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What Is Amazon Inspire: A Complete Seller's Guide

Imagine browsing via Instagram or TikTok and coming upon an interesting product ad. Typically, this entails selecting the product link, read...

Amazon Inspire:

Imagine browsing via Instagram or TikTok and coming upon an interesting product ad. Typically, this entails selecting the product link, reading through the contents, and maybe making additional product selections. At the conclusion of this trip, you may or may not choose to buy something.


Imagine Amazon Inspire, where the procedure is incredibly efficient. As you idly peruse your feed, you come upon a product that catches your eye and has a "Buy" button. It only takes one click to add to your Amazon shopping cart, and a couple more clicks complete the transaction.


Because of its simplicity, Amazon Inspire is a persuasive marketing tactic. We'll go through the foundations of Amazon Inspire in this guide, along with how it can improve customer brand recognition and product visibility.


What is Amazon Inspire?

A remarkable finding from studies indicates that people's attention spans are typically only 12 seconds long. When a buyer comes upon a video, it tends to grab their attention more strongly than long product descriptions or listings in today's hectic world.


This is where the role of Amazon Inspire is relevant.


A recent addition to the Amazon shopping app, Amazon Inspire is limited to users in the US. With a tailored feed, it makes it easier for customers to browse and buy things. An interesting selection of vertical films and pictures showcasing a range of items from manufacturers, consumers, and Amazon influencers can be found at Amazon Inspire.


Customers may easily find new products that are matched to their interests using Amazon Inspire. In addition, it gives brands a strong platform to showcase their goods to prospective buyers, benefiting all parties.


Amazon developed Inspire as an alternative to the conventional product listing method, aiming to make the process of finding new things enjoyable and interesting. It provides a compelling substitute for websites such as TikTok, which allow marketers to advertise directly to users. The intention is to reorient attention on increasing sales.


How Is Amazon Inspire Operational?

This is how users of Amazon Inspire use it. It's quite easy:


Using Inspire: Users should launch the Amazon Shopping app and select the "Light bulb" icon to begin using Amazon Inspire.


Choosing Interests: You will select your interests from a selection of more than 20 categories when you first access the Inspire area. Makeup, skincare, sports, apparel, games, and interior design are some of these categories.


Tailored Feed: Much like TikTok, a tailored feed is created based on the interests you have chosen. The photo and video content in this feed corresponds with the interests you have selected.


Shopping: You may effortlessly shop for things while perusing your personalized feed. You can click on a product to view more information or add it to your shopping basket when you find one that catches your eye.


A tailored and user-friendly purchasing experience is provided by Amazon Inspire. It starts with customizing your feed according to your interests, which makes it an easy method to find and purchase goods that suit your tastes.


 Conditions for Developing Amazon Inspire

These are the prerequisites for content creation on Amazon Inspire:


Orientation: Make sure that the photos and videos you post are in a vertical orientation so that, on a mobile device, they fill the screen.


Length: 30 seconds or less is the recommended minimum length for videos according to Amazon. This short duration keeps clients interested.


Products: You can tag at least one product that is available on Amazon in your uploaded content, and it must be highlighted in your content. As long as any product that is highlighted is available on Amazon, you are free to use more than one product tag.


Utilize Pre-existing Content: You can post content you've created for Amazon to your storefront and tag the goods that are highlighted if you've prepared it for them to share on other social networking sites. Just keep in mind to take off any social media watermarks that may have been included in the original video.


Criteria: To guarantee that you are qualified to use Amazon Inspire, abide by the community and video content criteria set forth by Amazon.


Music: To avoid any legal difficulties, do not include copyrighted music in your videos.


Video Size: Your video file should not be more than 5GB and be in the.mp4 format.


You can produce compelling content for Amazon Inspire that complies with Amazon's rules and is optimized for mobile viewing by adhering to these requirements.


How Can I Add Files to Amazon Inspire?

You must be enrolled in the Amazon Influencer Program in order to submit material to Amazon Inspire. Here's a step-by-step tutorial to get you going:



1. Direct Video Publishing via the Amazon Mobile App:


·       Open your mobile device's Amazon purchasing app.


·       To access Amazon Inspire, click the "Light Bulb" icon located on the bottom navigation bar.


·       A "+" button can be found in the upper right corner of the screen. Select it to begin uploading your material.


·       Various choices such as Idea Lists, Live Video (iOS only), and Posts (photo and video) are available for selection.


·       Click on the "Video" link under Posts.

·       Select "Choose" after uploading the content.


·       After that, you'll be taken to an Amazon page where you can tag the goods you saw in your video. The products can be tagged using features like Idea Lists, Your Orders, and Browse History. When you're through, click "Done".


·       Enter the title of your piece (no more than 80 characters) in the following field and click "Submit Post."


Putting Videos on Your Desktop for Upload:

·       Go to the storefront of your influencer.

·       To organize your videos, click "Add Video."

