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Expanded and updated Amazon FBA New Selection Program

Starting part of their Amazon FBA New Selection initiative, Amazon has begun to provide free monthly storage and removals starting on Marc...

Expanded and updated Amazon FBA New Selection Program

Starting part of their Amazon FBA New Selection initiative, Amazon has begun to provide free monthly storage and removals starting on March 1, 2022.


Additionally, as part of the most recent upgrade, Amazon increased the quantity of new qualifying ASINs to 500.


Additionally, new FBA sellers may be eligible for a $100 discount on Amazon Partnered Carrier shipping.


To find out more about the Amazon FBA New Selection Program's updated advantages in 2023, read this article.


Details and Benefits of the FBA New Selection Program

You must sign up for the program if you want to take part in the new Amazon FBA New Selection program.



Amazon decides who is eligible for the fee waivers after enrollment. For retailers, this initiative appears to be effective. So this year, Amazon upgraded and expanded the FBA New Selection program.



These are the advantages you receive if you sign up for the program.


Only applicable to newly created FBA parent ASINs: Amazon sellers signed up for the New Selection program are eligible for fee waivers on up to 500 newly created FBA parent ASINs. This cap will be reset annually on January 1.


Free monthly storage and removals: After the first unit of each new parent ASIN is received at their fulfillment center, Amazon waives monthly storage fees for the first 50 units of that ASIN for a period of 90 days. Within 180 days of the receipt of the first inventory, sellers are free to delete the first 50 pieces without paying any FBA removal costs.


Returns are free for certain categories: The following five categories are also handled for free by the New Selection program:


·       Watches

·       Apparel

·       Jewelry

·       Luggage

·       Accessories, Handbags, and Shoes


For up to 50 units of each parent ASIN, Amazon will cover the cost of return processing. Within 120 days, the returned goods must be delivered to the Amazon fulfillment facility. Within 120 days of the first inventory-received date, these returned items need to be received at a fulfillment center.


Discount on delivery of $100 is only available to new FBA sellers. With the Amazon-partnered delivery scheme, Amazon will cover the first $100 in shipping costs. This is intended for newly registered and approved FBA vendors. The ASINs do not, however, have to be brand-new to qualify for this discount.


This makes using FBA to sell new products even simpler for you. Currently, this program is accessible to retailers in countries including the US, UK,Spain, France, Germany, Japan, and Italy.



Updates to the Amazon FBA New Selection Program for 2023

The New Selection Program was revised for 2023 with greater advantages for qualified sellers because it was successful. The main updates are listed here.


Amazon will increase the average refund on sales for new-to-FBA parent ASINs from 5% to 10% starting in March 2023.


·       The reimbursement is valid for up to 30 units per parent ASIN for qualified oversize items for a maximum of 90 days.

·       The rebate is valid for up to 100 units per parent ASIN for up to 120 days on eligible standard-size products.


Sellers who fulfill certain requirements will still be eligible for the rebate.


Standard-size product eligibility in terms of both quantity and timing: Beginning in March 2023, Amazon will offer storage, liquidation, and refund benefits for up to 100 units per parent ASIN for all eligible standard-size products.


Additionally, Amazon offers storage space and rebates for up to 120 units per parent ASIN.


ASIN qualification


·       The program only accepts small standard and large standard-size objects.

·       Parents' ASINs need to be fresh on FBA. These ASINs shouldn't have participated in FBA in the preceding 180 days.

·       Used goods as well as ASINs from the Media category are not eligible. This comprises audio and visual media such as CDs, DVDs, software, computer and video games, consoles, accessories, and more.


Seller Qualification

Sellers must meet a certain criteria in order to participate in the New FBA Selection program.


·       You must be a seasoned salesperson.

·       You should have an IPI score of 400 or higher.

·       Before submitting their new-to-FBA ASINs to the fulfillment facility, enrolled Amazon sellers must maintain eligibility status. These ASINs will be eligible for the program's free deletions, free monthly storage, and free return processing.

·       If you are a brand-new Professional seller without an inventory storage limit or who has not yet received an IPI score, you qualify. Based on your IPI score, your eligibility status will be updated daily.

·       Even if your IPI score changes before the following April 1 assessment, if you join and are verified as being eligible for the program, you will continue to be eligible until that time.

·       Enrolled sellers will be dropped from the program if their IPI score as of the upcoming April 1 evaluation is lower than 400.

·       Additionally, you must fulfill the requirements on the day that Amazon FBA warehouses receive your first newly-added FBA units.


Amazon encourages sellers to use the FBA service with initiatives like the FBA New Selection service. In general, it's an excellent option for vendors to introduce new goods, and it's free! If you continue to be eligible, you ought to be able to increase your company's bottom line.


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