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Amazon Advertising Updates – August 2020 Boosting Your Amazon PPC Campaigns

To give marketers, agencies, and sellers cutting-edge tools to maximize their ROI (Return on Investment) on Amazon advertising, the e-comm...

Amazon Advertising Upd:ates – August 2020

To give marketers, agencies, and sellers cutting-edge tools to maximize their ROI (Return on Investment) on Amazon advertising, the e-commerce behemoth Amazon constantly improves its advertising platform. Amazon unveiled a number of new changes and features in August 2020 with the goal of improving the efficacy of Amazon advertising efforts. 

We will go into these enhancements in this blog post and talk about how they might assist advertising succeed.


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Campaigns

Campaigns that pay-per-click (PPC) are still the foundation of Amazon advertising. To make their products stand out in search results and on product pages, advertisers place bids on keywords. These campaigns are an essential part of any Amazon advertising plan since they give you fine-grained control over your advertising budget and targeting.


Amazon Advertising Console

You can manage all of your Amazon ad accounts and campaigns through the Amazon Advertising Console. You can build, optimize, and track the effectiveness of your platform advertising campaigns here.


Sponsored Brands

Advertisers can use Sponsored Brands to present their company and goods in a visually appealing manner at the top of search results. These advertisements aid in increasing discoverability and desirability, making them an advantageous tool for both emerging brands and established companies.


Store Pages

Store pages are a fantastic way to provide your customers a branded purchasing experience. You can add pictures, videos, and product lists to your store to give them a fuller picture of what your company has to offer.


Amazon Sponsored Display

Campaigns for Amazon Sponsored Display give advertisers the option to target customers both on and off Amazon. This function helps you reach a larger audience by extending the reach of your advertising efforts outside of the platform itself.


Product Targeting

You can select particular products to target in your ads using product targeting. This function enables more exact ad placement, guaranteeing that customers most likely to buy your products see them.


Reporting Metrics

You may evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts with the help of the numerous reporting indicators that Amazon offers. You may fine-tune your advertising strategy and raise your ROI with thorough data.


Billing Dashboard

The billing dashboard for Amazon provides marketers with a summary of their billing activities and payments. It is a crucial tool for controlling your advertising budget and making sure you are getting the most for your money.


Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) Read Metric

KENP Read Metrics are essential for understanding how readers interact with Kindle books through Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owner's Lending Library for book retailers and authors. Your marketing and advertising tactics can benefit from this information.


Transparent Marketing Strategy

Advertising on Amazon must be transparent. You can develop a sustainable advertising plan by understanding where your money is going and how it is functioning.


Consulting and 7-Day Free Trials

Many Amazon marketing companies provide free consultations and trials to assist you in starting or improving your advertising campaigns. For your Amazon firm, utilizing their skills might be a game-changer.


Amazon Q4 Mastery

For 7-figure sellers and those hoping to take advantage of the increased Christmas buying, knowing how to navigate Amazon during the important Q4 season is crucial.



Finally, a number of features and tools were added to Amazon's advertising improvements in August 2020 to enable businesses, marketers, and sellers to improve their Amazon PPC campaigns. These enhancements, which ranged from sponsored brands to data analytics capabilities, were made in an effort to increase discoverability, make the platform more desirable, and maximize ROI. 

It's crucial to accept these changes and modify your plan as necessary if you want to remain competitive in the ever changing world of Amazon advertising. 

These tools and capabilities are important additions to your Amazon advertising toolkit whether you're a startup brand just entering the market or an established company trying to grow.

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