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Amazon Emerald: Access Seller Central to Receive Direct Notifications from Third Parties

Operating an Amazon business on your own is challenging. For a more seamless experience, the majority of sellers combine Seller Central wi...

Amazon Emerald

Operating an Amazon business on your own is challenging. For a more seamless experience, the majority of sellers combine Seller Central with additional third-party apps.


If you belong to that category of sellers, you are aware that managing the numerous alerts and notifications originating from several platforms can be challenging. It may cause important notifications to go unnoticed.


However, there is a fix.


In July 2023, Amazon discreetly introduced a new tool called Amazon Emerald, which enables seller apps from other companies to transmit notifications straight to the Amazon Seller Central account.


This application can completely change the way you run your company by giving you real-time notifications and empowering you to make better decisions.


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The Amazon Emerald Program: What Is It?

What Do Sellers Stand to Gain from Amazon Emerald?

Finding and Turning on Emerald Applications



The Amazon Emerald Program: What Is It?

Amazon Emerald is a useful tool that sellers can use to improve productivity inside Seller Central and streamline business processes.


Without having to navigate away, it enables you to easily receive personalized and important business notifications from third-party applications within the Seller Central dashboard.


Right now, Amazon is concentrating on releasing new applications to increase the Emerald program's capabilities.


Emerald can now provide sellers with a variety of notifications, including those related to inventory control, pricing optimization, FBA shipping reconciliation, advertising cost analysis, and much more, thanks to the new toolkit.


What Do Sellers Stand to Gain from Amazon Emerald?

The ability to receive critical warnings from third-party seller tools like InventoryLab and Getida is the Amazon Emerald Program's unique selling point.


Now, the following are some ways Amazon Emerald can support vendors:


Simplifies the handling of inventories

You may receive alerts on your profit margins, sales velocity, and top-selling products with Amazon Emerald. In order to prevent stockouts, it also notifies you of the condition of your goods.


Get Buy Box

Amazon Emerald gives you the ability to win Buy Boxes by helping you stay informed about changes in rivals' prices, market conditions, and pricing strategies.


Observe the Product Listing

On Seller Central, you can receive real-time alerts about the health of your product listing, changes in keyword ranking, product reviews, and optimization recommendations. It aids in the development of your Amazon SEO tactics.


Observe FBA Transactions

Through Seller Central, you can directly receive notifications about claims, statuses, and other FBA transactions. You may immediately audit your transactions and file complaints if there are any anomalies thanks to it.


Finding and Turning on Emerald Applications

After learning how Amazon Emerald can assist sellers, how can you locate and activate Emerald apps? To follow are these steps:

·       To explore the available apps by category, rating, or keyword, go to Seller Central's Amazon Selling Partner Appstore. Next to the apps that have Emerald enabled, a "Emerald app" badge will appear.

·       When you locate an Emerald app that interests you, select the “Authorize Now” button on the information page. This will take you to the app's website, where you can link your Seller Central account and finish the subscription process.

·       You'll receive notifications from the Emerald app on the Seller Central notification tab of the homepage as soon as your authorization is approved.

Reauthorize the Emerald app if you already use it to enable it to receive notifications from Seller Central.



Amazon Emerald is a potent tool that gives you real-time notifications on Seller Central from third-party apps. It enables you to manage every facet of your organization with ease by enabling you to make decisions based on data rapidly.

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