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How To Interact with Amazon Customers in An Effective Way

Putting in the effort to interact with your clients in an effective manner can have a profound impact on how they see your company. Custom...

Amazon Customers

Putting in the effort to interact with your clients in an effective manner can have a profound impact on how they see your company. Customers need to feel valued and that you are paying attention to their issues. Because Amazon is adamant that the "customer is king," it expects all of its sellers to practice offering excellent customer service and satisfaction.


The communication strategy employed by a seller on Amazon must adhere strictly to the established policies and guidelines. So how should one go about communicating with Amazon customers? We'll cover what you need to know about how Amazon sellers interact with customers in an ethical manner, from buyer-seller messages to actively communicating with them through your product listings.


Table of Content

Buyer-Seller Chat on Amazon

Amazon's communication strategies

Customer Reviews

Questions and Responses from Customers

Amazon Seller Communication Guidelines

Some pointers for improving interactions with Amazon consumers




Buyer-Seller Chat on Amazon

Utilizing the Buyer-Seller Messaging tool is one of the most practical ways for sellers who have registered on Seller Central to communicate with Amazon. Sellers can use it to interact with customers in an efficient manner. Both sellers and buyers can message one another. It is not advisable to give out or obtain email addresses directly from customers. Email addresses will be encrypted between the two parties while communicating using this service. The email address that appears when one of them gets a message from the other is The purpose of using this kind of anonymous email is to safeguard the privacy and rights of both merchants and customers.


You must first confirm that this service is enabled or switched on before using it. To activate it, take the following actions:


·       Go to Seller Central. In the upper right corner click on “Settings”.

·       Now click on “Fulfillment by Amazon”

·       Point to “Product Support” and click on “Edit”

·       Click on “Enable” on all the Amazon marketplaces where your product is sold and for which you want to activate the messaging service.

·       Click on “Update”


While sellers who handle order fulfillment for their own products will already have it turned on automatically, FBA sellers will need to explicitly activate it. You may send attachments with ease and view your sending history with this service. Since all of your messages will be kept in one location, retrieving any information is also made simpler.

Two different kinds of direct messages fall under the category of buyer-seller communications.


·       Messages intended to complete orders or in response to customer care inquiries are considered permitted. These messages can be sent by sellers to clients who have either finished a transaction with them or contacted them about buying one of their products.

·       Messages that are not in reaction to queries or requests from customers are classified as proactive messages that are allowed. Sellers may choose to send messages instead for the following reasons:


1.   To ask for feedback from the seller or a product review

2.   By asking for additional information that a seller might require to complete a purchase, you can address problems with order fulfillment.

3.   To dispatch a bill

4.   To arrange for the delivery of a large or heavy item, or to make an appointment for Home Services.

5.   any confirmation on a unique design.

You can visit the Seller Central → Order Details page → to send any kind of communication. Click on any buyer's name → Select a template from Amazon to send a message to a buyer.

 As an alternative, you can click the "Request a Review" button on the Order Details page. This will send the buyer a request in your name.


You must abide by certain rules and dos and don'ts when using the Buyer-Seller Messaging service, which we shall discuss later in this post. The Amazon Communications Policy has been modified to better safeguard both merchants and customers against fraud.


Amazon's communication strategies

Customer Reviews and Customer Questions and Answers are two more effective ways to interact with customers on Amazon.


Customer Reviews

Customers always check at the reviews and star ratings a product has received while browsing its listing. The customer's decision to purchase is greatly influenced by these reviews. They contribute to your overall sales by making final purchasing selections based on the reviews. Therefore, vendors should take advantage of these evaluations by paying particular attention to the bad ones and making an effort to address them.


Customers feel more confident when they observe that you actively engage with them and address their feedback. You must keep an eye on reviews and reply to them as soon as you can, especially if there are any unfavorable comments. It normally comes out as rather impersonal to react to reviews using a standard template. You may go a long way by taking the time to respond carefully and provide consumers with workable solutions for their problems.


When responding to reviews, you should first try to understand what issues customers are having. If you find that they are using your product incorrectly, you should correct them. Alternatively, you can ask them to return the item for an exchange or a refund. You can even eliminate bad reviews with the appropriate communication plan. Consumers can edit or remove reviews, and they will be more than eager to remove unfavorable comments if your responses satisfy them. Spend some time thanking clients who are satisfied with your merchandise as well. Thank customers who, after making a purchase, provide nice evaluations.


