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Discover the Best Techniques for Locating Reliable Amazon FBA Suppliers in 2023

You've done your research and identified a standout product to market on Amazon. But your labor here isn't finished yet! Finding a...

Amazon FBA Suppliers

You've done your research and identified a standout product to market on Amazon. But your labor here isn't finished yet! Finding a source who will transport the goods at a fair price is now necessary. Additionally, you need to confirm that the item satisfies the Amazon Marketplace's quality requirements.

What steps should you take to discover the suitable supplier? Do you get the item from a local manufacturer or China, as many Amazon vendors do? You must locate a supplier who can suit your needs because both approaches have intrinsic advantages.


Table of Content

1.Selecting the ideal suppliers for Amazon FBA

2.Your list of FBA suppliers

3.Direct delivery to fulfillment facilities

4.Shipping to a middleman or to yourself

5.Are Amazon's suppliers domestic or foreign?


Selecting the ideal suppliers for Amazon FBA


First, let's discuss the dragon present in the space.


China is without a doubt the world's center of manufacturing. Most products you buy were probably either assembled or produced in the nation. What makes China such a popular location for Amazon merchants to locate suppliers? It is less expensive, to put it simply. Chinese businesses are able to reduce production costs thanks to low overhead expenses, making it nearly hard for other nations to compete.


One of the essential components of remaining relevant on e-commerce platforms like Amazon is offering competitive prices. Sellers must make sure they are paying the least amount feasible for their products. Typically, this entails forming partnerships with Chinese suppliers or manufacturers. But there are more ways to remain competitive without only sourcing from China! Then, how can you locate the top Amazon FBA suppliers?


Websites that sell things

For aspiring Amazon merchants, websites like Aliexpress and Alibaba are a gold mine. It is difficult to navigate them, though. It is highly likely that you will purchase directly from the manufacturer if you attempt to source from Alibaba. A lower cost per item is frequently associated with direct purchasing from manufacturers. But the majority of suppliers only accept sizable orders.


Aside from Alibaba and AliExpress, B2B e-commerce sites like Made-in-China, Global Sources, and JimTrade are worth looking into if you can't find what you're searching for on those sites.  These independent B2B e-commerce sites, which concentrate on international business, are excellent places to find suppliers for your goods.


Trade expos

Trade exhibitions are a fantastic way for a seller to speak with suppliers face-to-face. You can learn more about a supplier's company values, goods, and quality control procedures by having a face-to-face conversation with them. You'll have a ton of options because of how many vendors and manufacturers there are at trade exhibits. Additionally, you are not need to travel to China in order to attend trade shows. While focusing your search in China will put you in contact with more possible Chinese suppliers, many also exhibit at trade shows across the world.

Make sure to do your homework before attending a trade show. When you go to these events, you need to be very clear about what you're searching for. The abundance of options won't divert you if you have a clear plan in place.


Agencies that source products

You can also speak with product sourcing agencies if you're having problems finding the suitable source. You can import the goods at a reduced cost with the aid of these outside firms for locating suppliers. Using sourcing firms can help you control quality.


Although it costs money, this is the simplest approach to locate a supplier abroad, particularly in South Asia or China. In order to compete on Amazon, you might need to pay a sourcing agency an additional commission, especially if your rivals are also looking to optimize and cut costs. Furthermore, sourcing firms almost never provide the names of their manufacturers or suppliers.


You need to confirm your provider is the proper one for you now that you know how to contact them. You must ensure that your providers are reliable since there are some things you simply cannot leave to chance. How do you go about that?


Your list of FBA suppliers

When choosing the best provider, you should take into account more than just the cost of the product. Additionally, you should think about the product's quality and the supplier's effectiveness. Also remember to account for freight charges. When you include in overhead expenses like shipping, packing, taxes, and customs processing, a local supplier may occasionally end up being less expensive. So what considerations must you make while choosing your supplier?


Check your supplier again

A provider is not necessarily trustworthy just because they are listed on Alibaba. How do you ensure that your provider is a trustworthy one then? The best course of action is to visit China via plane. However, not all sellers will be able to do this. As a result, use trade assurance suppliers whenever you make a purchase on Alibaba.


While trade assurance does provide protections and guarantees on-time delivery, it is always advisable to research the provider. You should be able to tell if it is a real business by performing a quick Google search. Additionally, look for the following information:


·       Business License

·       Supplier Location

·       Ownership Status

·       Pictures of the company's activities

·       Knowledge Base

·       Certifications that the products must have

·       Examine the criteria for product quality and safety.


Quality and safety requirements vary by market, so not everything you purchase from an international provider will be up to par. Before purchasing the product, it is your obligation to confirm that your seller complies with local regulations. Watch out for any potential patent infringements as well. If there is a problem with the product, it is a waste of money.


It can be challenging to keep an eye out for safety standards, particularly when it comes to sophisticated devices like electronics. Before you place an order, it is your responsibility to confirm that your supplier has all required approvals and safety certificates.



