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Discover How to Transform Amazon ASIN to UPC in a Few Easy Steps

There are more than 12 million products in the Amazon catalog. It is actually one of the most widely used product search engines available...


There are more than 12 million products in the Amazon catalog. It is actually one of the most widely used product search engines available. Hence, in order for many online retailers to grow, Amazon has become essential. But it can be challenging to remain focused and comprehend all the variables involved.

You will learn everything there is to know about ASINs, UPCs, and how to convert Amazon ASINs to UPCs from this post.

Quick Guide

 ASIN: What is it?

A UPC: What is it?

What makes a UPC necessary?

Where on Amazon can you locate UPC?

Product identifiers' function

Transforming ASIN on Amazon into UPC

How to utilize these converters from UPC to ASIN

Final Thoughts

ASIN: What is it?

Amazon Standard Identification Number is abbreviated as ASIN. It is an Amazon-used product identifier made up of ten characters, both integers and alphabets. This distinctive product identifier is used by Amazon and its affiliates. They are a component of Amazon's selling guidelines that assist customers in locating the products they desire.


You risk breaking Amazon's selling guidelines and maybe losing your ability to sell on the Amazon Marketplace if you don't use ASINs correctly.


Amazon ASIN to UPC

But for books on Amazon, an ISBN—an acronym for International Standard Book Number—is used in instead of an ASIN.


A UPC: What is it?

The Unique Product Code, or UPC, is a special code that is linked to every product on Amazon. It facilitates a product's differentiation from the millions of other things available in the market. These codes function similarly to barcodes found at your neighborhood store. They are exclusive to the database on Amazon, though. These identifiers make it simple to identify certain items that are sold on Amazon.


Third-party platforms allow you to purchase Amazon UPC Codes. These identifiers make it simple to identify certain items that are sold on Amazon.



What makes a UPC necessary?

They offer several advantages:


·       They aid with product identification for both consumers and sellers.

·       These numbers are used for tracking and managing inventories.

·       These codes will facilitate the tracking of goods or shipments while they are being shipped.

·       These codes make it simple to search merchandise both online and in warehouses.



Where on Amazon can you locate UPC?

You are unable to sell on Amazon without UPCs. This code is required to complete the "Product ID" box when you post a new product for sale. Make sure you pick UPC from the drop-down menu before providing the details. A product cannot be listed unless the UPC information are provided.


The common product identifiers used in Amazon marketplaces in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and other European nations are UPCs and EANs.


Product identifiers' function

Since most product identifiers are universal, such as EAN, UPC, and ASIN, online retailers such as eBay, Walmart, and Amazon utilize them to identify similar products being sold on other platforms. They come in handy if you want to rapidly view more product details and maintain tabs on your inventory and products. These identifiers can help you properly order, store, and move your inventory if your portfolio includes additional products.


To list and rank your goods in the Amazon SERP, you must submit an ASIN when you first begin selling on the platform. You can provide your product's UPC to make things easier, and Amazon will immediately add the relevant ASIN to your listing.


Transforming ASIN on Amazon into UPC

You might wish to convert from one barcode to another if you are selling on several platforms. You must select a UPC to ASIN conversion tool in order to locate an existing product that is listed on Amazon.


In some situations, you may have an ASIN yet require a UPC in order to place an order with a manufacturer. You require an ASIN to UPC conversion tool in these situations.


You don't have to pay anything to utilize the majority of ASIN to UPC converters.


How to utilize these converters from UPC to ASIN

If you wish to check for an ASIN and UPC or vice versa, there are several free Amazon UPC to ASIN converter programs available. To obtain the UPC, all you need to do is enter the ASIN.


If you wanted to use these free ASIN to UPC converters, you would also require a Professional Seller Central account. Additionally, you can upload a list of ASINs in an Excel or CSV file using bulk converter tools and APIs.


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Final Thoughts

After reading this, we hope you have a better understanding of ASIN, UPC, and their conversion processes. When listing a product, you also need to make sure that all the fields are optimized for search engine optimization and that you provide pertinent product information.


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