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Ways to Increase Amazon Product Reviews in 2024

It goes without saying that ratings and reviews of products are essential to Amazon SEO. A product's organic ranking increases with it...

Amazon Product Reviews

It goes without saying that ratings and reviews of products are essential to Amazon SEO. A product's organic ranking increases with its rating. Even though most vendors are aware of the value of reviews, they frequently struggle to obtain candid feedback from their clients. 


Are you having trouble obtaining product reviews on Amazon? Do your clients not have the time to provide insightful reviews?


Remain calm. It is a typical early obstacle for many sellers. We're sharing all the tips and strategies used by professional sellers to obtain positive product evaluations on Amazon because of this. Here are the top, lawful methods for rapidly obtaining product evaluations on Amazon.


1. What is the significance of Amazon product ratings?

Good Amazon product reviews do more than just help a listing's SEO ranking; they also have a direct impact on other customers' purchase decisions. In advance of making a purchase, 95% of consumers, according to a Spiegel Research Center survey, read reviews. Additionally, as more people leave good evaluations for that product, the conversion rate rises rapidly. How significant a difference is this? An item with five reviews has a 270% higher chance of being purchased by a customer than one with none. 


It is obvious that customers consider reviews of products on Amazon quite important when making decisions. This is due to the fact that among the best types of social proof are product reviews. Psychologically speaking, most customers will seek out other customers' experiences to bolster their selection. Nobody enjoys experiencing purchase regret. Making sure that other people who have bought the product are satisfied with it is the best method to avoid regret! A positive review frequently persuades purchasers who aren't sure whether to buy.


This also holds true for traditional brick and mortar establishments. Nowadays, before making a purchase from their neighborhood brick-and-mortar store, a lot of customers look up reviews online. Positive word-of-mouth recommendations frequently outperform any marketing tactic a company might use.


This implies that reviews' quality is crucial. Unless the reviews are good, receiving a lot of them won't always convert into higher sales. For this reason, Amazon considers reviews' quality as well as quantity. Your product will appear more relevant and rank higher in Amazon's search results if it receives quality reviews.


2. How to improve your Amazon product reviews

How can you increase sales by utilizing this potent social proof? First and foremost, you need to make sure your product is excellent before we even consider the reviews. You must sell a quality product if you hope to receive a positive review! It really is that easy.


You'll probably receive a ton of bad reviews if your product isn't that good or if you're lying to clients about its advantages. Prior to choose a product to market, consider these straightforward inquiries for yourself: Would I tell my friends about this? Would this product be a great gift for my family? Does the product accomplish the goal for which it was designed?If it's a no, then don't anticipate 5-star reviews.


However, it goes beyond the product. When listing your product on Amazon, exercise caution. Customers do not appreciate being misled, so be sure to include all the facts they need to know about the product in the product description and in bullet points. This also applies to product photos. Make sure you include high-quality pictures that show the product from all sides. There should be no doubt about the product's appearance or functionality. You can count on a bad review if a customer believes they were misled. If customers are bringing up problems on a regular basis, make sure the FAQ section addresses those problems. It's crucial to remain optimistic even if a few bad reviews continue to come in. It is a typical aspect of internet sales. It is inevitable that not every consumer will find your product appealing, and it is possible that some have overlooked important details. In any situation, it's critical that you address these unfavorable evaluations and offer to fix the issue. I would recommend reading this post on how to reply to unfavorable reviews if you frequently find yourself fighting fires.


3. How to increase your Amazon product reviews

Now that you are aware of the significance of product evaluations on Amazon, let's examine how to obtain a 5-star rating.


Reach out via e-mail follow-ups

Sounds simple enough? That's the case, really!


Remember that a lot of buyers are unaware of the significance of reviews for vendors. It is the sellers' responsibility to explain the value of reviews. If a satisfied buyer knows how their purchase benefits vendors and the Amazon Marketplace, they are far more inclined to write a review.


How do you communicate with your clients? The "Seller Code of Conduct" on Amazon states that sellers are only permitted to communicate with customers via the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service. The retail behemoth states that any conversations via the service must "be necessary for fulfilling the order or providing customer services." Additionally, it is not permitted to send out marketing or promotional materials.


After your product is successfully delivered, send the buyer an email to begin the conversation. Remain succinct and courteous, and ask if they are happy with the thing they purchased. Be cautious not to bombard them with too many emails.