·       Give your video a title after you've added it.

·       After making changes to the thumbnail and adding necessary product tags, click "Submit."


Using a Desktop to Upload 15 Videos at Once:

·       Open the Creator Hub on a desktop computer.

·       Select "Upload Videos." You can drag & drop or upload up to 15 videos from your local drive.

·       Once uploaded, the Creator Hub allows you to view the status.

·       To add metadata, product tags, and thumbnails to your videos, click "Edit Draft" (don't forget to do this for every video you upload).

·       After checking the information, click "Submit."


Note: After they are released, your videos will be subject to moderation, which usually takes two days. Within the Creator Hub, you can keep an eye on the status of your videos. Your Influencer Storefront is where clients may find your videos once your material has passed moderation.


Using a desktop or mobile app, this tutorial should assist you in navigating the Amazon Inspire content uploading procedure.


Content Authors on Amazon Inspire

Content on Amazon Inspire is typically shared by Amazon Influencers, Amazon Customers, and Brands. Let's examine who is eligible to submit content to Amazon Inspire:


1. Influencers on Amazon

Those who are approved for the Amazon Influencer Program are known as Amazon Influencers. Usually, they are bloggers, social media stars, content producers, or subject matter experts for particular product categories.


The primary contributors to Amazon Inspire are Amazon Influencers. They produce and disseminate pictures and films that highlight goods that are sold on Amazon. Recommendations, reviews, and insights derived from their interactions with the products are frequently included in their content.


Achieving certain requirements is usually required to become an Amazon Influencer. This entails producing excellent content, building a sizable social media following, and showcasing your knowledge of particular product categories.


2. Amazon Clients

Regular users of Amazon who shop and interact with the platform are known as Amazon Customers. They don't have to be specialists, influencers, or content producers; anyone may be one of them.


Even though they don't regularly produce material, Amazon customers can nonetheless indirectly support Amazon Inspire. If customers include images or videos with their written evaluations, there's a chance that their content will show up in Inspire. Nonetheless, they frequently have no control over the selection process used to choose which reviews are featured.



Big corporations, small enterprises, and even individual sellers can all be found on Amazon. To sell their goods, they all use Amazon.


By permitting Amazon Influencers and authorized content creators to highlight their items in their content, brands may take part in Amazon Inspire. Even though they don't publish content on Inspire directly, they are vital in working with influencers to use their content to reach a larger audience.


Brands need to be registered with the Amazon Brand Registry in order for their content to be included on Amazon Inspire. They must also actively engage in posting on By creating material for Amazon Posts, businesses may increase the chance that their items will appear in users' shoppable Inspire feeds.


In their partnerships with influencers and content creators, brands are essential players since they provide their products for inclusion in Inspire and profit from the exposure these creators create.


Amazon's Advantages for Brands

For merchants and companies, having your products featured on Amazon Inspire does, in fact, provide a number of beneficial advantages:


Increased Exposure and Brand Awareness:

Your products are exposed to a larger audience when they are listed on Amazon Inspire. This enhanced visibility aids in the discovery of your brand and products by prospective clients. Your products have an opportunity to grab people's attention as they peruse through their feeds, increasing brand recognition.

Increased Prospectivity of Sales

You may draw in customers by showcasing your products in Amazon Inspire's visually appealing manner. Sales may increase as a result, since customers are more inclined to buy when they see things displayed in an eye-catching way.


Tailored Brand Communication:

With Amazon Inspire, you can make customized branded posts that complement your brand's tone and identity. By providing a greater degree of customisation, you may establish a stronger connection with your clients and improve the perception and resonance of your brand among them.


Highlighting Product Advantages:

With the help of Amazon Inspire, you can display lifestyle films and product photographs to explain how your items improve customers' lives in practical ways. They now have a clearer grasp of the advantages.


Simplified Purchasing Process:

One of Amazon Inspire's greatest benefits is the easy way to shop. Customers don't need to visit your product listing separately because they can buy right from their feed. This ease of use streamlines the purchasing process and may result in more sales.


Does Amazon Inspire Pay Sellers Commissions?

You can earn onsite commission by watching videos on Amazon Inspire. You can receive commissions straight from the Amazon platform if a customer clicks on a product from your video and purchases it.


It's crucial to remember that this onsite commission function has always been available for videos published to Influencer Storefronts. But now that Amazon Inspire is available, there are additional ways for your movies to be watched by people, which raises the possibility that you will get paid in commissions.


You may get comprehensive information about the particular onsite commission rates on Amazon's website.


Final Thoughts

A dynamic platform, Amazon Inspire improves the purchasing experience for both buyers and sellers. It provides a visually captivating method for finding and buying goods, adding excitement and convenience to online shopping.


It's a useful tool for brands and merchants to increase visibility and interact with more people. Amazon's position in the e-commerce industry is cemented by Amazon Inspire, which represents Amazon's commitment to innovation and consumer happiness.

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