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10 Amazon FBA Errors That Are Reimbursable

Did you know that you can get paid for mistakes made by Amazon FBA, which happens on a regular basis? You can make sure you never pay more...

Amazon FBA Errors

Did you know that you can get paid for mistakes made by Amazon FBA, which happens on a regular basis? You can make sure you never pay more for FBA costs than you owe by consistently submitting high-quality reimbursement claims. But you have to identify a problem before you can write a claim.


Ten mistakes for which Amazon FBA sellers are eligible for reimbursement are listed below.


1. Items with a greater dimension or weight charged

Some of the more costly charge errors are somewhat uncommon, but customer returns account for the majority of FBA fee problems (we'll cover lots of instances). similar to this one, in which the product is being charged for a bigger weight or dimension than it ought to be.


This indicates that you are being billed for the incorrect fee category for each order—possibly over the course of several months. While it doesn't occur nearly as frequently as problems with customer returns, this can add up to a sizable refund claim, and we have seen it happen frequently.


2. Things that were misplaced or harmed in the Amazon warehouse

Employees at Amazon move swiftly. They frequently drop or otherwise damage objects. Additionally, misplacing stuff is inevitable when there are so many of them. You can identify these differences when you reconcile your data in Amazon Seller Central. The majority of our customers experience many incidences each month due to how frequent this is.


3. The customer was refunded for more items than they had returned.

It seems like a lucky day for the customers because of this error. They believe they are receiving additional funding from the massive company known as Amazon, but you, as a small- or medium-sized business owner, are the real source of that additional funding! Luckily, there are cases in which a consumer has been refunded for more units than they have returned. In a similar vein, we are able to discover when a client gets refunded more than they originally paid.


4. Items that the incoming shipper lost or damaged

You want your shipment to arrive at Amazon's warehouses without incident. It is not too difficult to find units that the incoming shipper lost or damaged within Amazon Seller Central. Making sure Amazon genuinely reimburses you in accordance with their policy and that no further lost or damaged devices exist that their systems did not automatically track are the key points to consider in this situation.


5. After a return, missing inventory

You want items that are returned by customers to be added to your inventory, right? Naturally, you do! Yes, occasionally issues arise with this procedure. Unintentionally, a returned item can be attributed to the inventory of another vendor. In this instance, the item is returned and scanned in the warehouse; however, it is never uploaded to your FBA account for whatever reason.


6. Restocking charge not reimbursed

Restocking fees, typically amounting to 20% of the item's worth, are assessed to customers who return expensive or certain category items. Amazon will refund this restocking fee to you after the item is returned to the warehouse and credited to your account. If the item is never returned or is returned damaged, you will not be charged this restocking fee. When Amazon is meant to reimburse you for this cost but fails to do so, that is the problem.


7. Refunds to customers for goods never returned

This is a common mistake where a customer is refunded for something they never returned. You lose out on the purchase price and the item is removed from your inventory when that refund is deducted from your account. It's definitely something to keep an eye out for on a weekly or monthly basis.


8. Stock taken out following closed shipment

It's probably no secret that tracking items arriving at Amazon is simple. Within Seller Central, you may find out about any problems with the shipment as well as the number of units that have been approved for sale and added to your account. Occasionally, nevertheless, differences may occur after the shipment has closed, resulting in the deduction of units at a later period.


9. Returns that Amazon or the carrier damaged

An additional issue with returnsHowever, the customer's carelessness or dishonesty has nothing to do with this inaccuracy. Refunds may occasionally sustain damage during transit or upon arrival at the Amazon warehouse. You should be compensated if something is damaged or unsellable as a result of Amazon or the courier.


10. Excessive charges for commission classifications

Commission charges vary according on the category, from 6% to 45%. Amazon device accessories are the physical product category with the highest commission fees. The commission on protection plans and extended warranties is 96%! Your products are probably between 8% and 15%. If you had one product that was mistakenly charged at 15% for the whole year when it should have only been charged at 8%, can you imagine what would happen to your profits? That would result in numerous incorrect fees. Although it's not one of the more frequent mistakes, we have seen it occur frequently.


As you can see, there are numerous ways to receive compensation from Amazon. Finding and identifying every one of these mistakes might take a lot of work. Here are more specific instructions on locating the problems and submitting claims.


Due to the time-consuming nature of tracking errors and obtaining reimbursements, the majority of Amazon sellers opt to outsource all aspects of the process to a reputable organization.


Don't allow these chances pass you by, whether you decide to do this on your own, train your helper, or use a compensation service. Keep an eye out since you deserve every penny of the profit.

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