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Find out more about Amazon A-Z Claims and how it affects sellers.

If you've made the decision to sell on Amazon, you need to be aware that you may probably encounter an Amazon A-Z guarantee claim. Cus...

Amazon A-Z Claims

If you've made the decision to sell on Amazon, you need to be aware that you may probably encounter an Amazon A-Z guarantee claim. Customer service is the foundation of Amazon's company, and keeping them happy is essential to the success of your products' sales.


We want to give you all the necessary information to assist you in handling and, ideally, avoiding these types of claims because the Amazon A-Z guarantee enables customers to confidently purchase directly from vendors.


Quick Guide

What Is an A-Z Guarantee Claim?

An A-Z Claim operates as follows:

The A-Z Guarantee is applicable when?

How Can We Prevent These Claims?

Final Considerations


What Is an A-Z Guarantee Claim?

When customers choose to buy directly from a seller, Amazon provides them with an A-Z claim, which is a guarantee.  The promise includes prompt and intact delivery of the merchandise.


An A-Z Claim operates as follows:

1.   Customers are advised to get in touch with the vendor first (by message or return request) and attempt to come to an agreement if they are dissatisfied with the purchase.

2.  The customer will be able to lodge a complaint with Amazon directly if the seller and customer are unable to resolve the issue within 48 hours.


3.   Following the submission of the complaint to Amazon, the seller has 72 hours to respond; in the absence of a response, the customer will be given the benefit of the doubt and the money will be taken directly out of the seller's account.


4.   The seller will be notified via email if Amazon needs more details before making a judgment, and he or she has 72 hours to reply. However, the seller has 30 calendar days to challenge the decision if the customer's claim is accepted.

5.   We must stress how crucial it is for sellers to regularly check their emails because this is how all correspondence will be handled.


Your Amazon Order Defect Rate (ODR), which is affected directly by these accusations.


A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Your Amazon Order Defect Rate (ODR)

It's important to bear in mind that offering excellent customer service is an essential component of conducting business on Amazon.


The A-Z Guarantee is applicable when?

Customers are safeguarded in certain circumstances and are entitled to a full or partial refund if:


·       Regardless of whether it takes 30 days or longer, the item will arrive 3 calendar days after the latest projected delivery date.

·       The item you received is incorrectly labeled, broken, defective, missing parts, or misrepresented.

·       Although the consumer returned the goods to the merchant, the refund was never given.

·       As stated in Amazon's return policy, the vendor refused to accept the return request.


·       The client wants to return a foreign delivery, but the seller hasn't given them a return address, prepaid label, or a full refund without them having to send anything back. 

·       The client feels that they were overcharged.


Look over the product details.

In the event that the product is inaccurately described, the A-Z guarantee claim will also be applicable.


When making purchases, customers rely on the product descriptions. The descriptions must contain as much information on the conditions and attributes of the product as is practical.


The consumer will not be qualified for this guarantee if the item matches the description. If you learn that the consumer regrets making the purchase, you can figure out the best method to respond to or resolve that specific dispute.


How Can We Prevent These Claims?

Customers must, in general, be happy with the online purchases they make. You can check the list below to make sure you are contributing, though.


1. Provide quality freight and handling services


You must make sure that your customers receive their orders on time and in acceptable condition. Only items dispatched using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) shipping labels are covered by Amazon.  You will be in duty of handling all consumer claims if you choose to utilize any other delivery provider.



You ought to think about offering shipment monitoring to your clients. Your clients will be able to track their own shipments if you integrate this service into your order fulfillment process. Remember that in the event of a claim, the customer will automatically be granted the claim if the seller does not upload tracking information.


It is advised to obtain a confirmation via signature, especially for expensive things.


Additionally, the packing is quite crucial. A well-packaged item will guarantee that it will arrive in perfect condition. Make sure you fulfill orders promptly and in accordance with the scheduled delivery date.


Don't forget to incorporate realistic deadlines and rules in your updated return policy. You should also let your clients know that a return request might necessitate that they  cover the cost themselves.


2. Details are where the devil is.

Based on what they actually see and read on the platform, customers will determine whether or not to purchase a product. They would anticipate that the product they got would resemble it in every way. 


In the listings, be sure to provide factual information. The description should therefore be as accurate as possible because the purchasers want to obtain what they paid for.


Your products need to be listed with the appropriate Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) and condition (new, used, or refurbished). Brand, color, material, size, product line, essential features, number, etc. should all be mentioned in titles. Give priority to important keywords!


Advice for taking photos of your product:


A higher ranking for your product will result from providing photographs with good resolution and clarity. Customers want images that can be zoomed in on and are taken from various angles (1000 x 1000 pixels), so make sure to draw attention to any significant features.


When taking the images for your listing, we advise that you utilize a white background with good lighting, display your logo, and emphasize the advantages and applications of the product.


3. Quickly review and respond to your emails.

When a customer makes a claim, they undoubtedly anticipate getting a prompt response. To ensure a positive experience, you should attempt to respond to these questions within 24 hours. You can be proactive and directly repay your consumers if you notice they are heading in the right route.


Remember, if you don't answer within 3 calendar days, Amazon can take that into account and approve the claim in favor of your customers, placing the blame on you.


Additionally, if you receive more than one claim for every 100 orders, you can be subject to a review for suspension, so pay attention to the things you sell and the way you handle sales. Try to always put the needs of the clients first.


 Do not overlook!


When a customer places a purchase for a product that is out of stock, be sure to let them know right away and cancel the transaction in order to save them from having to wait needlessly and feeling frustrated. 


Make careful to remove and blacklist problematic items, and notify Amazon of any erroneous listings.


Final Considerations:

 What if I'm the target of a scam from a customer?

Did you know that avoiding A-Z claims and maintaining outstanding account health can earn you rewards? Payment Options Based on account health and sales performance rather than credit, Amazon sellers were given faster daily payouts and capital advances. So you won't need to undergo a single credit check to obtain the financing you need to expand your Amazon store. Apply here. to get a bid. Sellers can receive approval in as little as a day.


It is obvious that customers have the right to make a claim and receive a refund if they do not receive what they ordered, but regrettably, you may come across customers who will try to con you. In this situation, you should first decide if the suffering is worth the expense of the goods. Sometimes it's preferable to simply provide a refund rather than engage in a claim dispute.


We strongly advise that you keep any disagreements civil and brief because they will be recorded for future use.


Track your packages to get precise information about how your merchandise is being shipped. If you choose not to utilize Amazon's shipping labels, attempt to work with a reputable business that offers good service and really replies to the shipments, like FedEx or UPS. 


NEVER quarrel with a customer; keep in mind that everything was put in writing. Just be courteous!


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