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Does your seller reputation get affected by Amazon FBA? Learn how!

Everything from sales to your eligibility for exclusive programs and incentives available to Amazon sellers is impacted by your reputation...

Amazon FBA

Everything from sales to your eligibility for exclusive programs and incentives available to Amazon sellers is impacted by your reputation as an Amazon seller. Sustaining strong seller metrics is essential to your business's ongoing success on Amazon.


This post will go over the benefits of using Amazon FBA, how it affects your seller reputation, and why it's crucial to always have a backup plan.


Feedback from Sellers and Amazon FBA

Customers who have purchased from you on Amazon can leave comments regarding your ability to live up to their expectations in terms of product condition, packing, shipping, and accuracy of the product description. Only customers who have made purchases from you are eligible to submit feedback.


Seller reviews are part of the overall account health indicators that Amazon provides. With the use of this rating, Amazon can determine if you regularly satisfy customers' needs and deliver the high-caliber service they have come to expect from Amazon. Recall that some customers don't even know they are buying from a third-party vendor. Maintaining your seller reputation and satisfying customer expectations both depend on offering dependable service.


Using Amazon FBA for order fulfillment is a wise move if you want to ensure reliable post-purchase service and quick shipping. As a result of Amazon handling the post-order process on your behalf, it has an immediate effect on your seller feedback. Amazon will remove the rating if you receive a bad feedback on an FBA order; this will not affect your overall feedback score.


The Advantages of FBA

Using Amazon FBA has many advantages for your company in addition to assisting you in offering a first-rate post-order experience. If your products are enrolled in FBA, they will immediately qualify for free, expedited shipping as part of Amazon Prime. You might sell more things with Amazon FBA because a lot of customers use Prime eligibility as a filter on Amazon.


You may expand your Amazon business more quickly without having to spend money on more infrastructure and staff while still offering the caliber of customer care that Amazon customers expect. Amazon FBA will handle returns and other customer support requests in addition to picking, packing, and shipping products. The Amazon fulfillment centers also offer the services of prepping, packaging, and labeling your things.


If you're thinking about taking your business global, you can try listing in new markets by using the Amazon FBA Export and Global Selling programs. If you're in North America, you may use FBA to fulfill orders in all three countries while offering your products in the US, Canada, and Mexico by creating a North America Unified Account.


Always Have a Plan B.

Even though FBA offers sellers many advantages, it's always critical to have a fallback strategy. Earlier in the year, Amazon briefly limited the amount of inventory that could be sent to the fulfillment centers in order to meet the demand for expedited fulfillment of crucial orders. As a result, some merchants had to work extra hard to complete orders themselves.


Ensure that your staff is prepared to receive, process, and dispatch orders as needed. If necessary, it's critical to be able to fulfill orders for customers and to have the tools necessary to satisfy Amazon.


Many companies discover that keeping a combination of locally and FBA-stocked items in stock works well. If you have surplus inventory at FBA or a low sell-through rate, you may be subject to IPI storage limits and long-term storage penalties. It often makes sense to hold onto most of your seasonal inventory until closer to your peak selling season, outside of FBA.


Utilize FBA to Enhance Your Seller Reputation

For third-party merchants, the significance of delivering an outstanding Amazon customer experience cannot be overstated. To keep your business flourishing, prioritize the consumer experience and keep up with Amazon policies.


You may maintain a consistent customer experience with Amazon FBA without having to instantly hire more employees in order to keep up your excellent customer service. It's also critical to inquire about and keep an eye on product evaluations and comments on Amazon.


Sending branded requests for reviews or feedback in fifteen Amazon marketplaces is made simple with FeedbackFive. By setting up automation for the system that powers the "Amazon Request a Review" button, you may also submit formal requests to Amazon. Receive email or SMS alerts when there are unfavorable ratings so you can respond quickly.


You can make sure that you are offering the caliber of service necessary for ongoing success on Amazon by requesting and keeping an eye on customer ratings.

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