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Use These Easy Steps to Remove Negative Reviews on Amazon

It is inevitable for Amazon sellers to deal with negative reviews. It cannot be avoided.   Is it possible to remove a critical Amazon ...

Negative Reviews on Amazon

It is inevitable for Amazon sellers to deal with negative reviews. It cannot be avoided.


Is it possible to remove a critical Amazon review? How do you respond to negative evaluations left by clients? Let's talk about it now!


You will inevitably run into a few disappointed and disgruntled online sellers. That comes with the deal. These dissatisfied clients typically write nasty reviews. Negative reviews have an effect on revenue and sales.


Even if your product receives a lot of favorable feedback, buyers often read the bad reviews to identify the true issues with the product. Regardless of your level of experience, you will come across this circumstance at least once. I'll outline how to remove a bad review in this post and enhance your Amazon shopping experience.


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These are the numbers.

How to respond to negative reviews

Address the consumer review head-on.

When you reply to a critical evaluation

How should one respond to a negative review?

How to take down a negative Amazon review

Amazon examines its removal policy

Not all negative feedback are harmful.



These are the numbers.

In 2019–20, there were 170% more negative Amazon reviews than there were positive ones. The most reliable predictor of consumer behavior is customer feedback. It is impossible for merchants to gain a buyer's trust without excellent evaluations and ratings. When choosing between products with comparable features and costs, shoppers almost invariably gravitate toward those with better ratings. Customers who submit negative evaluations on product listings typically do so because they had a bad experience with the product.


How to respond to negative reviews

You have the following options for responding to a customer review:


·       You have the option to immediately respond to the customer review. Seek a solution to the problem. By doing this, the harm done to the product's and seller's reputations may be lessened.

·       You have the option to ask Amazon to remove a review if you believe it does not follow their policies.


Let's explain in detail.


Address the consumer review head-on.

The following choices should be taken into consideration when responding to the customer's bad review:


·       Be considerate and share your viewpoint on the matter.

·       Inform them of your solutions and actions taken to ensure that the issue won't recur in the future.

·       Demonstrate your concern for them by providing outstanding customer service.

·       Request that they get in touch with you using the buyer-seller messaging tool if they need further assistance so that you can address the issue.


It is against Amazon's terms and conditions to request that customers contact you outside of the platform. Thus, refrain from providing personal contact information or email addresses in your answer.



When you reply to a critical evaluation

The product page of yours still has the review. However, if you give customers more information, the negative effects can be mitigated.


If the client is happy with the customer service you offered, they can amend or update the review. Do not, however, request that they edit or remove their reviews.


Do not become alarmed if you receive a 1- or 2-star review. Consider the following inquiries for yourself:


·       Is this coming from an adversary or a real customer?

·       Why does the client not feel satisfied?

·       Does the customer's review go against Amazon policy?


How should one respond to a negative review?

·       Open your Seller Central account and log in. Go to the product page's comments section. Go to the relevant review and select "Add a comment." Make certain that the purchasers identify you as the product's seller.

·       Make sure the comment adds as much value as you can.


Keep in mind that clients cannot communicate with vendors via buyer-seller communications, as they can with sellers. Only requesting that buyers contact Amazon customer support is permissible for vendors.


How to take down a negative Amazon review

Your product sales are negatively impacted by bad reviews. You should thus take immediate action to have it taken off from the product page. Indeed! If user reviews violate Amazon's terms of service, they will be removed.


It is unlikely, nevertheless, that Amazon will remove reviews. You can report a review on the product information page or send an email to, the support staff.


To accomplish that, visit the product information page, find the relevant comment, and select "report abuse."


You can also send an email with a link to the review, the ASIN, the time, date, and the reviewer's name or pseudonym.


Reviews from customers occasionally mention nothing about the goods, the shipment, or the packing. Alternatively, they might speak in an aggressive manner, which is not permitted by Amazon.


It is simple to request that Amazon remove this review in this instance. To remove the review, all you need to do is get in touch with Amazon's seller support team.


You can report feedback to the support team if you believe it was provided by a competitor. You must provide substantial proof that the review is from a rival in order for Amazon to remove it.


Get the review taken down when a user transgresses Amazon policy to increase your chances of closing a deal. Avoid the urge to mass report all of your unfavorable reviews, though. Only submit reviews that violate Amazon's policies.


Do you think your listing has received too many negative reviews? This could be the result of certain malevolent attacks. It's time to notify Amazon if you believe that several unfavorable reviews are launching hostile attacks against your listing. Provide the specifics of your listing and reviews in an email to their support team. Amazon will investigate it more. 


Amazon examines its removal policy

Even while a review may be critical, it can also be fair. Conversely, you can come with a few unsuitable generic evaluations. So how are you going to recognize these reviews?


The review removal policy on Amazon can assist you in this regard. It reads as follows:


·       The product should be the focus of the review, not the seller or anything else.


·       Amazon does not permit reviews that contrast costs, available options, and product availability.


·       The review's content must not be aggressive, threatening, harassing, or libelous (i.e., it cannot contain hate speech or profanity).

·       Anything that is offensive or encourages nudity

·       Reviews that provide email addresses or personal contact details

·       Promoting links to websites or other things

·       asking for or providing payment in return for product

·       Reviews from competitors

·       The same buyer left numerous unfavorable reviews for the same product


Not all negative feedback are harmful.

When a customer reviews a product negatively on Amazon, you almost always have a chance to make improvements. For instance, you may amend the product description in light of the unfavorable review left by the consumer. They are to be thanked for alerting you!


Analyzing a negative review is another approach to make use of it. Determine the problems that your consumers are having, then utilize that information to fill in the blanks in the listing or improve your product even more.


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