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Seller Updates: Amazon Attribution For Increased Conversions

You are unable to maximize your marketing channels if you are unable to pinpoint a certain segment of your sales funnel.   If you have...

Amazon Attribution

You are unable to maximize your marketing channels if you are unable to pinpoint a certain segment of your sales funnel.


If you have attempted to increase traffic from outside sources to your Amazon listings, you are aware of how difficult it is to gauge the campaign's success. It was up to you to speculate as to whether or not a consumer actually made the purchase. Amazon hadn't provided advertisers with any tools to track their off-Amazon marketing activities until lately. Brands can now gauge the effectiveness of their email-based, social media, display, video, and search campaigns using Amazon Attribution. By doing so, they will be able to examine how users discover, investigate, and purchase their products on Amazon.


Let's examine Amazon Attribution in this post to see how it functions and how you can use it to increase conversions.


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Amazon Attribution: What Is It?

What makes Amazon Attribution necessary?

Why is driving traffic to listings necessary?

What Are Ascription Tags?

Monitor your performance indicators.

Final thoughts


Amazon Attribution: What Is It?

A measurement tool that enables brands to monitor their advertising and marketing analytics across a variety of platforms is Amazon Attribution beta. The effect of off-Amazon-to-Amazon marketing information may now be measured. You can efficiently optimize sales and return on investment (ROI) with this analytics console.


What makes Amazon Attribution necessary?

After your advertisements start running, you may track, refine, and organize your tactics to boost conversions.



Assume you sold 100 units of a product on Thirty sales will be attributable to Amazon PPC advertising. You were unable to determine where the remaining 70 sales originated from—organic, sponsored, or through any other social media platform. Sellers were unaware of this until the most recent version of Amazon Attribution.


Thanks to Amazon Attribution, you can now determine the precise route a buyer traveled to reach your product listing on Amazon after they make a purchase.


Plan and Optimize

Using Amazon Attribution to follow your consumers through the full purchasing transaction can significantly improve your sales funnel. This provides you with information about consumers' purchasing habits. You can enhance the advertising efforts that are successful for you and stop the ones that aren't with the help of these insights.


Amazon Attribution is another excellent tool for building brand engagement.


Why is driving traffic to listings necessary?

Let's assess a couple of factors before you ask yourself this question:


·       Amazon is the first stop for over 50% of product searches . How can you profit from the sales that come from other platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and so on?

·       It's critical to comprehend and optimize for your customers in this digital age. How do you find out about the shopping habits of people who visit Amazon from places other than Amazon?

·       Amazon is a well-known website with a sizable consumer base and excellent exposure. Even if your business has a website, there's a good possibility that visitors will choose Amazon to your site.


For the aforementioned issues, Amazon Attribution offers remedies. Additionally, you can maximize additional factors like:

Boost the pace of sales

·       Expand the number of possible clients and get them back involved with Amazon DSP

·       Create demand through potential outlets such as Facebook.

·       Provide content that will help you stand out from the competition on these channels and entice customers to visit your Amazon landing page or store.


To whom is it beneficial?

Amazon Attribution is now available for merchants, agencies, and professional sellers who have registered brands. For the US and UK markets, it is available for purchase.


What Are Ascription Tags?

A tracking URL known as an Amazon Attribution tag will be included in a product listing that you make with your Amazon Attribution account.


You have the option to generate the URL and incorporate it into your email, blog post, commercial, or any other digital content you wish to use to point visitors to your listing. Amazon records and reports the actions a customer takes after clicking on the link.


How are Attribution Tags created?

If your brand has been registered, you can register here or log in to your Seller Central account. Vendors may complete the registration form.


After creating your account, creating the attribution tag is a pretty simple process. You can build the tag using the instructions provided by Amazon.


·       Choose the advertiser name that you want to use to make the tag for.

·       Press the "New Order" button.

·       If you want to make a link for a Google Ad, click "Upload a file" and adhere to the guidelines.

·       You can select "Set up an order" if you would like to build a link that points somewhere other than Google Ad.

·       Select an item from your product listings, then click "Add."

·       Provide a suitable name (or attribution tag) and ID in the "Order Settings" box, then select "Continue to line items."

·       You can select the desired location for posting the link from a range of options provided via the Publisher drop-down menu.

·       Provide the URL of your product listing page under the Click-through URL. Next, press the "Create" button.

You're all set! Your Amazon Attribution tag has been created.


Monitor your performance indicators.

Following the creation of your attribution tag, Amazon lets you monitor the following data.


1.   Amazon Detail Page Views

2.   Purchases

3.   Total Sales

4.   Add to Cart


These metrics can be monitored by ASIN and by campaign. You can identify the listings that are costing you money and the ones that are bringing you the greatest sales with the help of these analytics. Additionally, you can determine when customers are leaving the conversion funnel. To achieve better outcomes, you can test and optimize.


You can determine which platforms work best for your items and which don't on a larger scale.


Final thoughts

It's time to take advantage of Amazon Attribution now that you are aware of its benefits. This is a great way for firms to see how sales on Amazon are being driven by non-Amazon marketing strategies. Additionally, it enables marketers to plan, budget, and create plans for a variety of social media channels. Overall, this procedure will improve the ROI and business efficacy of your company.

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