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How to Use FBA Reimbursements to Raise Your Amazon FBA Business's Value

Amazon FBA reimbursements could boost the worth of your FBA company just before an important event, like your exit. By raising your asking...

Amazon FBA reimbursements could boost the worth of your FBA company just before an important event, like your exit. By raising your asking price, you can ideally attract many bids and leave with a multiple that makes up for the time, effort, and money you spent building your firm.


We'll go over the specifics of an Amazon valuation so you can know how multiples are calculated and potentially what to anticipate during the phases of an exit. The various methods you can use FBA reimbursements to raise your worth are also covered in this post.


Let's get started!


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How is an FBA business on Amazon valued?

How FBA Reimbursements Can Help You Raise Your FBA Business' Value

Which Solutions or Services Offer FBA Reimbursement Recovery?



How is an FBA business on Amazon valued?

Marketplace Pulse reports that Amazon aggregators have raised close to $9 billion in funding since April 2020. This number shows how hot the Amazon FBA market is, and it may be the best time ever to start the departure process if that's what you want to do. It's difficult to predict if these patterns will last in the upcoming months.


A variety of measures that take into account your FBA firm's earnings are used to determine the value of an Amazon FBA business. The initial focus of the value will be net revenue.

Most aggregators will assess the financial stability of your FBA business using an average of 12-month profits in the price window. There are other situations when shorter windows might be taken into account.


The following formulae can be used to calculate the value of your FBA business:


A calculation known as SDE - Seller Discretionary Earnings aids sellers in raising the value of their FBA business. The SDE displays the net income for the FBA firm.


Discretionary Earnings (sometimes known as compensation or salary) are calculated as Net Revenue - Cost of Goods Sold - Operating Costs plus SDE.


EBITDA – Earnings Before Interest Taxes and Depreciation is a calculation that accounts for the net profit of an Amazon FBA business.


EBITDA = Net Earnings + Interest + Taxes + Depreciation + Amortization


Other elements that could be taken into account are:


·       The FBA business's age

·       How consistent are your numbers?

·       How many products are there in your catalog?

·       How is the seller account's overall health, as well as the listing's (product reviews and feedback) health?

·       How reliable are your logistical and inventory planning systems?

·       How valuable are digital assets like websites and social media platforms?

·       Level of Competition


Through an Amazon FBA business selling marketplace, a bank, or lastly a broker, you can sell your FBA business to a variety of potential customers. Each choice will present a different pricing structure for selling your company.


How FBA Reimbursements Can Help You Raise Your FBA Business' Value

Amazon FBA Reimbursements assist Amazon sellers in obtaining money due to them from Amazon in the event of differences. You have a duty to exercise due diligence in recouping these monies as an Amazon vendor. So, Amazon doesn't carry out your request for you.



The following are the primary differences:


·       Lost

·       Damaged

·       Destroyed

·       Disposed

·       Overpayment of Fees


FBA refunds can be useful at the point of an exit in the following ways:


#1 Raising awareness of money owing to you - It's possible that sellers are unaware of the money that Amazon owes them. Additionally, sellers might not have enough time to thoroughly review an Amazon audit in order to recover the maximum payments.


Here, an Amazon FBA reimbursement solution can assist in proving to potential purchasers that the FBA firm operates profitably and has safeguards in place to protect its financial stability.


#2 FBA reimbursements can assist you in reaching a larger multiple - According to our statistics, 1-3% of an Amazon FBA seller's inventory may at some point be impacted by a discrepancy.


Let's say you sold 100 stock items. This means that about 1 in 3 inventory units will have a discrepancy. Consider how many thousands of inventory items there are. It can pile up, and before you realize it, you are missing a sizable chunk of your own money.


Solutions primarily work to recover these cash on the seller's behalf.


Which Solutions or Services Offer FBA Reimbursement Recovery?

Amazon sellers have a few alternatives for reclaiming FBA reimbursements. The size of your business will affect some of these alternatives. Examine each carefully to see which is best for your FBA business needs.



You have the option to handle your own Amazon claims and audits. Just keep in mind that you'll need to review more data as you have more SKUs. In order to ensure that your interactions with seller support are effective and successful, you'll also want to understand the best way to submit an Amazon claim.



Another choice is to outsource your FBA reimbursements to a virtual assistant. But you must think about how secure your Amazon account is. Assure the safety of anyone gaining access to your Amazon seller central account.


While VAs might be knowledgeable enough to conduct quick Amazon audits, they can, regrettably, lack the experience needed to conduct in-depth audits that aid in maximizing fund recovery. They might only be able to identify ostensible differences.



A comprehensive method for filing Amazon FBA reimbursements is provided by specific solutions. Make that the product or service is a member of the Amazon Service Provider Network.


In order to prevent missed reimbursements and inconsistencies, it is advisable to look for a system that handles manual Amazon claims. The solution should be aware of the proper way to communicate with Amazon as well as what paperwork is necessary to obtain the full reimbursement owing to you.


To do FBA reimbursements, each solution or service provider will charge a different fee, but keep in mind that the ultimate objective should always be to maximize the recovery. In this situation, if money is still left over, the charge structure may not be as significant.



FBA reimbursements at the time of an exit can be crucial in assisting with raising the FBA business's valuation.


An exit strategy can assist you in understanding the process and navigating the various moving parts involved in selling an Amazon firm.


Implementing an FBA reimbursement solution into your exit strategy might increase your multiple and demonstrate the viability of the company.


Your exit strategy should be practical, and you should concentrate on one step at a time. To make things a little easier, many of the best aggregators include exit planning in the process.


Congratulations if you are going that way because exiting is exciting!


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