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Etsy SEO: 13 Key Factors for Sellers

If you sell on Etsy, you are aware of the enormous possibilities this network provides for showcasing your antique or handcrafted goods. ...

Etsy SEO

If you sell on Etsy, you are aware of the enormous possibilities this network provides for showcasing your antique or handcrafted goods.


But making an impression in the huge and varied Etsy marketplace can be difficult.


Etsy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is useful in this situation.


The main goal of Etsy SEO is to make your shop and product listings as visible as possible at the top of search results for potential customers looking for that ideal purchase.


This can determine whether your product becomes a best-seller or declines.


We've put together the top 13 optimization suggestions for sellers to help you get the most out of Etsy SEO. When used carefully, these techniques can raise the exposure of your Etsy store, draw in more visitors, and increase revenue.

So let's dive into these crucial pointers and make the most of your Etsy store.


Table of Content

Etsy SEO: What Is It?

How Does SEO on Etsy Operate?

The Top 13 SEO Tips for Etsy Sellers

Make the Most of Every One of the 13 Tags in Your Listing



Etsy SEO: What Is It?

Similar to Amazon, Etsy is a well-known online marketplace where independent craftspeople, artists, and small companies sell their one-of-a-kind and handmade goods. Etsy is a competitive marketplace with thousands of sellers going live every day because it connects customers looking for unique things.


Therefore, it's crucial to optimize your listings for Etsy SEO if you want to stand out in this crowded marketplace and draw in shoppers.


This will increase potential buyers' ability to find your offering and increase sales.


The best SEO advice is provided in the next section. But first, learn how to use Etsy's search function.


How Does SEO on Etsy Operate?

To get their products in front of potential buyers, sellers must understand how Etsy SEO operates. There are two stages to the Etsy search process:


·       Matching Query

·       Factors that rank


Below is a detailed breakdown of both search procedures.


Matching Query

The cornerstone of Etsy SEO is query matching. When a consumer types in a search query, Etsy's algorithm determines which listing best fits their search phrase. In order to identify pertinent keywords that correspond with the search query, Etsy's search engine examines the product listing's title, description, categories, and tags.  Your listing's likelihood of showing up in the search results increases with how closely the keyword in it matches the customer's query.


Factors that rank

Your product's ranking on Etsy is determined by a number of additional variables. Your products' placement in the search results is determined by their rank. Your listing is more likely to rank higher the more ranking factors it has. These are the rating criteria that Etsy considers significant.



How well your product fits the customer's search query determines its relevance. It all comes down to how relevant your listings and product are found by customers. As usual, search results for exact-match terms are displayed higher.


Make sure your tags, descriptions, and titles are accurate and descriptive, and utilize keywords that appropriately describe your product to increase your relevancy.



Etsy takes into account recently updated or new listings in an effort to highlight current listings and provide customers with an opportunity to find new products. Etsy is able to provide customers with a more current perspective of the marketplace and assist them in finding the products they are looking for by displaying new and recently updated listings in the search results.


Since the algorithm views the highlighted listings as active, they may rank higher in the Etsy search results. Additionally, Etsy highlights these listings for a brief period of time in search results so that it can gauge how customers engage with them.


Adding new products on a regular basis or updating current ones will help you rank higher.


Price of Shipping

Etsy's SEO position is heavily influenced by the cost of delivery. Etsy gives sellers who offer free or quick shipping, competitive pricing, or both a higher priority than others.


Personalized Search

Every user's activity and preferences are taken into consideration by Etsy's search algorithm. It seeks to display products that are more likely to align with a user's interests and previous interactions on the site by personalizing search results. This implies that, even for the same search query, different users may receive different search results.


Language and Translation

When listing your product on Etsy, you should use the same language that you choose when setting up your store. Etsy gives sellers the option to advertise their offering in multiple languages. You may raise your Etsy SEO in a variety of geographic areas by offering listings in numerous languages.


Store location

The seller's location is taken into account in Canada, Australia, and the EU. On Etsy's search results pages, these locally produced goods may appear somewhat higher.


Consumer behaviors

Each customer's search results on Etsy are unique. Customers are shown the products they are most likely to buy on Etsy based on what interests them.


Context-Specific Ranking

Context-Specific Ranking, also known as Customer Shopping Behavior, or CSR, is an Etsy feature that assists in displaying to customers appropriate listings according to their preferences. Since CSR increases the likelihood that a listing will be bought, sellers can consider it an integral part of Etsy SEO.


The Top 13 SEO Tips for Etsy Sellers

Are you prepared to increase your visibility on Google and Etsy?


The top 13 Etsy SEO suggestions are shown below to help you raise your store's rating.


With the correct listing optimization, you can attract more potential clients to your shop and boost sales. Here are some recommendations to get you started.


When creating product listings, include pertinent keywords.

Be sure to include the important keywords you want to rank for when listing your product on Etsy. This is a powerful Etsy SEO technique that will draw in visitors.


