTIN, EAN, and UPC.


Final thoughts

You must be aware of the significance of Amazon UPC codes by now. You won't be able to sell your goods on the marketplace without one. Although it requires investment, the cost is definitely justified. To prevent any issues later on, you must make sure that you get Amazon UPC codes from legitimate authority such as GS1 and its solution partners. The codes must follow Amazon's guidelines and be accurate and legitimate.

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Kindly share your code-related experiences in the comments area below! We eagerly await your communication.


Good luck!

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