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Effective Amazon Bullet Points Writing in 2023

Those who frequently purchase online have probably noticed the bullet points on Amazon's product information pages. Product listings o...

Amazon Bullet Point

Those who frequently purchase online have probably noticed the bullet points on Amazon's product information pages. Product listings on Amazon need to be worded well and include the right keywords. Because Amazon customers have so many options, anything you do as a seller to enhance your listing can affect how well your product ranks.


You must understand the significance of Amazon product bullet points as an Amazon seller if you want to differentiate your listing from those of your rivals. They are able to draw attention to the salient aspects of your goods. Use Amazon bullet points to highlight your listing's advantages and unique selling proposition in order to draw customers in. It is a straightforward yet effective method of giving clients particular information when they are planning to purchase. 


Optimized bullet points are essential for increasing Amazon sales. Keep in mind that captivating content on your product page has the power to turn visitors into customers. 


As a seller, you probably already have a few theories about how to use optimized Amazon bullet points to level up your product listing or why they are so crucial, etc.


Table of Content

What are the bullet points on Amazon?

How can I use bullet points in my Amazon listings?

Why bullet points are necessary: Advantages

What are the bullet point requirements for Amazon?

Character limit for Amazon description: 2021

Best techniques for writing Amazon bullet points

What makes a good set of bullet points for an Amazon listing?

Last Thoughts



What are the Bullet Points on Amazon?

The features of a product are briefly and scannably summarized in Amazon bullet points. The text is given in bullet form, as the name implies, making it simpler to read and comprehend. These bullet points are used to draw attention to the product's characteristics, measurements, color, and other essential qualities.


These points' content typically indicates what the clients are seeking for and aids them in completing their purchase. Depending on whether you're reading it on a desktop or a mobile device, the Amazon product bullet points can be found in various locations on the product details page. The "About this item" section is usually where you may find it. If you're using Amazon on a mobile device, scroll down to find the bullet points on the product page. On a desktop computer, you can see them next to the product image, beneath the product title.


How can I use Bullet Points in my Amazon listings?

When generating a product listing or even when editing one, bullet points for Amazon listings can be included. The actions listed below can be used to add bullet points.

·       Register with Amazon Seller Central.

·       Click "Edit" under the product listing option now.

·       Choose the "Description" tab. Both "Key Product Features" and "Product Description" will be listed in separate fields.

·       The "Key Product Features" area will be updated when you enter your bullet points.


Now, it wasn't so difficult, was it? Although adding bullet points is a straightforward process, the most important factor is the content of the bullets. Let's first grasp why these bullet points are significant before getting into the specifics.


Why Bullet Points are necessary: Advantages

Customers read customer reviews and bullet points before making a purchase. Additionally, you must keep in mind that buyers typically make purchasing decisions in a matter of seconds. Therefore, they frequently use bullet points to swiftly scan the points and determine whether to buy anything or not. You may quickly capture your customers' attention and dazzle them with the originality of your listing by using the appropriate keywords in your bullet points. You may be sure that your sales volume will soar if you are successful in accomplishing that.


Additionally, bullet points are crucial because they raise your profile. How? In addition to the keywords used in titles and other areas of product descriptions, Amazon also indexes keywords used in bullet points. Therefore, increasing your chances of a higher placement on the Amazon SERP, which in turn boosts visibility, is accomplished by optimizing product listings with keywords everywhere, including bullet points.


What are the Bullet Point requirements for Amazon?

There are rules for writing bullet points just like there are for selling on Amazon. You must adhere to Amazon's criteria in terms of the data you give and the content's organization. If you don't abide by these rules, your listing can be reported.


Here are a few Amazon's bullet point policies and rules.

·       Capital letters must be used to begin each bullet point.

·       Vendors are permitted 10 bullet points, whereas sellers are permitted 5.

·       The five elements of your goods that are deemed to be its major features or most crucial qualities must be listed in your bullet points.

·       Make sure the length of each of your bullet points is consistent—neither too short nor too long.

·       Avoid using promotional content, details on prices or sales, and discounts that you are offering.

·       The information in your bullet points should be pertinent to your product and not sound like marketing copy.

·       The creation of fancy symbols in bullet points using HTML and other forms of coding is not something that Amazon advises.