The title, description, and tags are the three main areas where the primary keywords should be added.


A good product title should be succinct, understandable, and true to the nature of the product. For instance, you can include the term "Women's Basketball Shoes" in the title if you are selling in the women's athletic footwear category.


This can increase the likelihood that a buyer looking for women's basketball sneakers will see your offering. Incorporate pertinent sub-keywords to enhance the attractiveness of your product to prospective buyers.


Furthermore, you must write a description of your goods. It should have 160 captivating, genuine characters that paint a whole image of what you are trying to promote. Just concentrate on the most crucial keywords for your goods in the first 40 characters, though. You can increase your chances of making sales by using long-tail keywords.


Use Etsy tags to increase the visibility of your products, lastly. Including both broad and specialized search terms in your tags is a smart move. This will increase the likelihood that people will find your listings. 


Don't Use the Same Keywords Often in Your Listings

Avoiding using the same keywords twice in your listings is smart practice.


However, why?


Because of "de-clumping," it is not a good idea to use the same primary keyword for every item you sell when it comes to Etsy SEO.


Etsy uses a technique called de-clumping to make sure that different stores show up in the search results. Rather than combining related products into a single listing, it entails listing them individually. This can increase the number of people who view and buy your products by raising their search engine ranking.


De-clumping your products and listing them individually will give each one a fair shot at ranking in search results. This can improve your chances of attracting customers and generating more revenue.


Promote Your Listing Through Media

Your product listings' reach and sales velocity can be greatly enhanced by Etsy advertising, which will eventually lead to higher organic ranking and more sales.


This occurrence can be likened to a self-reinforcing "advertising flywheel," in which both parties gain from the process.


This is how it operates:


Enhanced Visibility:

When you place advertisements for your Etsy product listings, they show up higher in search results and sometimes even on the front page. By making your items more visible to a wider audience, you raise the possibility that they may draw in new clients.


Increase in Sales Velocity:

Your listings receive more visits from prospective buyers when they are more visible. These visitors have a higher chance of making a purchase if your things are attractive and reasonably priced. One of the most important metrics in Etsy's search algorithm is this rise in sales velocity, or the rate at which your things sell. Products with consistent and strong sales are rewarded on Etsy.


Better Organic Ranking:

Etsy knows that your products are well-liked and in demand when it sees an increase in sales velocity. As a result, your listings usually appear higher in organic search results. This implies that your products will be more likely to show up prominently in search results, attracting organic visitors without requiring you to pay extra for advertising, even when your advertisements are not running.


Growth and Visibility:

Your Etsy shop's sales and visibility increase with each rotation of the advertising flywheel. Your organic ranking rises with more sales, which increases your visibility to prospective clients. This never-ending loop has the potential to seriously affect your shop's long-term success.


Therefore, using advertising to build and reach your Etsy business is a wise technique.


Obtain Backlinks for Your Online Store

Purchasing backlinks for your Etsy store is a wise choice in terms of your Etsy SEO plan. These backlinks can increase the number of potential clients who find your business through search results, as well as the ranks and exposure of your shop.


While building backlinks to your Etsy shop is a wonderful idea, there are other options as well:


·       Make sure the websites that connect to your shop are relevant to the products you sell and have a good reputation. This raises your shop's profile in the eyes of Google and Etsy search engines in addition to improving its visibility in search results.


·       Seek to have your product featured on other blogs and websites. In return for the influencers' reviews, you can provide them a complimentary item.

·       Reach out to other Etsy shop owners and try cross-promotion. You can each market the other's items in this manner.

·       A shop affiliate program is something you should think about launching. In order to increase your Etsy sales, an affiliate program is more affordable than traditional advertising. Join together with influential people in your field through this program, and they will tell their followers about your items via social media, blogs, and email.

You can improve your product listings by advertising in the manner mentioned above.


Make Regular Updates to Your Listings

The ideal time to update your current listings is when?


Name The Product Categories

Using categories to improve your Etsy SEO is another strategy. You can divide your goods into distinct segments by using product categories. You'll be more visible in the Etsy search results the more precise you are about your product.


For instance, you sell handcrafted clothes at your Etsy store. On Etsy, "clothing" is a top-level category that is rather broad. You can increase the specificity and ease of finding for potential buyers who are specifically seeking for that kind of product by listing your hand-painted T-shirt in the “Hand-Painted T-shirts” subcategory.


The more subcategories you enter, the more likely it is that your product will stand out in search results, even when the larger "Clothing" category may have a large number of listings and strong competition. With this strategy, your distinctive T-shirt will be more visible and have a better chance of being seen by prospective buyers who are looking for this particular type of clothes.


Employ High-Def Images


To achieve the best Etsy SEO results, place your listing's best photo first. Presenting crisp images of your merchandise can boost click-through rates and revenue.


In addition, you can enhance your product listing with interesting product videos. Customers may find it useful in accurately understanding the product.