Maintaining your professionalism throughout this type of contact is crucial and demonstrates your ability to deliver excellent customer service. It's among the greatest methods to set yourself apart from the competition and increase sales.


Questions and Responses from Customers

The Customer Questions and Answers area can be found underneath the product image on each product detail page if you scroll down. It is an essential component of the customer relationship management policy. If the information in the product's description and bullet points is insufficient, users can ask questions about it in this section.


They will post queries to merchants when they would need more details about a product. Just like reviews, these inquiries have an impact on consumers' purchasing decisions. You must, therefore, respond appropriately to these inquiries and submit all required data within the 30-day time limit.


Conversion rates for sellers can be increased by simultaneously responding to reviews and answering inquiries from customers. Because it demonstrates your degree of expertise and your skill as a product seller, this type of communication helps sellers gain the trust and confidence of customers. Try to incorporate pertinent Amazon keywords in your customer communications; this will help to raise the rating of your listing.


A few key considerations while interacting through questions and answers


·       Always act with professionalism, courtesy, and kindness. Don't let it show that you don't have the ideal response to the question. Before responding to the questions, conduct research about the product or seek advice from someone with more knowledge of it. Providing mediocre responses diminishes your credibility.

·       As you consider how best to respond to inquiries, you also have the option to decline to respond to certain inquiries, particularly if they seem implausible or unrelated to your offering. It's up to you to decide which questions to answer and which not to, and it's usually preferable to brush off the pointless and ridiculous ones.

·       Don't forget to provide responses that are current and timely. Don't wait too long to respond.


·       The person asking the query can be a prospective client who is truly waiting on your response to enable him to proceed with the purchase. However, he won't wait around for too long, so make sure to reply promptly. Get a toll-free number for customer support as well, and make sure that calls from clients are always returned."

·       A product listing should aim to keep this part brief and direct. Customers want content that can be quickly scanned, so make sure your responses are succinct and to the point. Refrain from providing lengthy, detailed responses unless it is absolutely required.


Amazon Seller Communication Guidelines

Policies are in place to shield buyers and sellers from dishonest practices and other illegal strategies that rivals can employ. You run the risk of having your selling rights suspended and having your ability to send Proactive Permitted Messages restricted if you don't follow guidelines. Amazon takes seriously the things that you are able and unable to ship to your consumers.


They are listed in the following order:

·       All messages that are allowed to be proactive must be delivered within 30 days of the order being completed, include the 17-digit order ID, and be translated into the buyer's preferred language.

·       Order or shipment confirmation messages cannot be sent by Amazon merchants.

·       "Thank you" messages cannot be delivered along with marketing or promotional content.

·       You are not allowed to send out communications requesting that your clients leave evaluations in exchange for gifts, discounts, free merchandise, etc.

·       Customers cannot be asked to remove an existing product review by sellers.

·       Phone numbers related to the manufacturer or warranties of the goods may only be included.

Messages permitted by Amazon likewise cannot contain:


·       Emblems that connect to your website

·       Anything that uses crude, insulting, or disparaging words

·       GIFs and Emojis

·       photos of purchased products

·       any photos that have nothing to do with your brand or are not part of your intellectual property.


Some pointers for improving interactions with Amazon consumers

·       When responding to Customer Questions and Answers, don't forget to be as prompt as you can and remember to be personable.

·       While it may seem impolite, avoid responding with just one word and instead, keep your reply brief.

·       Make sure that the message styling adheres to Amazon's recommended default font color and line height.

·       Utilize only https-secured images.

·       Limit the number of font sizes you employ to just three.

·       Above all, make sure that your messages are error-free in spelling. The information must be grammatically accurate.



How do I get in touch with sellers on Amazon?

Visit, then sign in.

·       The words "Returns and Orders" are located in the upper right corner. Press the button.

·       You are now going to be on the "Your Orders" page. For the particular order, select the "Problem with Order" button.

·       You will now be taken to a screen that asks, "What went wrong?" Select your problem from the list.

·       The next step is to select "Contact Seller" from the list of options under "What would you like to do?"

·       Choose your explanation from the "Select reason" drop-down menu.

·       You must now input your message to the seller and press the "Send" button.


How does Amazon communicate with its clients?

After a consumer makes a purchase, Amazon follows up with them to provide updates on their goods and to keep them informed about shipping.



An essential component of the entire Amazon selling process is communication. It raises conversion rates and fosters positive customer relationships. Making sure you adhere to Amazon's Communication Policy Guidelines and don't try to cut corners is the most crucial step in this procedure. Additionally, be informed about any modifications they make to their policies.

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