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Amazon Vendor Buy Box: Effective Techniques for You

  Winning the buy box is essential if you're an Amazon seller who wants to boost sales. This is common knowledge. You will receive about...


Amazon Vendor Buy Box

Winning the buy box is essential if you're an Amazon seller who wants to boost sales. This is common knowledge. You will receive about 90% of the sales of that specific product if the Amazon vendor Buy Box recommends it. But what if the Buy Box suggests your rivals rather than you? You are wasting a lot of money.


Yes! With the help of its algorithm, Amazon gathers the same products from several sellers, determines which one offers the greatest deals, and then suggests that seller to its customers. By doing this, Amazon Buy Box shows its clients that you are a dependable vendor offering top-notch goods and customer service. For an FBA seller, getting a buy box is frequently simple.


Amazon recognizes you as the vendor Buy Box winner based on the buyers' flexibility because it is a platform that is focused on the customer. Of course, Amazon chooses the winner of the Buy Box based on a select few variables. You can find them listed below.


Availability: Whether your goods can be shipped to clients right immediately.


Value: The product's best price that you are offering.


Comfort and satisfaction: Rely on the key advantages you offer.


A Buy Box requires high consistency to maintain. Winning the purchase box has gotten harder than ever as the fierce competition heats up. Being an Amazon dealer, you would anticipate consistently getting the Buy Box. However, reality speaks a different language.


Table of Content

What is the Amazon Vendor Buy Box?

1. What causes the Amazon Vendor Buy Box to disappear?

2. Best Practices and Factors  Affect Your Eligibility for BuyBox

3.How Can I Prevent Losing My Buy Box?

4. Create a strategy to pinpoint the issue

5. Already Lost Your Buy Box? What Can You Do to Make a Comeback, Here?

Short-Term Benefits of an Additional Seller Account



What is the Amazon Vendor Buy Box?

The prominent "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now" buttons on an Amazon product page are called the Buy Box. The majority of buyers choose it by default when making a purchase. The Buy Box isn't open to all merchants equally, though. Third-party sellers (sometimes referred to as Marketplace merchants) and Amazon vendors are the two main categories of sellers on Amazon.


Businesses who are Amazon suppliers sell their goods directly to Amazon, which then resells them to customers. Bulk purchasing, access to Amazon's logistics network, and the chance to compete for the Amazon Vendor Buy Box are just a few of the benefits that vendors frequently take advantage of. Winning this Buy Box increases your chances of earning sales because Amazon will make your product the default option for customers.


What causes the Amazon Vendor Buy Box to disappear?

You might lose the vendor buy box for one of two reasons. While a significant portion is due to performance concerns. On the other hand, hijackers also cause a small loss. But hijackers can only take your Buy Box if they outperform you in any of the aforementioned areas.


Note: Individual sellers are not eligible for Amazon vendor Buy Box; only merchants with a Professional Seller Account are.


Best Practices and Factors That Affect Your Eligibility for a Buy Box

The best ways to affect an Amazon vendor's eligibility for the Buy Box are through efficient supply chain and inventory management. The Buy Box is available to sellers who have their own goods. The reasoning is clear. You should frequently update your inventory, promptly address consumer inquiries, and send your packages on time. The product listings will say "out of stock" if the inventory is not properly updated. This holds true for any marketplace where you sell. When a product runs out of stock, Amazon offers other shops that have their own inventory the chance to sell it. Consequently, if you don't fulfill the aforementioned conditions, a 3P vendor who qualifies can take your place.



Pricing Rules Everything

Amazon places a great deal of importance on the price strategy in order to improve the consumer experience. When compared to other online merchants and e-commerce platforms, this industry titan wants to stay ahead of the pack. As a result, merchants with the most affordable pricing alternatives have a chance to claim the Buy Box. If a seller provides a lower price than what Amazon charges, either they are utilizing predatory pricing tactics or they procured the item at a lower wholesale cost.


If the problem continues, Amazon adds those specific products to the CRaP (Can't Realize any Profits) list, which it uses to identify goods that are inherently unprofitable to sell on its marketplace. The partnership between CRaP and Amazon merchant Buy Box is mutual. The vendor of the product loses the Buy Box if it is listed under CRaP. Losing the Buy Box, however, results in the item being listed under CRaP all the time.


How Can I Prevent Losing My Buy Box?

Let's now discuss ways to lower the danger of LBB. Do not forget that the early bird gets the worm! To lower your risk of losing your Buy Box, take the following steps.


Watch out for the CRaP List.

As previously stated, obtaining a CRaP listing is a surefire way to reach LBB. Consumer goods have the best chance of any to make the list. These sellers run the danger of entering LBB due to high shipping expenses and low per-unit prices, which result in poor or virtually nonexistent margins. Additionally, you can see such things and take action by paying attention to the signs. Some of them are as follows:


·       These products are no longer promoted by Amazon itself.


·       A seller cannot target the products using the AMS margin.


·       The 'Save & Subscribe' option is no longer available.


·       Amazon decides not to purchase similar goods from you again.