Some advice for taking excellent pictures

The following picture file types are accepted for your Etsy shop:.jpg,.gif, or.png.

·       Transparent.png files and animated.gif files are not supported by Etsy.

·       Images with transparency should be used with caution as Etsy may display them as black.

·       It is advised that listing images have a shortest side of 2000 pixels and a resolution of 72 PPI.

·       Pictures with file sizes bigger than 1MB can have problems uploading.

·       Aim for 500 x 500 pixels for profile images and icons. These pointers will assist in making sure your photos seem as intended on Etsy.


Boost Your Clients' Purchase Experience

Etsy uses positive reviews and customer happiness to calculate your market score, which affects where your shop appears on the search result page.


Should a consumer file a complaint about your product or dispute intellectual property, it will have a detrimental effect on your Etsy SEO.


Thus, remember these pointers to get favorable reviews like

·       Respond to consumer enquiries and queries promptly.

·       Respond to criticism in a polite and appropriate way.


·       Provide superior, superior items.

·       Make sure the photos and words you use to promote your item appropriately reflect it.

In addition, offer excellent customer support to assist the client with their issue.


Make Use of Social Media

Social media may be your tool to improve Etsy SEO and your online business, even if it might not be a direct factor.


Social networking can boost sales by bringing in more customers to your store.


Here's how to make it function for you:

·       Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest possess the capacity to captivate a large number of users. This calculated action can significantly improve your Etsy SEO.

·       Share your product listings with eye-catching photos on social media on a regular basis. You can greatly raise your chances of becoming seen and drawing in organic traffic to your primary business by utilizing this strategy.


·       user-generated material, like testimonials from clients and product mentions or tags. Content of this kind demonstrates that your clients are happy with what you have to offer.


Make the Most of Every One of the 13 Tags in Your Listing

Though it may seem optional, tags are essential for search engine optimization of your listings.


Employing all 13 tags is a wise choice.

Think about synonyms that potential buyers would use to find your product while coming up with tag ideas. Consider including "pants" on the tag if you're selling jeans, for example.


This is where things get interesting: think about the ways in which a shopper's location can influence their search.


Using the word "thong sandals" could help you reach customers in foreign markets if you sell flip-flops. Remember the importance of long-tail keywords for your tags.


Now, bear the following points in mind before tagging:

·       Use a single use of the same tag. For instance, don't use the terms "baby quilt" and "infant quilt" if you sell headbands for babies. To increase your reach, try mixing it up with tags like "baby quilt" and "toddler blanket."

·       There's no need to duplicate tags if your attributes already cover them. You don't need to repeat in your tags that you are selling vintage earrings in red and gold as you have already stated that.


·       Misspellings and plurals should not be used in tags. Etsy helps users who frequently misspell terms by looking for root words. Thus, be precise.

·       When building your store, it's ideal to stay within the language you've selected. It is not necessary to add tags in several languages because Etsy can help with translations.

·       You may increase the visibility of your shop and draw in more potential customers by making good use of these Etsy SEO tag recommendations.

Streamline Your Store's Policies

Make sure clients can view the specifics of your shop's policies before they make a purchase. By outlining precise guidelines for refunds, returns, shipping, payment, and privacy, this not only promotes trust but can also raise your position in Etsy's search results.


Etsy offers a store policy template to make the process easier. Using this template will help you make sure you include all the information needed to sell on Etsy and will also help your shop rank higher in Etsy's search engine results. It benefits both you and your clients.


Expand the Variety of Products You Offer

Increasing the range of products you sell will greatly improve your discoverability to Etsy users. Expand the range of products you sell in your shop instead of focusing on just one or two.


For example, if your store sells only shirts and linen bags, customers interested in those things will come by default. But by adding accessories like hoodies, vases, keychains, and more, you'll attract a wider clientele and provide chances for cross-selling.


This strategy is a useful option for Etsy merchants who want to gradually increase the scope of their product offering. It lets you expand the offerings in your business without having to deal with the headaches of bulk orders or inventory management.


Always Improve Your Method

Etsy encourages vendors to regularly test new ideas and evaluate their approaches. Keeping abreast with Etsy's search algorithm updates is essential because it is constantly changing.


It's critical to monitor closely which products and keywords are driving the most customers to your store. Then, you can add more products and improve underperforming listings to improve the overall attractiveness of your shop.



Your Etsy shop's success is mostly dependent on its SEO. You may greatly increase your shop's visibility, draw in more potential customers, and eventually increase sales by making the most of these suggestions.

Keep in mind that Etsy SEO is a continuous process that needs to be checked and adjusted on a frequent basis. Keep an eye out for modifications to Etsy's search algorithm, try out fresh tactics, and often evaluate the success of your business.


You can maintain your Etsy shop's prominence in search results and build a successful online business by doing this. Thus, accept these suggestions, put them into practice, and observe as your Etsy store soars to new heights of popularity.


Cheers to your successful sales!

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