Character limit for Amazon description: 2021

There is a word and character limit for each individual bullet point, and it differs for sellers and merchants. Additionally, it differs depending on the many product categories you offer in. One cannot exceed the character limit, which is 500 for sellers and 250–255 for merchants. Vendors must wisely utilize the limited area they have because they are given 10 bullet points with only 250 characters each.


Best Techniques for writing Amazon Bullet Points

It is difficult to frame bullet points in a way that complies with Amazon's guidelines and guarantees the best outcomes. It is insufficient to only list advantages of your product. While creating bullet points for Amazon, there are a few crucial considerations to bear in mind.

Here are some helpful suggestions that you can use, as well as some dos and don'ts.

1.First off, keep in mind that the purpose of crafting these bullet points is to persuade customers to purchase your goods. These elements should emphasize more of the advantages and benefits than the features and technical details mentioned in the general description in order to persuade your clients to buy.


2.Spend some time on your keyword research. Your research should concentrate on locating highly relevant and high-ranking keywords that you may use in your bullet points. By doing this, you'll increase your chances of appearing higher in Amazon search results.


3.Use only one keyword per paragraph.In order to rank higher, if you keep repeating keywords without considering how readable the bullet points are, this is known as keyword stuffing. Avoid overloading your bullet points with keywords because it will make them appear less remarkable.


4.Refrain from making inflated assertions and employing incorrect data. In your bullet points, you shouldn't make any overt claims that your product is the finest in its field. Customers' expectations will be very high as a result, and if your product falls short of their expectations, you risk receiving a lot of unfavorable comments. Remember that these bullet points should highlight the distinctive qualities of your product and how it differs from the competitors.


5.For bullet points, Amazon has a character restriction. There is no requirement to use the limit to the fullest extent possible. As a result, you are not need to fill your bullet points to the brim just because you have a character limit. Customers will only view the first two or three of your long (200 characters or more) bullet points before they must click "More" and, more often than not, they won't continue reading. It always works better if you keep it succinct and informative.


6.You should write your bullet points with the clients' perspective in mind. Describe the functions and characteristics of your product as if you were explaining it to a layperson. Too many technical phrases will make it difficult for most readers to understand what you're saying, which will undermine the impact of your bullet points.


7.The key issues and pain areas for a consumer should be covered in bullet points. These elements assist customers in making purchases. After looking at reviews and feedback, you must include all pertinent information in the bullet points. When it comes to this, competitive analysis is also helpful. You can gain insights from looking at the bullet points and reviews of your competitors, particularly if you're a new seller whose products haven't yet received any reviews. This will show how consumers feel about the offered goods and how informative the bullet points need to be. Conversions will rise as a result of this.


What makes a good set of Bullet Points for an Amazon listing?

Your bullet points must sound like selling points that can persuade a customer that the qualities of the product are advantageous to him or her if you want them to have an impact. It must explain why and how they require this item, as well as how it may meet their demands.


The best bullet points also contain the appropriate keywords. Now, when I say "keywords," I don't simply mean any and all relevant keywords. I'm referring about the actual search terms that people use when looking for products. The Amazon Search Term Report is helpful in this situation. It provides you with information on the search terms that people are using to find your goods on Amazon. Due to the fact that they directly respond to or match the customer's search query, bullet points that use these keywords are a fantastic example.


The best bullet points also contain the right keywords. When I use the term "keywords," I don't just mean any relevant keywords. I'm referring to the actual search terms that users enter into search engines when looking for products. The Amazon Search Term Report is helpful in this situation. You may get specifics on the search terms people use to find your products on Amazon. Due to the fact that they directly respond to or match the customer's search query, bullet points that use these keywords are a fantastic example.


Amazon Bullet Point

Last Thoughts

Your product listing should include bullet points because these help to increase sales. They are one of the first and most important places of emphasis on your product information page as a result of their positioning. Remember that the initial impression your product receives can make or break your conversion rates, so you should work to make sure that your bullet points are optimized and that the keywords they contain are relevant. To make your bullet points stand out, you must be creative with the terminology you choose and how you present them. If you adhere to the advice given above, you will be well on your way to writing compelling bullet points that truly work to sell.


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