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A Comprehensive Guide to the Walmart Marketplace Pro Seller Badge

Consider using the Walmart Pro Seller Badge to set your brand out from the competition and boost conversions.   The highly sought-afte...

Walmart Marketplace Pro Seller Badge

Consider using the Walmart Pro Seller Badge to set your brand out from the competition and boost conversions.


The highly sought-after Walmart Pro Seller Badge may make you stand out on the marketplace and grant you access to a number of special advantages like increasing visibility and increasing conversion.

However, what is the Pro Seller badge exactly, and how do you get one?

You need not worry; we have you covered! We'll go over everything you need to know about the Walmart Marketplace Pro Seller badge in this comprehensive guide, including qualifications, advantages, and more.


Table of Content

What is Walmart’s Pro Seller badge?

What requirements must one meet to earn the Pro Seller badge?

How can you find out the status of your Pro Seller Badge?

What advantages does the Pro Seller badge offer?

How can you continue to be a Pro Seller?

The Walmart Pro Seller Badge: Important topics to concentrate on

Five tips for becoming a Walmart Pro Seller.

In conclusion!


What is Walmart’s Pro Seller badge?

Third-party sellers on the Walmart Marketplace are rewarded for their performance with the Walmart Pro Seller badge. When top-performing sellers fulfill specific requirements and benchmarks established by Walmart, they are awarded this honor.

Sellers must fulfill performance measures in order to be eligible for the Pro Seller badge, such as:


·       Maintaining a high level of customer service,

·       Meeting shipping, and handling standards,

·       And a low rate of order cancellations and returns.


Pro Sellers must also show their dedication to the Walmart Marketplace by delivering competitive pricing, producing high-quality goods, and abiding by Walmart's rules and regulations.


Possessing a Pro Seller badge tells buyers that you have been thoroughly investigated by Walmart and have proven to be a reliable source for superior goods and customer support. It may also result in higher sales and revenue and provide you more exposure on the Walmart Marketplace.


What requirements must one meet to earn the Pro Seller badge?

To receive the Pro Seller badge, you must meet the following requirements:

·       Less than or equal to 10% should be the delivery defect rate.

·       The 90-day cancellation rate need to be no more than 2%.

·       70% of your trending catalog listings should have a listing quality score of greater than 60%.

·       Over 100 orders should have been received in the previous ninety days.

·       Has to be a working seller for a minimum of ninety days.

·       should not have any infractions of the Performance Standards or trust and safety.


How can you find out the status of your Pro Seller Badge?

To find out the status of your Walmart Pro Seller badge:

·       First, sign into your Walmart Marketplace seller account.

·       Navigate to the Analytics section and select the "Growth Opportunity" button.

·       Proceed to the "Listing Quality Dashboard" after that.

·       Locate the part with the Pro Seller Badge.

The Pro Seller badge will show up in this section if you have earned it. In order to keep your Pro Seller status, you can also view your performance metrics and any areas where you might need to make improvements.


As an alternative, it's possible that you haven't yet fulfilled all the requirements needed to obtain the Pro Seller badge if you are unable to locate it. In this situation, concentrate on strengthening any areas where you might be deficient. We will address it shortly.


What advantages does the Pro Seller badge offer?

The Walmart Pro Seller badge offers the following advantages:


High exposure

The Walmart Pro Seller badge can provide your products a lot of visibility on the Walmart Marketplace, which is one of its key advantages. Pro Sellers receive top priority in search results and on product pages when customers do product searches on By doing this, you may be able to draw more attention to your listings and make your products more visible. You will have more opportunities to make sales and expand your company if you are more visible and receive more traffic.


Piques consumers' curiosity

Customers' interest and confidence in your products may increase if you display the Walmart Pro Seller badge. Because the Pro Seller badge denotes that a seller has fulfilled Walmart's strict requirements for product quality, customer service, and fulfillment, buyers are more likely to buy from sellers who have earned it. Customers may become even more interested in your products if you take advantage of Walmart's special offers and promotions as a Pro Seller.


Increased sales

Achieving the Walmart Pro Seller badge ultimately aims to increase sales for your company. You may generate a great customer experience and establish a solid reputation on the Walmart Marketplace by adhering to Walmart's strict requirements for product quality, customer service, and fulfillment. This may result in a rise in repeat business and client loyalty as well as favorable evaluations and recommendations that may draw in new buyers for your goods. Increased sales and money will allow you to expand your company and accomplish your objectives on the Walmart Marketplace.


How can you continue to be a Pro Seller?

It takes constant work and attention to your performance indicators and customer happiness to keep your Pro Seller status on the Walmart Marketplace.


The following are some things to remember in order to keep your Pro Seller status:


Locked: The Pro Seller badge is not currently accessible to you if its status indicates that it is locked. It is possible that you were inactive for ninety days following onboarding, which is why this occurred.

Become a Pro Seller: Having this status indicates that obtaining the badge is imminent. Along with the requirements you have met, it displays the next time your cycle will be updated.


You are a Pro Seller: When you meet the requirements to receive Walmart's Pro Seller badge, you will be recognized as a Pro Seller. It is evident that you have been issued a badge together with the date of issuance.

At risk: This means that even though you were awarded the Pro Seller badge in the prior cycle, something is still wrong. You may not be able to qualify for the following cycle if you continue to fall short of the requirements.

Not qualified: You will be able to identify this indicator once you are no longer qualified to be a Pro Seller.


