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How Can Sellers Still Give Back If Amazon Is Terminating Its Amazon Smile Program?

Customers have been able to support their favorite charitable organizations while shopping with Amazon Smile for a long time.   It off...

Amazon Smile

Customers have been able to support their favorite charitable organizations while shopping with Amazon Smile for a long time.


It offered a straightforward means of supporting the neighborhood.


But like with anything worthwhile, the Amazon Smile initiative is coming to an end. Amazon is closing.


Next month, Amazon will terminate its charitable initiative, AmazonSmile, as part of a series of cost-cutting measures that will include the termination of thousands of workers.


This post will explain what Amazon Smile was and the rationale behind the company's decision to discontinue it. We'll also talk about other opportunities for Amazon sellers to contribute and have a good influence.


Now let's get started!

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What Was Amazon Smile?

Amazon Sellers Still Have Five Ways to Give Back

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What Was Amazon Smile?

Amazon started a charitable program called Amazon Smile in 2013. It functioned as a cover for the main Amazon website. Typically, users can make purchases on the site, and when they do, 0.5% of the qualified purchases are given to the user's preferred charity.


Customers could donate to causes they cared about without incurring any additional costs, and charities received much-needed funding—it was a win-win situation for all parties.


Through the Amazon Smile initiative, Amazon has given more than $377 million in donations since it began. However, "its ability to have an impact was often spread too thin," as stated by Amazon.


For this reason, they have chosen to shut down Amazon Smile on February 20, 2023.


Amazon Sellers Still Have Five Ways to Give Back

Even though the Amazon Smile program has been discontinued, Amazon sellers can still make a difference in the world and give back in a number of ways. Here are five more methods Amazon merchants can employ to support charitable causes:


1. The Amazon FBA Contributions Scheme

Through a program called FBA Donations, Amazon enables retailers to give away their extra inventory to nonprofits.


You have the option to designate unsold items to a charity of your choosing rather than discarding them. This lessens waste and gives those in need access to much-needed resources.


By taking part in the FBA Donations Program, you can help local communities and the issues that matter to them.


Program enrollment is automatic for Amazon FBA merchants.


Every seller receives a donation certificate from Amazon at the end of the year that lists all of the merchandise they gave over the course of the previous year.


Sellers can also receive tax benefits from FBA donations. However, in order to properly grasp and take advantage of these possible advantages, we strongly advise speaking with a tax advisor.


2. Directly Contributions

Direct gifts to charities are an additional means by which Amazon merchants can support the community. You can reserve a percentage of their earnings and give it to causes that share your beliefs.


Let's take an example where you are marketing a green product that aims to lower global warming. Next, you could consider making a small donation (5–10%) to a nonprofit that raises awareness of global warming.


Donating directly to causes you care about guarantees that your contributions directly support those causes and gives you complete control over where they go.


To increase brand awareness, you may also emphasize how your company supports a certain cause on your website, in your product listing, on your packaging, and on social media.


3. The Climate Promise Friendly Program at Amazon

For sellers who are enthusiastic about environmental issues and sustainability, the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly initiative is a great opportunity.


A Climate Pledge Friendly emblem will be added to your listing if your product is eligible for the program. It facilitates your customers' ability to recognize your product on Amazon as environmentally friendly.


Sustainable businesses not only benefit the environment but can increase sales as well, as 55% of customers are willing to pay extra for them.


4.Cause Marketing Campaigns

Implementing cause marketing campaigns is another effective way for Amazon sellers to contribute to charitable causes. This involves tying your product sales to a specific charitable initiative, where a portion of the proceeds from certain products goes directly to a chosen charity.


Create marketing campaigns around these initiatives, emphasizing the positive impact customers can make by purchasing your products. This not only helps raise funds for the chosen cause but also builds a positive image for your brand.


Collaborate with the chosen charity to promote the campaign, and use various channels like social media, email newsletters, and your product listings to spread awareness about the cause. Transparency and clear communication about how the funds will be utilized can further enhance customer trust and participation.


5. Community Involvement And Volunteering

Last but not least, Amazon sellers can give back by lending a hand to regional community projects by donating their time and expertise.


Beyond making financial contributions, you may actively participate with communities and have a beneficial influence through programs like food drives, cleanup days, and mentorship.


A network of like-minded Amazon sellers who are dedicated to giving back and working together on projects, campaigns, or events that further your shared objectives can be formed or joined.


Final Thoughts

Even though many people were disappointed by the Amazon Smile program's closing, there are still lots of ways you may help others and change the world.


By doing this, you may change the world, win over new clients who share your beliefs and vision, and cultivate a relationship of trust and loyalty with your current clientele.

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