Typically, CRaP products fall into one of the following categories:


·       Bulky or heavy objects


·       Items that are always "out of stock"


·      Too much stock on hand - If you have too much stock, you can drop your pricing so that it is not competitive with other sellers.


·       Price integrity issues on various digital platforms


·       Displaying variable sales


·       The retail shipping and pricing economics are not optimized for the digital environment


In the end, you have a good possibility of being included on the CRaP list if your product is included under one of these categories. Additionally, your product sales may experience a drop.

 Create a strategy to pinpoint the issue

You must first recognize the issue in order to come up with a solution. Determine which of the aforementioned issues your products are experiencing. Create an action plan to address the problem after that.

Always follow the three Ps:

·       Product


·       Pricing


·       Process


Product: Give your packaging some thought. By using the right packaging, you can reduce weight.


Pricing: Consider your products' profit margins. Determine the item's landing costs on Amazon as well as on other e-commerce sites and sales channels.


Control Your Minimum Advertising Policy (MAP): According to experts, a brand or seller should implement a MAP to stop competitors from undercutting your rates. Cost effectiveness allows businesses to operate more profitably and reduces the likelihood that their products will end up on the CRaP list.


Process: Half the effort is completed with a sound product and pricing plan. However, perfecting the Process is the most significant component of the entire wheel. Everything matters in the process, from keeping your inventory well-stocked to managing the complete order fulfillment process to how effectively you manage your customers.


The automation provided by Amazon aids your performance in this section. Following Amazon's marketing techniques will enable you to simultaneously increase client reach and sales flow. 


Control your supply chain and logistics.

Running out of stock during order management might harm your sales as well as your relationship with Amazon. Choose the finest management strategy for your inventory so that you can maintain the Buy Box. Analyze your logistics and make sure to account for seasonal changes and sales. If you have some merchandise set aside in your inventory, this is flexible.


Organize your Supply Chain

Along with the goods, maintain strict control over your distribution. Amazon offers several distribution agreements and reseller policies depending on the marketplaces you sell on. You can restrict or forbid resellers from selling your products on the same platform by using these agreements. You can implement a serial number system for all of your things if you don't want to employ distribution agreements but still need to take control of your supply chain. This particular approach, particularly in the US, is extremely beneficial because it is simpler to recognize the problem and apply your MRP/MAP strategies appropriately. Additionally, you can sign up for the Amazon transparency program to fight fake goods and establish serialization before the client even sees the product.


Already Lost Your Buy Box? What Can You Do to Make a Comeback, Here?

Losing Buy Box might be terrifying even after taking the appropriate precautions. You must first acknowledge that you misplaced the Amazon seller Buy Box. As a result, you must continuously monitor LBB and your listings. To maintain both your brand and sales, do this.


Don't reduce the price of your goods.


This is the first thought that comes to mind when you are feeling anxious.


But this is categorically NOT ok! Why?


Because all of your inventory listings and the goods in the Amazon fulfillment facilities are subject to the lower prices. This comes at a steep price. Additionally, it is nearly impossible to negotiate your pricing back once you have won the Buy Box.


What comes after that, then?


We came up with a few tried-and-true tactics that can help you win the Buy Box and work across a variety of timescales.


Short-Term Benefits of an Additional Seller Account

For instance, if a product sale is not doing well, start selling the products yourself. For sellers of LBB and CRaP listings as well, this choice is ideal. By using this account, you may increase sales, maintain brand awareness, and keep both your product portfolio and sales steady.


Short-Term Deals

We now advise you to reduce your pricing so that you won't have to go through the hassle of haggling with Amazon. Your price is more reasonable than that of your rivals if you provide reductions for a brief period of time. You have a good chance of winning the Buy Box and increasing your sales at the same time.


Strengthening your supply chain

Try to spot the dark patches up ahead before you take any action. The most typical ones are:


·       A competitor lowers your prices


·       counterfeit products and illegal sales


A price undercut occurs: There are two methods to respond to this.


Inform these vendors that they are breaking your MAP/MRP policy. Follow your distribution policy to take the appropriate action if the issue continues.


Rethink the listing pricing you are using. Make sure the new price of the product is unprofitable for the resellers without breaking any laws or policies.


Deal with phony vendors and fraudulent goods


This is a frequent issue for the majority of prosperous Amazon sellers. Start by employing the standard fear strategy. Send them a "Cease and Desist" message using the Amazon platform, and then notify them that legal action will be taken. If everything else fails, find out additional information about this specific unlicensed vendor. Utilize the serial number to monitor the product and locate the supplier chain. This allows you to determine whether the seller is permitted or not. You can take the required steps to reduce this problem in accordance with the distribution agreements on your marketplace.


Long-Term: Improve Your Procedure

It may take some time for refined procedures like inventory management, supply chain organization, and logistics tracking to become second nature. Once they are improved, regaining the Amazon seller Buy box is simple. In light of this, we are offering you a list of items that will enable you to recognize the most typical logistical issues in your supply chain.


·       How well-prepared your manufacturer is for the unforeseen deadlines


·       Preserving the flow of the shipment


·       To fulfill Amazon's rigorous deadlines, be sure that all of your teams are creating clear lines of communication.

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