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How to Obtain Direct Customer insights via the Amazon Insights Program

Understanding your customer is the best approach to enhance conversions and increase sales on Amazon. You may better meet their needs by c...

Amazon Insights Program

Understanding your customer is the best approach to enhance conversions and increase sales on Amazon. You may better meet their needs by customizing your product inventory, listings, and services by understanding consumer behavior and patterns. For every Amazon seller, knowing a customer's buying habits, behavior, and frequency is useful information.


Only a small percentage of merchants are aware of how to obtain this crucial information. The Amazon Insights initiative was unveiled by Amazon in the summer of 2018. With the help of the program, sellers may directly query customers to learn vital consumer insights. Let's examine the ins and outs of this program, how to use it, and why it hasn't been adopted by Amazon merchants around the world.


What does Amazon Insights mean?

A global initiative for market research called Amazon Insights enables retailers to design unique user surveys. Utilizing feedback from genuine Amazon customers will assist you in creating, releasing, and selling products. The application examines and compiles survey replies to give sellers useful information.


Based on consumer purchase history, product knowledge, and product opinions, Amazon provides three preset questions to ask customers. Alternately, you might alter your inquiries to obtain the precise data you require. Every survey has a single question with several possible responses. Only one of the offered alternatives may be selected by the respondent as their response.


Remember that you must also offer potential responses to each question. When creating the answers, use caution. Participants shouldn't ever be forced to choose between two possible answers. Everyone will benefit from making clear decisions since they will produce more precise results.  


Once you've chosen your question, you may select any one of the following categories to be the focus of your survey:


·       Who has already purchased your stuff on Amazon


·       Viewers of your Amazon product listing


·       Customers that looked at your product listing but did not buy it


·       Clients who purchased a comparable item in the same category as your product


Amazon will reply to you with pricing information a few days after you've placed your request. The intricacy of the data gathering procedure and the sample size will determine the final cost. Amazon will provide you a thorough report with the outcomes of your campaign when it has concluded. This includes the total and share of respondents who selected each option.


How to Use the Program for Amazon Insights


The Amazon Insights Program can be accessed rather easily:


Selling Center: Log into your Amazon Seller Central account.

Access the "Reports" area of Seller Central by clicking here.


Business Reports: Click "Business Reports" under "Reports."

Amazon Insights: To access the program's capabilities, click "Amazon Insights".


Program for Amazon Insights: Pricing

I normally explain how Amazon insights can benefit your company at this stage. But in this instance, I believe it is important to draw attention to the steep price that this useful service carries. The cost is not publicly published on Amazon. The cost is based on both the volume of responses and the demographic of your target respondent. The range for the response quantity is 100 to 2500. The cost will also vary depending on the query.


There are a lot of factors to take into account. Each response will cost you at least $5, according to many suppliers. If such is the case, this data has a high price. A premium is $5 for every response. You must spend at least $500 to get at least 100 responses. This is probably one of the factors contributing to the lack of seller interest in this program.


Reasons to use Amazon Insights

Despite the steep charge, some vendors do use the program to obtain critical product feedback. For merchants, it is virtually impossible to set up a focused survey similar to Amazon. Your targeting criteria will always be satisfied thanks to the retail behemoth's extensive access to customer data. Achieving such fine-grained information is otherwise challenging.


Because this data is product-specific, it may be used to create detailed detail pages with a high conversion rate. It can also provide you with important details about how buyers first learn about your products. It is also an excellent technique to gain direct feedback before you launch a product because you may get information regarding unreleased/unlisted products. Additionally, you can get vital details about the typical purchases customers make in addition to your product; this will enable you to develop efficient packages specifically for your target market.


If you're willing to pay for it, the options are limitless.


Significant Advantages of the Amazon Insights Program


Customer Demographics: The software offers comprehensive data about your clients, such as their age, gender, and region. You may improve your product offerings to better meet the needs of your target market with the aid of this data.



Purchase Behavior: You may learn which products are popular, which ones are frequently bought together, and what motivates repeat purchases by looking at consumer purchase histories. Your inventory management and marketing efforts can be guided by this information.


Customer Reviews and Feedback: Feedback from customers is crucial for gathering information. The tool enables you to track and examine consumer input, assisting you in identifying product improvements and quickly responding to client issues.


Competitor Analysis: The tool allows you to assess your performance in relation to that of your rivals. This aids in pointing up areas for improvement and strategy gaps.


Trend Spotting: Analyze data on what's popular and what's not to stay on top of industry trends. This can help your marketing and product development efforts by keeping your offerings current and customer-friendly.


Last Thoughts

A excellent option for brands or sellers to collect customer data is through Amazon insights. You can determine what qualities your target customer seeks in a product or how they typically find it. You may design surveys to collect important information on anything you can imagine as long as it has to do with the product thanks to the flexibility to generate bespoke questions and answers. Granular targeting is also ensured by Amazon's dominance in the e-commerce sector and access to the online consumer base. 

Amazon insights is a market research option to think about if money isn't an issue and if the fees won't hurt your organization.


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