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Amazon FBA Small and Light: Everything you need know

Small and inexpensive item sales have been hampered by the numerous costs connected with the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. Global m...

Amazon FBA Small and Light

Small and inexpensive item sales have been hampered by the numerous costs connected with the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. Global merchants can now grow their Amazon businesses at a never-before-seen rate thanks to FBA. The increased costs, however, resulted in lesser margins for smaller products. For this reason, a lot of vendors avoided offering goods for less than $10.


Amazon now has a fix for the issue. You may sell things for $7 or less and still be profitable with this little, light program. What is the program, and how does one register for it? Let's examine this.


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What does Amazon FBA small and light mean?

Benefits of Amazon FBA's small and light

Amazon FBA small and light fees

The FBA small and light enrollment process

Final thoughts

What does Amazon FBA small and light mean?

Generally speaking, Amazon charges a fulfillment cost for FBA products that varies based on the volume, size, and category of the product and starts at $2.50. $2.50 is an extremely high fulfillment fee to pay if you're selling an inexpensive goods.


If you fit the following requirements, you can use the FBA service for a lower fulfillment price if you are selling a product for $7 or less:


Dimensions: 16 x 9 x 4 inches or fewer

Volume: Less than 10 oz

Condition: The product must be new

The ASIN must have been listed on Amazon for 90 or more days, and it must have sold 25 or more units in the last 4 weeks.

Barcode: The product should be labeled with an Amazon barcode and not the manufacturer barcode.


In addition, Amazon FBA Tiny and Light does not apply to the following product kinds and categories:


·       Restricted products

·       FBA-prohibited products

·       Adult products

·       Dangerous goods

·       Temperature-sensitive products (like chocolates)



So, how do you use the program to identify the finest things to sell? Selecting the appropriate product and provider is as crucial for smaller and less expensive products.


Sourcing is even more crucial because you are working with smaller margins


Furthermore, the FBA calculator allows you to precisely determine the amount of money that you will be required to pay in FBA fees.


Benefits of Amazon FBA's small and light

Encouraging vendors to market lightweight, quickly-moving items is the goal of the initiative. While receiving the main advantages of Amazon FBA, you pay a cheaper fulfillment cost.  


·       Reduced fulfillment fees: Product sales under the tiny and light program qualify for free Prime delivery, which happens within three to five business days. Free shipping within 6–8 business days is also available to Amazon customers who are not Prime members. Your products' invisibility will increase significantly if they qualify for Prime. Also, clients will be able to take advantage of free shipping without having to meet a $25 minimum purchase requirement. Sales and earnings typically increase as a result.


·       Lower fulfillment costs: This is the main advantage of the initiative. Your margins will benefit from the lower fulfillment costs, or you can decide to provide the consumer competitive prices in exchange for the savings. In either case, everyone benefits.

·       Amazon's A-Z guarantee: There are numerous benefits to participating in the FBA program. The Amazon A-Z guarantee is one of them. Customers have faith in Amazon, and they also have faith in you via FBA. While you concentrate on your business, Amazon's elite team will handle customer inquiries and refunds.


·       Free Promotions: When a customer orders two or more units of any consumable product in the beauty, health & personal care, groceries, or baby categories (but not apparel), they may be eligible for a 5% discount. In these situations, Amazon will cover the discount, so nothing will change for you. They are essentially unpaid advertisements for your goods that don't hurt your business.


Amazon FBA small and light fees

Now let's discuss the most significant aspect of the light and compact program, which is the reduced fulfillment charge. These are the fulfillment fees for tiny and light Amazon FBA products in the US and the UK.


The benefits of Amazon FBA tiny and light for your business's bottom line are evident. It also gives you access to a far larger audience and all of the advantages of FBA. Remember that only the fulfillment fees are reduced; tiny and light FBA fees are the same for all other fees.


Amazon FBA small and light fees

The FBA small and light enrollment process

Let's look at how to sign up for Amazon FBA small and light now that you have a basic understanding of how the program operates.

1.   In accordance with your business plan, either create a new MSKU or utilize an existing one. To help you with the process, you can refer to Amazon's brief and easy enrolling guide.


2.   Having prepared your MSKUs? Enter seller central's login information to reach the enrolling page.


3.   Download the enrollment template.


4.   Fill in the space supplied with the appropriate MSKUs. Ensure that there are no upload issues by making sure that any excess spaces are removed before and after your MSKUs.


5.   To Seller Central, upload the revised paperwork.   

6.   Track and examine the upload's progress. File sizes affect how long it takes to complete your request. Make careful to double-check the processing report for mistakes as soon as it becomes available.

7.   Transport the merchandise to the Amazon fulfillment facility. Each MSKU requires a minimum of 24 items to be sent.


That is all! When it comes to selling on Amazon, you're all set.


Final thoughts

Selling inexpensive, small, and light goods on Amazon with Amazon FBA Small and Light is a terrific method to generate revenue. At first, the smaller fulfillment cost might not seem like much, but it adds up when your product is selling like crazy.

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