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How To Increase Conversions in Several Marketplaces by Providing Quick Shipment

By 2023, the eCommerce market is projected to reach $2,854,203 million. That equates to a large consumer base, a large sales volume, and f...

By 2023, the eCommerce market is projected to reach $2,854,203 million. That equates to a large consumer base, a large sales volume, and fierce rivalry. Your future success depends on reaching online shoppers before your rivals do. Fortunately, the Deliver eCommerce specialists are here to demonstrate how something as basic as quick shipment can help you increase your customer base, increase sales, and increase profitability.


Why expedited shipping attracts more clients

Let's quickly review the reasons why speedy shipping reaches more customers before getting into how you can leverage it to reach more customers.


Client anticipation

63 percent When they shop online, most customers anticipate quick delivery at all times and locations. However, quick shipping is now expected rather than just a motivator. Customers will therefore only shop at establishments that live up to this expectation, so if you're not there, you're severely limiting your prospective customer base.


Enhanced visibility

However, it goes beyond simply shopping where you should. Customers that are unwilling to accept slower delivery times will use narrowed search options to display only listings that meet their needs for quick shipping. Look at Kids N' Such; they increased their monthly sales from $15,000 to $43,000 by listing themselves in Walmart's fast-shipping filtered search results.  Once more, those customers won't see your listings if you're not a part of the party.


Quick shipping initiatives

Consumers that pay monthly subscription fees for rapid shipping services, like Amazon Prime, want to get the most out of their purchases, so they will make appropriate purchases. This audience won't notice you if you're not an Amazon Prime seller.


Attracting last-minute purchasers

And what about your devoted clients who aren't driven by expediency? Even if consumers might stick with your brand temporarily, they will easily switch to your fast-delivering competitor as soon as they miss an anniversary, schedule a last-minute trip, or misunderstand how soon Christmas will arrive.


It's important to ship quickly; you just need to do it.


How to use quick shipping to reach more customers

Using quick shipment, you may increase your consumer base in two ways:


1. Quicken your regular delivery times.

Why are you continuously offering sluggish shipping speeds when no one seems to be thrilled about them? It's that simple: 58% of customers will select a new merchant if they have additional delivery options. Take down any delivery speeds longer than a week from your own websites and provide your clients with multiple delivery speed and price options so they may select the one that best suits their needs without having to look elsewhere.


2. Enroll in expedited delivery initiatives.

You should expand your delivery options on your online marketplaces after you've expanded them on your own website. This is where fast shipping systems come into play. With online marketplace fast shipping programs, you can increase your consumer base by announcing your rapid delivery times with pride. The principal ones are:


Free 2-Day Shipping at Walmart

Customers of Walmart Marketplace can take advantage of Walmart's free two-day delivery shipping program. Free 2-Day Shipping at Walmart Vendors get:


·       A green fast shipping tag;

·       Better search result placement; and

·       Buy box eligibility.


Amazon Prime

Customers who subscribe to Amazon Prime get free two-day (soon to be one-day) shipping for a monthly or annual charge. Amazon Prime Members receive:


·       A blue Amazon Prime badge on their listing;

·       Higher search result ranking; and

·       Increased chances of winning the buy box.


Shopify 2-Day

By the end of the year, Shopify users will have access to a new two-day shipping option that will be available throughout the United States.


Utilizing Shopify's fulfillment centers to ensure two-day shipping; utilizing the shipping features built into Shopify to establish customized shipping policies and rates; and having access to Shopify's machine learning knowledge base to forecast demand and distribute goods around the nation.


eBay Promised Delivery

eBay customers who want their purchases delivered in one, two, or three days can use eBay Guaranteed Delivery to narrow search results. Vendors of eBay Guaranteed Delivery receive:


·       Placement in fast shipping-filtered search results; and

·       Fast N’ Free fast shipping tags.


Starting the process of quick delivery

As we've already shown, using quick shipping to reach a larger audience is really easy. Here are your alternatives if you're an online vendor and haven't set up quick shipment yet:


1. In-house fulfillment

If you handle order fulfillment internally, using your own warehouse, personnel, and shipping carrier, you can be eligible for the aforementioned rapid shipping programs. If you have a low order volume and are just getting started, this is a perfect alternative. The following are the internal fulfillment prerequisites for quick shipping programs:


Amazon Prime

In the last 30 days, you must have fulfilled over 20 Premium Shipping orders as a Professional Seller and possess the following:


A cancellation rate of less than 1%; a delivery rate of less than 96% (99% during your trial); tracking IDs added to more than 84% of all orders; as well as a 30-day rolling 4.5+ feedback rating.


Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping

You must complete a 30-day trial and achieve:


·       An on-time shipping rate of 95% or above;

·       An on-time delivery rate of 95% or above;

·       An accurate products’ shipped rate of 99.5% or above;

·       A valid tracking rate of 95% or above; and

·       A cancellation rate of 1.5% or lower.


eBay Promised Delivery

You must be a subscriber to the eBay Store and conduct over 100 transactions annually. You must also have:


·       A late shipping rate under 5%;

·       A same or 1-day handling time; and once on the program

·       A minimum 97% on-time handling rate; and

·       A minimum 95% on-time tracking upload.


2. Fulfillment via outsourcing

If you lack the internal knowledge, systems, or resources to meet these demands and keep up quick shipment times, you can outsource to a third-party fulfillment partner who will complement your present sales approach:


Vendors exclusive to Amazon

FBA is the greatest choice if you solely sell high-margin, lightweight, high-volume merchandise on Amazon. Order fulfillment is handled by FBA; all you have to do is send your purchases to Amazon's warehouses to be immediately eligible for Amazon Prime. Using a Seller Fulfilled Prime fulfillment partner, who provides an FBA-like service at a cheaper cost, will prove to be more economical if you're selling large, bulky, seasonal, or low-volume products.


eBay sellers, Walmart, and Shopify

You can use Delivery to automatically qualify for fast shipping programs if you sell on any of the other online marketplaces. Delivery completes orders without requiring you to go through the qualification trial, allowing you to take advantage of the rapid shipping programs sooner and at a lower fulfillment cost.


Many channels of sale

A multi-channel fulfillment partner that enables sellers to take advantage of fast delivery programs offered by Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Shopify is what multichannel sellers and retailers hoping to expand should seek out.


And presto! You can now ship quickly.


Final thoughts: Reaching more customers with quick shipping

It's simple to reach more customers with fast shipping; the challenging part is managing an increase in orders with rapid shipping while upholding standards. Pick a quick shipping plan and fulfillment partner that will enable you to fulfill your delivery commitments on time and get the benefits.

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