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How to Schedule Amazon Sales Post Holidays

Even though you probably saw a lot of sales over the holidays, your inventory probably remains full, so you may be asking how to continue ...

Amazon Sales Post Holidays

Even though you probably saw a lot of sales over the holidays, your inventory probably remains full, so you may be asking how to continue selling on Amazon after the holidays. Thus, you should also be ready for post-holiday bargains when the season ends.


What Makes Up the Post-Holiday Sales


Restoring and Reassessing Pre-Holiday Deals

If you don't restore or reevaluate the prices that were cut for the Christmas season, you could lose a lot of money even though there is less rivalry because it's likely that your rivals would also raise the pricing on easily sold products.


Steep price reductions on perishable items

It's possible that you experienced a situation where sales during the holidays were lower than anticipated, leaving you with a huge inventory that needs to be sold. While items like clothing and gadgets wouldn't be too risky, perishables must be sold quickly if their shelf life is limited. Here, steep discounts might be beneficial since you would prefer to keep a smaller profit than have to throw them away.


Offers to further reduce stock to entice buyers

By offering the consumer an incentive in an alternative manner, you might not need to give them a discount on general merchandise as frequently. Rather than taking a big loss on the profit by offering a steep discount, you can wish to offer a monetarily comparable perishable good or products whose volume you anticipate decreasing.


A strong Amazon strategy plan and increased sales can be achieved by grouping related products together and labeling them as accessories or buying essentials.


Give current clients customized discounts.

With the information you have obtained from the holiday sales, you are aware of the customer's interest in and propensity to make a similar purchase. If a laptop bag is given at a discount, a consumer who just bought a laptop is more likely to buy one. It would be quite beneficial to target these customers in an effort to increase stock movement.


Love for bargains never goes away

Even though the holidays may be over, shoppers aren't likely to be disappointed to learn that a certain promotion is still available or that new ones have been added. People frequently like to make the same purchases that their friends or relatives have purchased when they see them, provided the offer is still valid. In these circumstances, an extended offer would make the customer happy.


12 Guidelines for Amazon Selling Success



The position of the search results determines how well Amazon does in terms of sales. It's crucial that you are located regardless of the things you select, since they should pique interest and hence create demand.


Promote your goods by offering them at a price that is competitive, as your products rise in the internal Amazon statistics ranking and take up space on the search results pages. Thus, it may be a good idea to launch a product at a low price then raise it as soon as sales start to show that the product is becoming more popular and ranking higher in search results. This isn't always the case if your product is very competitive because you will lose money. You now have an abundance of options: accept the low profit margin, keep the item off Amazon, or persuade yourself with a higher rating profile—which is a key selling point for a lot of buyers. Simultaneously, a positive review is a fundamental prerequisite for the cart field to succeed, as it significantly boosts sales. This isn't the cost every time!


In addition to price, product information quality is a deciding factor in product positioning and, consequently, in Amazon's economic success. Spend some time adding thorough product information to your offerings. Important success criteria include, but are not limited to, the product title, accurate brand indication, appropriate category selection, and effective use of search phrases.


A strong position also requires the so-called soft factors, which are additional to these components. This covers the item's processing time as well as the "FBA" factor sales by XY. This covers both the initial direct shipment to the buyer and the storage of your goods in Amazon's warehouse. Consider whether it makes sense for you to store some of the products directly at Amazon as they will always be prioritized by the company.


Improve the categories & search terms.

Many dealers find that using straight search phrases is bothersome and frequently overlooked. These are key terms that affect how visible your products are in Amazon search results and how much they influence the conversion rate on Amazon.


Since most search queries consist of two or more search terms, consider carefully what your target audience would searching for and experiment with synonyms and word combinations. Improve the photos and descriptions of your products.


A key sales tactic, beside pricing, is product presentation, which helps the buyer select your offering. Excellent product photos and descriptions are especially crucial, especially at Amazon since all dealers are subject to the same rules. Thus, invest some time to include a thorough product description in your articles and enhance the products with excellent product images.


Products that have already been registered in the Amazon catalog by another dealer using the same EAN number (GTIN) but have inaccurate or subpar product information are always problematic. The Amazon catalog now includes this product's details. Initially, your own Amazon dealer shop will simply contain accurate product details and your own product photos. Amazon may occasionally automatically swap out the data you enter in your product's text and image.


If this isn't the case and you're not happy with what your rival or Amazon told you, please get in touch with Amazon and request a refund. The Amazon product team will review the product and make any necessary revisions based on the circumstances. Use it and get in touch with Amazon, even if it doesn't always work out.


Taking yourself the shopping cart!

It is final whether or not you get the shopping cart if you are not the only vendor of the goods. The frequency of the shopping cart appears in the reports under the "Details Sales and Traffic" page. You can see how frequently you win the shopping cart field in the "Shopping Cart Percentage" column.