You will be able to determine where you need to concentrate in order to raise your performance and obtain the Walmart Pro Seller badge by using these statuses. To sustain your Pro Seller position on the Walmart Marketplace and expand your business over time, keep an eye on your growth opportunity.


The Walmart Pro Seller Badge: Important topics to concentrate on

The following are important things to remember if you want to be recognized as a pro seller at Walmart.


Listing Caliber

The requirements that sellers must fulfill in order to add products to the Walmart Marketplace are known as Walmart's Listing Quality. These guidelines are intended to guarantee that product listings are thorough, accurate, and contain all the information necessary for buyers to make well-informed judgments about what to buy.


Walmart's Listing Quality standards address a number of topics, such as pricing, pictures, and product details.


The following are some essential components of Walmart's Listing Quality requirements:


Product details that are accurate and comprehensive: Vendors are required to give precise and comprehensive details about the goods they list on the Walmart Marketplace. Product names, descriptions, and specifications fall under this category.


This information cannot be false or deceptive, and it must be in line with the goods being sold.


Superior product photos: Vendors are required to supply superior product photos for each item they list on the Walmart Marketplace. Photos need to be crisp, well-lit, and feature the product from several perspectives.


Competitive pricing: On the Walmart Marketplace, vendors are required to provide their items at a price that is competitive with that of other vendors.

It is crucial for sellers to fulfill these Listing Quality requirements in order to guarantee that Walmart buyers may see and be drawn to their products. The Walmart Pro Seller badge, which can assist to boost visibility and credibility on the Walmart Marketplace, may be awarded to sellers who continuously achieve these requirements.


Analytics for Sellers

Third-party sellers on the Walmart Marketplace can access a set of tools and data called Seller Analytics from Walmart. With the use of these tools, you can better track performance, keep an eye on important metrics, and make data-driven decisions that will increase sales and profitability.

Walmart's Seller Analytics has a number of important features, including

Sales and revenue reports: Order volume, gross sales, net sales, and other details are included in the comprehensive reports that you may read regarding your sales and revenue success.

Customer metrics: You can monitor your KPIs, such as cancellation, return, and customer satisfaction rates. You can use this information to pinpoint areas in which your product or customer service may need to be improved.


Metrics for measuring product performance: You may see reports on the sales volume, product views, and conversion rates of each of your unique products.


Metrics related to pricing and competitiveness: You may keep an eye on these factors, such as where you stand in the buy box, how much you charge compared to other sellers, and the trajectory of your prices over time.

Inventory control: You may monitor your stock levels and get notifications when product restocks or price adjustments are necessary.


You can increase your sales and profitability by using these Seller Analytics tools to better understand how you're performing on the Walmart Marketplace. Making data-driven decisions on pricing, inventory control, and product offerings is another use for this information.


Five tips for becoming a Walmart Pro Seller.


Discover the listing optimization triangle for Walmart.

Three essential components make up Walmart's listing optimization triangle: imagery, search phrases, and content. It's critical to comprehend how to improve your product listings to satisfy Walmart's requirements for each of these components if you want to obtain a Pro Seller badge. For instance, you should make sure that your search phrases are pertinent and focused, your information is thorough, accurate, and error-free, and your imagery is of the highest caliber and presents your products in the best possible light.

Employ original material

Using original material in your product listings is crucial if you want to stand out on the Walmart Marketplace and obtain a Pro Seller badge. This entails producing original content that appropriately portrays your products and promotes their special features and advantages rather than just copying and pasting product titles or descriptions from other sources. Creating original content can also help you rank higher in searches and increase the ease with which clients can find your products.


Fix all listing issues right now.

Walmart has stringent policies about product listings; if you list your products incorrectly or inconsistently, Walmart may remove them from the market and suspend your account. In order to receive a Pro Seller badge, you must quickly resolve any listing flaws or errors that Walmart finds, such as inaccurate or missing information, poor-quality photos, or policy infractions.


Check for any issues with inventory synchronizing.

 Problems with inventory syncing can result in erroneous information about product availability as well as order delays or cancellations from customers, all of which can have a detrimental effect on your performance metrics and customer happiness. Maintaining proper inventory levels and making sure they are reflected on the Walmart Marketplace are essential for earning a Pro Seller certification. If there are any problems with inventory syncing, you should update your inventory management system or get in touch with Walmart support right once to fix them.

Use a 3 PL in case of any fulfillment issues

Finally, to guarantee that your products are dispatched promptly and undamaged, it's critical to have a strong fulfillment process in place. This involves handling order fulfillment and shipping in conjunction with a reputable third-party logistics (3PL) supplier. Order fulfillment made with precision and speed with the aid of a 3PL can result in higher performance metrics and happier customers.


You can raise your chances of becoming a Walmart Pro Seller by paying attention to fulfilling Walmart's requirements for content, search phrases, imagery, and fulfillment, as well as by heeding these advice.


In conclusion!

If you're a seller trying to boost sales and visibility on Walmart Marketplace, earning the Pro Seller badge can be a great help. The Pro Seller badge can lead to a plethora of opportunities for Walmart Marketplace sellers, ranging from enhanced search ranks and visibility to promotional offers and committed support. Therefore, investing the effort to comprehend and strive towards obtaining the Pro Seller badge can be beneficial for the long-term prosperity of your company, regardless of how experienced or inexperienced you are as a seller.

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