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How to Obtain Amazon Approval for Topical Products - Seller Guide

Are you unsure of the process for getting topical product approval on Amazon? And where do you even begin?   Attempts turned down repe...

Amazon Approval for Topical Products

Are you unsure of the process for getting topical product approval on Amazon? And where do you even begin?


Attempts turned down repeatedly? Are you going to try it again? That's fantastic! We'll assist you in understanding the procedures, requirements, and steps involved in getting topical product approval on Amazon.



For topical products on Amazon and the other banned items, the application process is essentially the same. Make sure you meet these prerequisites before starting the topical product application process.



To begin the process of becoming approved for topical items on Amazon, you must have a Professional Seller account.


In addition to the additional selling fees, a $39.99 monthly price is associated with the Professional selling plan, which grants you the ability to sell an infinite number of things on Amazon. 



These elements are especially crucial for you if you're an independent full-service merchant completing orders. Make sure to keep an eye on and fulfill these metrics:

·       Order defect rate: < 1%

·       Pre-fulfillment cancel rate: < 2.5%

·       Late shipment rate: < 4%

Click Performance > Customer Satisfaction > Account Health after logging into your Seller Central account to locate these. 


To find out if your Amazon account health metrics match or exceed the recommended values, you can check them.



You must display the cumulative purchase of at least ten products on Amazon. In order to apply for ungating, you must acquire a minimum of ten products within three distinct restricted categories.


Make sure the products fall into the restricted category that you intend to offer. Additionally, confirm that the ASINs you choose are already available on Amazon.


In this case, the goal of buying goods from the wholesaler is to obtain ungated rather than to turn a profit. In this way, you can select low- to mid-value things rather than expensive ones.



Make sure you enter the exact data that correspond to your Seller Central account when making a purchase from a wholesaler. Check your name, address, phone number, and email address.


Put the seller's name at the top of the bills if it isn't already there. On the invoice, make sure to include the item model number, ASIN, and UPC for every product. Turn off all prices.


Once all the information has been added, you can either take a picture of the invoice or scan it.



Now that you have your purchase order, invoice, and merchandise, it’s time to upload the images.


Amazon has specific image requirements! If you meet other criteria but fail on photography, you will not be able to list the item on Amazon.


Product photography is an essential part of online and offline business, so we recommend you to check some product photography companies doing well


Photos of the topical products or their packaging requirements:


Live photos, rather than computer-generated images


Clearly display all sides of the product or packaging


Include model number, product name or both


Include the name and physical location of the business or manufacturer


The information must be in the country’s local language.


All set, now it’s time to apply and get approval!!



Now that your paperwork is prepared, it's time to send in your application.


1. Access your Amazon Seller Central account by logging in.

2. Choose "Add a Product" from the Inventory menu.

3. Look for the product you wish to sell.

4. Select the item by clicking the link labeled "Listing limitations apply."

5. To start the application process, click the Request Approval option.


You can submit your application during US business hours to receive a faster response. Approval should come through in a few hours or days. 

Whether or not your application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email. Additionally, the "Selling Application Status" option allows you to monitor the progress of your application.


Next up, what? 

You should not become anxious if you are not accepted right away. There's always another chance. 


To find the issue, go back over your application, go over each requirement, and contact the support staff. 



It could be difficult to be approved for topical products on But it makes it easier for you to reach more clients because there is less rivalry.


Use the instructions in this post to simplify the process as much as possible.

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