[In a menu that folds up]


Email 1: Sent right away upon order confirmation.


Subject: I'm grateful that you purchased [product-name]!


Salutations, [buyer-first-name]Hi,


I appreciate that you acquired [product-name]. This is the first time a trio has corresponded to guarantee prompt delivery. Order progress can be seen here (order-link).


Delivering excellent products and services is our top priority, and your pleasure is our first priority. Please get in touch with us or Amazon customer support if you have any questions about product delivery. This is the Amazon Customer Service Link.


Thank you for your business.


With best regards, Name and Designation


A few days after the first email, send another one asking for product feedback.


[Within a foldable menu]


Email2: Shipped 2–5 days after the merchandise is delivered.


Subject: What is your experience with [product-name]?


Body: Salutations, [first-name of buyer],


This is the second of three letters that we have written.


We hope [product-name] arrived at your place undamaged. Our top priority continues to be your satisfaction. If you have any questions about the product's features or experience any problems with it, please reply to this email with your concerns. As an alternative, email [amazon-customer-service-link] to Amazon customer service.


Our goal is total client happiness, thus we look forward to hearing about your thoughts on [product-name]. No more than two minutes will pass! Post an honest review at [product-review-link].


Your priceless input helps potential clients and makes improvements to our goods and services possible.


Regards, Yours Truly, Name, and Title


Once you have a positive review and rating, send the same email again asking for seller feedback. Be succinct and explain the value of seller feedback and how it helps prospective customers.


[Within a foldable menu]


Emails 3: Sent ten days after the merchandise arrived.


Subject: Committed to Improving Your Visit!


Body: Salutations, [first-name of buyer],


We hope you're having a great time with your new [product-name]. This is our final letter to each other about this transaction.


We look forward to hearing from you, as it helps us improve and better serve our future customers. Please submit your review for [product-name] at [product-review-link] if you haven't already. It would make our day to complete this short task in two minutes!


If you have any questions about the product, please reply to this email. Alternatively, use [amazon-customer-service-link] to contact Amazon customer support with any additional questions.


In the event that you have already submitted a review, please delete this message.


I appreciate you making this purchase, and I hope you have an amazing day!


Regards, Yours Truly, Name, and Title


NOTE: Refrain from requesting testimonials or providing rewards for positive input. Amazon forbids asking for favorable reviews, and account suspension may occur from breaking these rules. We do not specifically ask for good evaluations in the email templates that are given. Seek frank feedback at all times, emphasizing the importance of reviews. Be sure to personalize your communications, show sincere appreciation for the purchase, and always be courteous when interacting with customers. Follow the tenet of treating people how you would like to be treated.


 Make use of product inserts.

Sellers can connect with customers and ask for reviews and feedback by using personalized product inserts. When creating your inserts, exercise caution as Amazon has a stringent regulation about requesting feedback from users. Inserts are also a terrific approach to draw attention to a few of the product's main characteristics and advantages. In your inserts, you can also provide links to your non-Amazon pages, such as social media accounts.


Remember to express gratitude to your consumer for their purchase, just like you would in an email.


Product insert example


Hi *[buyer-first-name]*,


Thank you for your purchase!


Our top goal is your contentment, and we work hard to provide top-notch goods and services. Please provide us with your thoughts on the product by writing an Amazon review. We will be able to better serve our future clients with your candid input. To share your thoughts with us, simply sign into your Amazon account, go to "Your orders," and select "Write a product review."


Visit *[social media links]* to keep up with our latest promotions and specials!


Are you dissatisfied with our service or the product? Please don't hesitate to contact us; we would be happy to assist you in any way we can.


You should give your insert's design careful consideration in addition to its content. Ascertain that the product insert is conspicuous. I advise hiring experts to handle your design if cost is not a concern. You can get more Amazon product reviews by doing this.


Utilize social media

Almost everyone uses social media, or more specifically, 50% of people worldwide. 54% of them look for products on social media. That amounts to 1.5 billion individuals!


Brands can use social media to attract a wider audience and market their goods to interested parties. Make sure to include a statement asking customers to provide candid feedback when promoting your sales or discounts on Amazon. Sales are greatly boosted by these social media marketing, and more sales typically translate into more reviews! Remember that you cannot offer incentives for positive ratings, so you should always request candid criticism.


