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Boost Sales and Get the Buy Box with Our Detailed Amazon Guide

As everyone knows, Amazon is the industry leader in online retail, with 120 million products sold at incredible prices.   Isn't it...

Amazon's Buy Box

As everyone knows, Amazon is the industry leader in online retail, with 120 million products sold at incredible prices.


Isn't it similar to the ultimate shelter for deals?


But have you ever wondered why Amazon frequently has lower prices?


It's a competition to get the Amazon Buy Box, then.


We're unraveling the enigma of the Amazon Buy Box in this post. We'll reveal the trade secrets for regularly grabbing that Buy Box. We're also including some clever pricing strategies to assist you get that tiny orange button. Are you prepared to rule the Buy Box on Amazon? Let's get right to the point!


Quick Guide

What is Amazon's Buy Box?

The Value of the Amazon Buy Box

Dispelling pricing fallacies with Amazon Buy Box

How to get Amazon's Buy Box in 2024

5 Elements To Win BuyBox

Why don't I get to keep the Buy Box?

Cost-winning techniques to get the Amazon Buy Box

Does Amazon win the Buy Box every time?

What happens if I lose the buy box?

Final remarks

What is Amazon's Buy Box?

Have you noticed that a product listing's right side has a prominent "Buy Now" and "add to cart" button? The Amazon Buy Box is that. One fortunate vendor or merchant can stand out from the others with the help of this harmless button. The buyer is making a purchase from that specific merchant anytime they click on one of these two buttons.


Eligibility for Amazon Buy Box

If a seller has a professional account on Amazon, they can be eligible to win the Buy Box. Individual seller accounts are ineligible to win the Buy Box. Therefore, in order to be eligible to win the Buy Box, vendors must have a professional account. You will pay $39.99 a month for a professional account, but it is well worth the price if you are trying to win a Buy Box.


Furthermore, the Buy Box is only available to new products. Used goods are therefore not eligible to win the Buy Box.


The Value of the Amazon Buy Box

The majority of clients use the Buy Box to make direct purchases without even looking at the other options. About 80% of all sales on Amazon happen via the Buy Box. It is crucial to win the Buy Box because of this. This is another reason for the fierce competition for the Buy Box. The growing popularity of mobile purchasing means that the Buy Box will only become more significant.


To put it briefly, getting the Buy Box is a surefire strategy to increase sales.


It is conceivable for a listing to be devoid of a Buy Box. Customers may, on rare occasions, instead get a notification that says, "See all buying options."


Dispelling pricing fallacies with Amazon Buy Box

A lot of people think that the only thing that determines who gets to keep the Buy Box is pricing. It is far from being accurate. One of the many criteria that Amazon's algorithm takes into account when allocating the Buy Box is price. In e-commerce, competitive pricing is crucial, but it is not the only element that influences a customer's decision to buy.


Let's examine the numerous elements that Amazon takes into account when allocating the Buy Box.


How to get Amazon's Buy Box in 2024

Providing a flawless customer experience is the key to winning the Buy Box after you have a professional account. Customer happiness is Amazon's number one priority, and it should be yours as well. What then is the recipe for the Amazon Buy Box? How do sellers get and maintain the Buy Box?


Keep an inventory.

The likelihood that you will receive the Buy Box also depends on Amazon's assessment of your inventory levels in relation to the order. Sounds unclear? In short, your odds of winning the Buy Box decrease if you are unable to meet demand. Always keep an eye on your inventory levels, and review inventory data on a regular basis. You'll never run out of inventory thanks to this. 


Register with Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA When sellers are vying for the Buy Box, they have an edge. Amazon handles customer service, shipping, and packaging for FBA sellers. FBA sellers' products are now eligible for Prime, which guarantees blazing-fast shipping.


This does not preclude FBM from taking home the Buy Box. While it is feasible, using FBA makes things simpler.


In the end, it comes down to your business plan, however FBA is the better option if you want to get the Buy Box.


Sellers who are not affiliated with FBA may also qualify for Prime delivery via Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP). Regretfully, not every merchant is eligible for the SFP program. To be eligible for SFP, sellers must have a flawless sales history and a high seller ranking.


5 Elements To Win BuyBox


Quick Shipping

Amazon Prime has significantly changed how customers expect online purchases to be delivered. Amazon follows the trend by giving merchants who provide speedier delivery more prominence. Because of this, sellers using FBA and SFP have a significant edge over others vying for the Buy Box.


Shipping time generally falls into one of the following brackets.


·       0-2 days

·       3-7 days

·       8-13 days

·       14 days or more


Seller evaluation

Every seller on Amazon has a rating system ranging from 0-100. Your chances of winning the Buy Box increase with your rating. Customer response times, order cancellations, A-to-Z claims, customer comments, and other variables all have an impact on your seller rating. Ideally, you should also make sure that the defect rate of your Amazon orders is less than 1%. You will incur penalties if the percentage of defective products in your shipment exceeds 1%.


Your chances of obtaining the Amazon Buy Box are also influenced by how quickly you reply to client inquiries. The massive online retailer keeps track of your customers' reaction times, and if they take too long to respond, it will negatively impact your seller rating.