The quantity of orders placed is directly impacted if this value decreases. While there may be other factors at play, cost is frequently one of them. However, the quantity of favorable reviews and adherence to Amazon policies will directly affect whether or not you cart the field, so price isn't necessarily the source of a low value.


Observe your reviews carefully

Similar to eBay, the quantity of favorable evaluations, also known as Amazon feedback, is crucial for the success of sales. Customers will avoid purchasing from them and instead choose to purchase from the more expensive supplier that delivers consistently if they have a poor rating profile. They will also find it difficult to track the shopping cart field.


It's crucial to remember that, because Amazon assigns an average score based on a 5-star rating system, a neutral rating has a negative effect on your rating profile, receiving 3 out of 5 points. As a result, you should make sure that you only get four or five assessment points. In addition to being accessible on the user rating scale, Seller Central has examined statistics based on a 100% threshold. Please confirm that you are at least 97%, if not higher.


In light of the fact that, in contrast to eBay, only one in seven customers rates a product, each customer review can significantly affect your rating metrics. As clients of goods supplied directly through Amazon are accustomed to very fast delivery, disgruntled customers who have to wait a long time for their delivery prefer to offer a bad rating faster than eBay.


In the event of a delayed delivery, promptly notify the seller, provide an explanation for the hold-up, and notify the client of the revised delivery date. Having this open line of communication works wonders frequently, but be sure to keep your promise.


Being better than your rivals should be your top priority since it will raise your chances of winning both the shopping cart race and the clients' decision to purchase your goods.


Don't transgress Amazon policies.

Since Amazon's internal consumer data determine whether or not you may continue to sell as an Amazon shop, they are extremely important. Your traffic light may be temporarily or, in the worst case scenario, permanently excluded from the Amazon Marketplace if it frequently displays yellow or even red. As a dealer, you don't need our explanation of what this entails.


In this field, all criteria are extremely specific. Just 1% of orders have order flaws, such as a negative review or an A-to-Z guarantee claim for a purchase order. Additionally, the 4% standard for late deliveries leaves little room for interpretation. Kindly ensure that your articles have a fair processing time. There's nothing worse than beating out your rival and taking the lead in the shopping basket, only to have to wait two weeks to deliver it and end up with bad reviews. Consequently, pay close attention to how closely the Amazon criteria are followed.


Answer each inquiry as quickly as you can (less than 24 hours).

There has been the field contact reaction time at Amazon since previous year. In nine out of ten situations, Amazon expects you to respond to consumer notifications within a day. This is especially true on the weekends! If your clients often message you on the weekends, pay attention to this important statistic and devise a suitable plan. It is incorrect to take no action.


Make your own GTIN and EAN barcodes.

Selling products on Amazon is not possible if you are from Europe and do not have an EAN number (also known as a GTIN), unless you are able to demonstrate that you are the manufacturer.


Whatever the case, it is still possible to get a certain edge and, for instance, list several products that are already assigned an EAN number as a fixed article under a new offer in the Amazon catalog. You accomplish this by giving this predetermined offer your unique EAN number. Your own item numbers are available from a number of vendors.


However, don't overdo it with things that Amazon has already placed in the catalog; it doesn't look like Amazon, and this is the already excessively fat Amazon catalog.


Avoid A-Z guarantees

A-to-Z guarantees are always crucial as there are far too many of these situations, and they terminate the Amazon sales activity very fast. Amazon wants to steer clear of low-quality products and prevent them from entering their inventory. It will be exceedingly tough to succeed on Amazon if you consistently sell low-quality products.


Provide on schedule

On Amazon, timely delivery of an item is crucial because buyers are accustomed to receiving their orders quickly. Amazon shoppers are eager to create an AZ complaint or leave a poor review if the delivery is too late. This affects both your Amazon account profile, which your customers cannot see, and your customers' visible rating profile.


You should also ensure that the delivery will be dispatched within the next 24 hours if you confirm a delivery here. If not, you should experiment with confirming a delivery to avoid having a negative impact on Amazon's statistics.It's important to keep in mind that, as soon as you approve delivery, each buyer receives an email that has been forwarded to the shipping company.


As a result, you can picture how a customer would respond if you shipped the products four days after receiving the shipping confirmation and waited for delivery.


Limit the quantity of orders that are canceled.

The rule on Amazon is that you don't need to be afraid of this figure if you just don't sell anything that you can't deliver within 30 days.


Increase the processing days for this item if you sell goods that you are buying from a vendor or that are shipped by a drop shipping partner on your behalf. After the allotted 30 days, orders placed with Amazon are immediately canceled.


Additionally, by being aware of both the bad customer reviews and the yellow or red customer statistics in the Amazon Seller Central customer account, you lessen the chance of receiving unfavorable feedback from customers.


Stay out of trouble with the law!

There are many judicial rulings in your nation, and Amazon is a well-known venue for warnings.


Because a warning can be expensive and your sales activities at Amazon swiftly come to a stop, we advise seeking legal counsel from an attorney who specializes in Internet law. This should be taken into account in your Amazon business plan.

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