A number of Facebook groups allow vendors to advertise their goods. These organizations were a close-knit community that supported one another a few years ago. But these days, a lot of these groupings are oversaturated. But that shouldn't deter you from signing up for these groups! It is important that you advertise your products in these categories. Although there's no guarantee of success, it's still worth a shot. As usual, never ask for compliments and speak in an impartial manner.


Early Reviewer Program on Amazon

Enrolling in the Amazon Early Reviewer program is one approach to receive reviews ahead of time. Amazon invites users who have bought a product to express their genuine opinions about it through the program. Customers of the retail behemoth are rewarded with little gifts from the company, typically in the form of $1–$3 Amazon gift cards. This is an unbiased review that the vendor cannot change. Reviewers are chosen at random by Amazon.


Enrolling in the program will set you back $60. In order to qualify, your brand must be registered with Amazon and your product must have fewer than five reviews. As a result, this is the best approach to obtain evaluations quickly.


The Vine Program at Amazon

Another excellent tool for sellers to obtain reviews quickly is Amazon Vine. If your product has fewer than thirty reviews, you can sign it up for the Vine program. No enrollment fee is required, in contrast to the Early Reviewer Program. To get your products reviewed, you must email them to Vine Voice members (for free). Vine voice members are people who have a track record of writing perceptive Amazon reviews. Since the retail behemoth hand-picked them, they will have negative opinions of your merchandise. 


A warning. Because Vine reviewers are harsher, make sure your product is excellent. If not, a few reviews and ratings between one and three stars are to be expected.


Consult the most reputable reviews

This calls for some detective work. Navigate to the Amazon page featuring the "Top Customer Reviewers." You can get in touch with some of these reviewers by using the contact details or social media links they have provided. Since some of these reviewers rely on their reviews for a living, their opinions are invaluable!


It's crucial that you locate the industry leaders who are actively reviewing goods that are comparable to the ones you would want to have reviewed. As I mentioned before, these are excellent reviewers, and following their suggestions can really help. However, it could take some research. Similar to the Vine Program, you might have to submit a complimentary copy of the item for review. In the event that the goods is pricey, using this strategy will break the bank.


As usual, only solicit truthful input. Should your goods be excellent, there shouldn't be any cause for concern. The finest social proof you can get on Amazon is certainly a few 5-star reviews from the "Hall of fame" reviewers.


4. Product review on Amazon ToS: Avoiding pitfalls

After learning how to obtain reviews, let's examine some things you shouldn't do in order to succeed.


Never ask relatives or friends for reviews.

Reviews on Amazon should be as genuine as possible. Reviews are designed to filter out the undesirables and give customers enough information to make an informed choice. For this reason, Amazon restricts collecting feedback from friends and family.


For other customers, your parents aren't the most reliable information sources! If Amazon notices "unusual" activity, they may potentially ban product reviews. 


The official statement from Amazon reads as follows: "To maintain the integrity of Community content, advertising, promotion, or solicitation (direct or indirect) is prohibited, including the creation, modification, or posting of content pertaining to your own, your family members', close friends', business associates', or employers' products or services."


Likewise, it's not a good idea to purposefully undermine a rival listing by creating fictitious bad ratings. It isn't very sportsmanlike, to start. It is also not permitted by Amazon.


Never employ phony review services from third parties.

On Amazon, fake reviews are an issue. It is not a secret. Numerous firms promote phony 5-star ratings and reviews for a nominal—that is, inexpensive—price on sites like Fiverr. It's similar to purchasing social media followers, but there's a catch. The massive retailer is aggressively combating fraudulent reviews. Are they performing well enough? That is up for debate. One thing is for sure, Amazon is aware of the issue and working to find a solution.


Although purchasing fictitious evaluations can be tempting right now, it can backfire at any time! The seller is free to take any action they see fit, but I will never advise jeopardizing your company's reputation in order to obtain phony ratings. Your account may even be suspended if it is discovered that you are fabricating reviews. You don't want that, I assure you.


5. Conclusion

Product reviews have the power to make or break your Amazon selling endeavors. There are several dishonest methods for obtaining Amazon product reviews. Thankfully, Amazon consistently takes action against vendors who engage in unethical behavior. In actuality, if your goods and customer service are excellent, you can quickly receive positive evaluations.


You can first sign up for the Amazon Vine or Early Reviewer Programs to start driving sales. At the start of your selling journey, you can also start PPC campaigns to gain some traction. It will not take long for sales to start coming in if you have ensured that your listings are optimized.

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