Product costing

Every consumer enjoys affordable prices. What customers love, Amazon loves too. Amazon wants to offer its consumers great products at reasonable costs. For this reason, product cost plays a role in determining the winner of the Buy Box. Your chances of winning the Buy Box are higher when the prices are lower. In order to compete for the Buy Box, you must, however, exercise caution and make sure you're not selling your goods at a loss. Remember that there are other elements besides price that affect your chances of winning the Buy Box. If your other metrics are outstanding, you could be able to win the Buy Box at a higher product price.


Seller background

Regretfully, this is a metric beyond your control. While there is a little advantage for seasoned salespeople over novice ones, it is not insurmountable. Even novice sellers can contend for the Buy Box with strong seller metrics and effective price tactics.


Why don't I get to keep the Buy Box?

There are several reasons why you might not be able to win the Buy Box. Poor seller ratings, inventory, or pricing are typically the culprits. Since you cannot examine your seller rating, it is challenging to identify the precise issue. Furthermore, it takes time to raise your seller rating. On the other hand, you can easily improve certain indicators. Your inventory reports provide you with a direct indicator of the state of your inventory. If there are any shortcomings, you can fix them right away. By using FBA, you can save shipping times. If your company objectives don't align with FBA, you should try to become an SFP seller. Additionally, you can quickly alter pricing using your seller central account. In order to always be one step ahead of the competition, many merchants also make use of automatic repricing technologies. 


Cost-winning techniques to get the Amazon Buy Box

Vendors are always adjusting the pricing of their goods in an attempt to get the Buy Box. Many times, a few pennies will be enough to tip the odds in their favor. You can regularly alter the pricing of your products in three ways:


·       Manual repricing

·       Rule-based repricing

·       Algorithmic repricing


Manual repricing

Using the Amazon Seller Central Interface or any other third-party platform, manually adjusting product prices is the most basic method of repricing. In highly competitive categories, this can be time-consuming, but it gives the most control over prices. It might also prove to be an enormous undertaking for sellers who have a sizable portfolio.


Rule-Based Repricing

This is the most widely used method of repricing that merchants employ. In this instance, repricing is determined by the parameters you specify and is frequently applied by automatic repricing programs. This lets vendors adjust their prices while accounting for profit margins.


For example, you could stipulate that your product must be priced one penny less than the lowest-cost rival. In order to make sure that your profit margin never falls below 15%, you can optionally add other factors.


Although there aren't many manual inputs required, you should regularly verify the rates to make sure your settings are set to best suit your company's requirements. Rule-based repricing may also result in unsightly price wars, in which vendors persistently cut their prices to the detriment of their own profitability.


Algorithmic Repricing

Another technique used by well-known repricing tools such as GoAura is this one. Algorithmic repricers have their own set of algorithms to maximize profitability and win the Buy Box, in contrast to rule-based repricing where you define the parameters. If you sell a wide range of things, this is fantastic. There is very little to no need for manual input. The negative aspect? The majority of these repricing tools are pricey.


In highly competitive categories, rule-based and algorithmic automatic repricing techniques can be extremely helpful. On Amazon, price wars are frequent and are determined only by the product price in cases where other parameters are comparable. In fact, you may afford to charge more for the product and still be successful in getting the Buy Box.


Does Amazon win the Buy Box every time?

This is a worry that many vendors have anywhere in the world. We frequently observe that Amazon controls the Buy Box whenever it sells the same product. For what reason is that the case? Has Amazon altered the rules of the game to favor their own goods and names?


The solution is easy to understand. There is no rigging of the sales process. The odds of winning the Buy Box are the same for all sellers, including Amazon. But because of their vast influence and logistical network, Amazon is frequently able to purchase the identical thing for less money and resell it for less money. Prime shipping is also available for Amazon purchases.


This implies that Amazon is merely one of the several vendors fighting for the Buy Box. But each seller has an equal chance of winning the enchanted Buy Box since the algorithm is fair.


What happens if I lose the buy box?

The Buy Box does exchange hands frequently, so you should keep a close eye on it at all times. It's crucial that you earn the Buy Box back right away if you've lost it. Remember that your chances of getting the Buy Box are influenced by your seller ranking, therefore you should constantly aim to increase sales.


Not having enough inventory to complete orders is one reason you might have lost the Buy Box. Make sure a new shipment is on its way if this is the case. It's critical to prepare for seasonal variations in demand if you wish to keep the Buy Box.


Final remarks

The Buy Box is an important component, even though it's not the only thing that makes an Amazon business successful. One of the most important aspects of your chances of finding the "magic" box is pricing, but you must make sure that it doesn't come at the expense of your profit margins. It is now simpler for sellers to contest the Buy Box and regularly alter pricing thanks to automation. Sadly, price wars have also increased as a result of competition.


Repricing is a clear sign that you need to improve other KPIs if it isn't helping you get the Buy Box. Though it takes time to increase, you should get started right away. In order to get positive seller feedback, reply to your customers, make sure your products are packaged properly to prevent damage, and enhance the customer experience. Here are a few actions you may do to raise your seller rating over time.

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