Find out the process used to make the item.

It is important to identify the manufacturer of electronics if you want to sell a product that is intricate and challenging to produce. This also entails determining each and every specifics of the merchandise on your own. There is no room for error when it comes to the quality of your listing on a competitive e-commerce platform. So be sure to test the item!


Request prototypes

Prior to placing an order, always request a sample or a prototype of the product in question. You can use this to determine whether the product satisfies quality requirements. It will also assist you in determining whether the product is one that buyers would first purchase. If you intend to launch a private label, you must ensure that the product adheres to the requirements of your brand.  You can seek feedback on the viability of your idea from friends and family members using a prototype as well.


Determine the logistics

It may take some time and incur expenses like freight charges that many vendors ignore to ship goods from another countries. Before forming a partnership with a supplier, be careful to account for these extra expenses. With SellerApp's Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) calculator, you can determine whether your goods may be sold for a profit.


You must take into account other factors in addition to cost. Setting up the production of new goods takes time. Find out how long it takes to make the new item and how long it will take for it to arrive in your inventory after it has passed through customs. This knowledge is essential to making sure that you succeed because running out of merchandise can significantly reduce your chances of winning the Buy Box.


Broaden your search

Never depend exclusively on one source. Make sure you're in touch with several businesses as you work your way down this checklist. As a result, you have more choices before making a decision. It is advised that you consider all of your options before choosing the one that best matches your organization's needs because the prices and quality of the products can vary from one firm to the next.


There are still additional choices to be made after you've selected the ideal source. How are the products delivered? How is packaging handled? How can quality control be made sure? When it comes to transporting your goods from the supplier to Amazon's fulfillment facilities, there are two possibilities. You may either:


Deliver the goods from the source straight to an Amazon FBA warehouse rather than to a middleman or to yourself.


Direct delivery to fulfillment facilities

It is in your best advantage to brief them even though many suppliers, especially Chinese ones, are conversant with FBA criteria and guidelines. No essential information should be lost in translation, especially if you are purchasing your goods from foreign suppliers. What benefits might sending the goods straight to Amazon's fulfillment facilities offer?


Faster transit times: You'll save a lot of time by shipping the goods directly to Amazon. You can begin selling on Amazon as soon as the item arrives at a fulfillment facility.

Cost savings: By delivering directly to FBA centers, you can avoid paying a middleman, which would cost you money.


Shipping directly to Amazon is not always the best option and has certain drawbacks of its own:


Lack of quality assurance: This is the biggest disadvantage of sending directly to Amazon.When your goods are sent directly to the fulfillment centers, you won't have a chance to evaluate their quality.

Packaging standards: Even if your product is of the highest caliber, you must still adhere to the exacting shipping and packaging guidelines established by Amazon for FBA sellers.  Any error by your supplier will have a negative impact on your revenue.


Shipping to a middleman or to yourself

To guarantee the caliber of your goods and their packaging, you can decide whether to ship them to yourself directly or through a third-party broker. After passing these inspections, items can be sent right to Amazon FBA facilities. You can send your FBA merchandise with the aid of third-party providers. There is a price for this. What are the advantages and disadvantages of shipping the merchandise yourself versus hiring middlemen? Let's begin with the advantages:


Correct quality checks: In this situation, you are not at the supplier's mercy. You are free to inspect the goods for flaws after receiving the shipment from a supplier and to make sure that sufficient quality control was carried out. The products can then be delivered to Amazon at your own speed.


Protect business secrets: It's always a good idea to safeguard your company's interests to keep corporate secrets private. This occasionally entails keeping your supplier in the dark about your business plans. 

What drawbacks do utilizing middlemen or transporting your own items have?


Cost increases: You will be paying the middleman you choose to ship your goods to Amazon. It will take a lot of time if you handle it alone.

Longer travel time: It will take longer before you can update your inventory if the item is not being shipped immediately to an Amazon FBA facility.


We advise mailing the goods to yourself or a third-party shipping agency if this is your first shipment from the source. Quality inspections are essential when you first launch your company.  It's always preferable to guarantee quality control before posting your product listing, unless you're strapped for cash. 


Are Amazon's suppliers domestic or foreign?

Buying your goods from regional vendors has numerous advantages. It cuts down on transit time, ensuring that you may ship your product sooner. It also enables you to closely monitor product quality and guarantees that there are no misunderstandings between you and your supplier.


Chinese suppliers are frequently less expensive in the end than domestic providers, therefore winning the Buy Box on Amazon can ultimately depend on slim margins. Before choosing your supplier, you must also take into account a number of other criteria, such as product cost, taxes, shipping periods, and logistics. An Amazon seller who is successful constantly keeps their options open.



It is ultimately up to you to decide which supplier best suits your needs. Verify that your supplier is reliable and that your product is of the highest caliber by going through the checklist. Even once you choose the ideal source, you still have a lot of work to perform.

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